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Manhunt 2 - What We Know

In order to make the information more accessible we have decided to form all the Manhunt 2 information on one single page. This page will be continually updated, as for the core Manhunt 2 sections we will update them as soon as the information becomes available (and we find time), these sections are harder to keep up to date due to them requiring a lot of more work and generally being more time consuming. So at the very least you should be up to speed by monitoring this page and the media coverage section.

If you want additional information about a certain aspect of Manhunt 2, please check the respective section of the site for a more in-depth detailing. You can do so by clicking here.

Also note that all information displayed on this page will be based on fact rather than rumour. *

* The reliability of this information is based around information given by print magazines and online outlets. All details are subject to change.

There are spoilers below so view at your own discretion.

This page is now archive as of October 31st 2007. It will no longer be updated.


What We Know


You play as Daniel Lamb, a scientist being held captive by 'The Project' which is led by a Dr. Whyte. Daniel soon breaks free from 'The Project' and is aided by fellow inmate Leo Kasper. Leo acts as a guide, showing Daniel the ways of killing a man. While in captivity ‘The Project’ had him working on a top secret drugs based weapons program. NOTE: This is only a partial story.


• Daniel Lamb - Main protangogist, scientist, inmate.
• Leo Kasper - Inmate, aids Daniel in his escape.
• Dr. Whyte - Head of 'The Project'.
• Dr. Pickman - Founding professor of 'The Project'.
• Michael - Michael is said to be a former friend (presumably of Leo) who stabbed you in the back.
• Judy - Works at the brothel and is a 'technician' for 'The Project', has information of use to Daniel.


• Watchdogs - Working under authorisation from 'The Project'.
• Cops/SWAT - Their capacity isn't known in Manhunt 2, they are tracking Daniel.
• Asylum Staff/Orderlies - They are in charge of the Project facility and its inmates.
• Bloodhounds - Hired by 'The Project'.
• The Red Kings - Street gang.
• The Project - The Projects own private army. Former death row criminals.
• The Pervs - Sexual deviants and former recruits for the Project. Located at 'The Honey Pot' brothel.


• Dixmor Hospital for the Criminaly Insane - Insane asylum.
• The Honey Pot - Brothel, recruitment front for 'The Project'.
• Daniels home - Located in a suburban neighbourhood, surrounded by hunters Daniel tries to regain his memory.
• S&M Club - A populated nightclub full of sexual deviants while also acting as a screening facility for potential Pickman Project candidates

Level Information: So far only five levels have been discussed. In total there are 14 levels in the game. There is said to be 2 different end levels, depending on how you play. Some previews have stated that there are 16 levels, it is assumed this includes the two end levels.

'The Awakening' -

The magazine appears to have had the chance to play two levels from the game, the first acting as a tutorial. They say that Daniel had been working on a drugs-based weapons program (for ‘The Project’) six years prior to the events in the game and that he is a lot more complex than Cash was. The game picks up with Daniel in containment, and his first victim is a female doctor, which he kills by strangling her. An electrical storm soon hits and knocks out the power to the hospital, freeing the patients, as Daniel passes by the cells an inmate throws urine over him! And this is where the stealth mechanics of the game begin to come into play. Apparently if you aren’t quiet in your escape then a ‘larger’ inmate will throw faeces over you, sound lovely. Before long you meet Leo, the magazine goes onto explain that Daniel is so helpless in the beginning that he won’t fight back when attacked, it isn’t until his health drops so low and he has had enough of Leo's taunting that he stands up for himself.

The Honey Pot -

The magazine skips forward ‘several hours’, it doesn’t explain if this is through a cut-scene or if they are jumping ahead of levels in-between. But the level they describe is the brothel level ‘The Honey Pot’, the purpose of the level is to find Judy. Upon arriving at the brothel they are greeted by a pimp, who takes Daniels ID, this is when you are introduced to environmental kills. The level is described as having pimps, project members and people having sex everywhere. The sounds of people having sex allow for Daniel to manoeuvre his way around the brother easier due to them drowning out any sound he may be making.

Best Friends -

You play as Leo in a flash bash mission. In the level you are hunting down a man who stabbed you in the back, by the name of Michael. The level takes place at a dockside warehouse and includes a meat-packing puzzle. The confrontation ends with Michael being killed and Leo escaping on Michael’s powerboat. The magazine goes on to say that the battle acts as a ‘boss battle’, or is the equivalent to a boss battle for Manhunt 2.

Sexual Deviants -

Not much is known about this level beyond the fact it takes place in an S&M club which is basically a two part level, with the top half acting as a night club of sorts for the perverse and down stairs being very Hostelesque.

Most Wanted -

This level is pretty mysterious; all that is known is that Daniel is being hunted down by the police and the military. PSM3 UK also states that a gang titled the ‘Bloodhound’ are after Daniel. The level is said to take part in a suburban town and involves Daniel climbing up, over and under many obstacles before ending up in a storm drains where the gang catches up with Daniel. As Daniel navigates his way to safety the military are in helicopters trying to spot him out.

Unknown Sugar Refinery -

Not much is known about this level other than it takes place in an abandoned sugar refinery that features a grinder environmental execution.

Game Mechanics: Manhunt 2 essentially takes all the game play elements from the original Manhunt and builds upon them all while adding addition features.


• Ability to climb and crawl.
• Blood drenched characters - Wii only.
• Environmental executions.
• Gun executions.
• Lights can be broken to create shadows.
• Jumping executions.
• Regulate heart beat through button combinations.


• Cuts & Bruises.
• Free aim shooting - enhanced.
• Inventory - large medium and small items. New: 'bits and bobs'.
• Radar.
• Static - Can be turned off in the menu.
• Three levels of execution.
• USB Headset - PS2 only.
• Use of noise to distract foes.
• Weapons inventory - now able to pause the game.

The H.U.D in Manhunt 2 also has a few additions. Patrolling hunters are marked by yellow arrows, orange on alert, red means they're aware of you and blue means that the enemy is deafened. Immediate objects show up as green arrows on the radar while environmental executions are noted by a white x.

Weapons and Executions: As with the original game, Manhunt 2 splits its weapons up into colour groups, ranging from one use weapons, to weapons that go on your back such as the baseball bat or sniper rifle. There are four weapon classes, yellow, green, blue and red. Throwable items are yellow, green are one-use, items stored on your belt are blue and items you store on your back are red. It is said that Manhunt 2 includes an additional weapon set; we are unsure if this brings the tally up to five or if the previewers are confused about the situation.


Decapitated Head – unknown, presumably as a lure.


Ball point pen - The first execution involved sticking the pen in the eye of your enemy, a second has you kicking the guard in the testicles then stabbing him when he falls to the ground and the third involved Daniel sneaking up from behind and sticking the pen into the face of the guard, before kicking them to the ground and repeatedly shoving the pen in his face of the fallen foe.
Broken bottle - unknown. Wii exclusive weapon.
Glass shard - one execution involved Daniel slicing a hunters throat from behind.
Razor - unknown. Wii exclusive weapon.
Pencil - unknown, presumably the same as the pen.
Syringe - enemy is kicked to the ground and stomping on before taking the needle to the eye. Single use.


Assault Rifle - unknown.
Baton - beats a hunter over the heat with the baton knocking them out.
Cattle prod - unknown.
Crowbar - smashed foe in the face twice then inserts the crowbar in a fallen enemies back.
Flare gun - unknown, can be used to create light.
Flash light - unknown, can be used to create light.
Hand Axe - unknown.
Hand hammer - assumed, not confirmed.
Heavy Handgun - returning from the first game. Execution includes pointing the gun at the foes temple.
Knife - unknown.
Magnum - unknown.
Nightstick - executions unknown.
Plastic bag - Daniel stands behind a foe punching him in the face while the foe is on his knees. Single use.
Scythe - unknown.
Tranquiliser - unknown.
Uzi - unknown.
Wire Cutters - testicle and vertebrae removal.


Barbed wire baseball bat - unknown.
Baseball bat - One execution involves a decapitation.
Circular Power Saw - Saw is inserted in the groin of a hunter and pulled upwards.
Crowbar - Pulls a hunters face off.
Double barrel shotgun - One execution has Daniel blowing away his foes genitalia another has Daniel shooting an enemy straight in the face.
Fire Axe - slams the axe downwards on a fallen enemy, another has Daniel slamming the axe into the back of an enemies head.
Katana- unknown.
Mace - unknown. Wii exclusive weapon.
Revolver - unknown.
Shotgun - sneaks up behind an enemy and cracks them in the skull with the butt before blowing their head off.
Shotgun w/ flash light - unknown, likely the same as the standard shotgun.
Sledgehammer - swings hammer down onto fallen foe.
Sniper Rifle - unknown.

Environmental Executions: Environmental executions are a whole new addition to the game. At specific locations around the game area you are able to lure a hunter in and use the environment as a means to kill an enemy. Each environmental executions have one level of brutality and are noted on the H.U.D by a small white skull.

• Face forced into a fuse box.
• Beaten with a telephone receiver then choked to death with the wire.
• Hung by being pulled on a manual wrench pulley.
• Iron Maiden - Daniel throws a hunter in and closes the door.
• Manhole cover - Daniel drops the manhole cover on a foes head.
• Meat grinder- Hunters is thrown in and comes out mashed up.
• Toilet lid - smashing the toilet seat over a foes head.
• Water barrel - Hunters head is beaten off the side of the barrel before being drowned.

Modifications: Details concerning the modifications made to Manhunt 2 in order to secure an M rating in North America are rather sketchy. What is known is that all 3 levels of the plier’s executions have been completely removed – including the one where Daniel rips the hunter’s testicles off.

The executions now also have a green and red filter over them to obscure the execution happening as well as having varying degrees of blur added over the top of them. It is presumed that everything else is left as it was originally intended.

Strategy Guide Information: The original Manhunt guide was 175 pages long, so there are 65 additional pages of information in the Manhunt 2 guide then there was in the original. By comparison The Warriors guide had 176 pages, Bully 195 pages and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas guide was 272 pages, I wouldn’t say that necessarily guarantees the game to be a great deal longer but it does mean that there is either a bunch of additional information such as tactics and artwork, or the game really is a great deal longer. Either way it sounds good. Another thing to remember is this will cover 3 formats, so if it features maps there will be at least 2 variants due to the Wii having additional content and also different controls.

• A complete walkthrough of the entire game.
• Detailed catalog of weapons.
• In-depth listing of enemies.
• Stealth tactics for using objects in the environment to overcome enemies.
• Signature Series guide features bonus foldout and more!
• Platform: PS2, PSP and Wii
• Pages: 240.
• Available: worldwide.
• Genre: Action/Adventure
• Release date: November 01st 2007
• Author: Tim Bogenn.
• Price: $17.99 - £11.99 (just a guess).

Developer(s) & Platform(s): The Nintendo Wii build of the game features three exclusive weapons, quicker load times, sharper graphics, better blood and gore as well as motion gesture executions. The PlayStation 2 build will make use of the USB headset as did the first game. Beyond that the content is the same across on all three formats.

• Rockstar North - overseeing project, also providing all the audio.
• Rockstar Toronto - Wii.
• Rockstar London - PS2.
• Rockstar Leeds - PSP.

Release Date: The game only has a confirmed date of release for North America, the European release will be determined once the BBFC appeal has been finalised.

• Europe: October 31st 2008
• US: October 31st 2007

Reviews: Since Manhunt 2 has temporarily been put on hold there have not been many reviews released for the game. Thus far the reviews have been very positive and they break down as follows:

Publication: Format: Origin: Rating:
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