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Manhunt 2 - Story

Below you can find two different takes on the Manhunt 2 story.

Story overview – this is basically a more comprehensive spoiler free take on the story for Manhunt 2. The only difference between this and the official one released by Rockstar Games is that this covers more of the back-story behind the game.

Complete story – here you can read the entire story from start to finish, this is spoiler heavy and is only recommended to those that have finished Manhunt 2 or do not intend on playing the game through to the end. There are many flashback segments in the game, all of which are noted by black and white imagery in this write up.

The official story blurb released by Rockstar Games for Manhunt 2 (as featured on the back of the Manhunt 2 box art and website) can be found in the Game Information section of the site.


Story Overview
You play as Dr. Daniel Lamb a scientist who worked on 'The Pickman Project', which is named after its founding scientist, Dr Pickman. 'The Pickman Project' deals with a top secret weapon experiment and is led by Dr. Whyte. Everything looked to be going well until the project suddenly had its government funding cut due to its controversial work methods, which meant that ‘The Project’ would be shut down indefinitely.

Dr. Pickman believed he was close to a break through and decided to do one last experiment, however he needed a guinea pig in order to carry out his work. Daniel volunteered to becoming one of the many guinea pigs for the experiments.

Six years later, Daniel finds himself locked away, with no memory of who he is or his past. Due to a defect in the treatment, unforeseen side effects began to appear in many of the subjects. It was decided to hide these side effects in Dixmor Insane Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Finding himself locked away in the Asylum, Daniel begins to question his own sanity and if in fact his family and his life before being put into the asylum actually existed. Just at that moment of doubt an electrical storm knocks out the power in the asylum resulting in the security system shutting down and freeing the inmates from their cells.

Inmate Leo Kasper decides this would be a perfect time to escape the asylum and urges Daniel to follow his lead. Unknown to Daniel the events following this freak storm will change his life forever and allow him to discover what happened during the last 6 years of his life.

Complete Story


Manhunt 2 starts off within Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, in the opening scene we see that there is a thunder storm hovering above Dixmor, resulting in a lightening strike hitting the top of the building and knocking out the power. At this point the asylum orderlies jump up from their posts in the control room and try to find out what has happened, realising that with the power being out the inmates are free to leave their cells as the automatic locks have been disengaged, the asylum shortly thereafter descends into chaos with inmates running down the corridors and attacking the asylum staff. One of the orderlies remembers that Dr. Whyte is down in one of the inmate’s cell.

A thunder storm knocks out all the power in Dixmor...

At this point we are introduced to Daniel Lamb who is currently locked away in his cell, he is joined by Dr. Whyte, realizing that something has went wrong with the Pickman Bridge implanted in Daniels head she is attempting to administer the cortexa serum into Daniel in an effort to allow him a few moment of clear thought, with the lights going out and warning sirens blazing, Daniel realizes what is happening and Leo attacks Dr. Whyte, strangling her with his bare hands, she gasps for air but before Leo can kill her the cortexa takes effect and Daniel releases her. Daniel walks over to the mirror and sees Leo in the mirrors reflection, Leo says to Daniel ‘we did it’ and instructs him to follow him.

Daniel awakens

Leo is attempting to help Daniel get out the bowels of the asylum and escape to freedom, in order to do this though Daniel must kill the Asylum Orderlies that stand in his way, something that Daniel struggles to come to grips with. With the first few kills Daniel is sick at the act of killing, but he quickly realizes that he has no other choice if he wants to escape the asylum. During his escape Daniel sees Dr. Pickman down one of the corridors of Dixmor, but with the power being out the prison gates are malfunctioning and Dr. Pickman can't get access to Daniel, he tells Danny to stay where he is and orders his staff to find another way to him. Leo instructs Daniel to escape, favouring the proposal put forward by Leo, Daniel continues on his killing spree. Upstairs he smashes a window and escapes through the window and decides to hop into the back of a parked trash compacter and make his way out of Dixmor Insane Asylum.


With the Cortexa still flowing in Daniels bloodstream he is suffering severe headaches and spells of dizziness. Leo instructs Daniel that they need to hurry up and get to his old house. Daniel begins to remember his life from before his time in the asylum, again due to the Cortexa. He remembers that he used to live around the area but Leo continues to convince Daniel that he needs to get to that house since it has something that they need. Realizing that the first place the Project will look is the house he instructs Daniel that they need to act quick.

Daniel is unsure of Leo

As they head out into the streets they come across members of the Project, a pack of hunters known as 'The Watchdogs', the only way past them is for Daniel to take them out. Picking up a near by plastic bag Daniel suffocates the Watchdog member, forcing him to be sick yet again, heading over a brick wall Daniel spots his house, using a crowbar to break open the lock he heads inside. Daniel begins to have flashbacks due to the Cortexa drug still being in his system, he sees his wife sobbing in the kitchen, Leo instructs Daniel to search the house for the item he has left there. Once they find the drug that Leo is looking for he tells Daniel they need a syringe and instructs him to try the bathroom. Heading to the bathroom another Watchdog arrives, busting his way in through the window; Daniel makes short work off him and heads back to the bathroom for the syringe. As Daniel picks up the syringe one last Watchdog appears, Daniel jumps from the roof of the house, execution the Watchdog as he lands. With the coast all clear Daniel injects himself with the drug, much to the approval of Leo, this allows him to see Leo more clearly and is likely a cure for the Cortexa drug.

Daniel clears his mind

Leo tells Daniel that the Project are still out there looking for him and that they need to move on with the plan to get back at the Project and make them pay for what they have done to them both. Daniel looks in the case the drug was stored in and finds matches, questioning himself he asks 'why did I leave myself these?'

Daniel finds a clue

Sexual Deviants

Desperate to find out about his past, Danny decides to follow the lead suggested by the matchbook that he had left for himself in order to help him remember his past. Leo informs Daniel that he knows this S&M club and that the Project recruits potential guinea pigs here for experiments and that the club is actually being used as a front for the Project. Against Leo's advice Daniel decides to go on ahead in an attempt to get his past back, just then he is spotted by a member of the Pervs who is guarding the entrance by the door, the Perv by the entrance calls in that there is suspicious activity outside the club.

Daniel breaks his way into the club through the back window

Climbing over the back entrance to the club grounds and making his way into the club by smashing the back window Daniel starts to get flashbacks of what happened here due to the drug being in his system still. Just then a member of the Pervs enters the bathroom to take a leak, Daniel sneaks up behind him and beats him to death with the toilet cistern lid. The club is shutting down for the night and the Pervs are instructed to follow Judy, whom is a Project scientist that works on the club grounds, this allows Daniel a way into the dungeon below the club.

Daniels finds his way into 'The Dungeon'

At the dungeon entrance the Perv guarding the door doesn't recognize Daniel as such he won’t be permitted access, Leo suggests getting the head of one of the dead Pervs working in the club to gain access. Using a nearby fire axe Daniel rips one of the Pervs heads off and makes his way up to the door, Daniel shows the head and moves it in a nodding fashion granting him access, once inside he has another flashback this time he realizes that he is close to finding Judy and remembers being in the dungeon. Heading inside he has to open all doors to escape, this means killing the torturers inside each room. Once the doors are open Daniel finds Judy at the back of the dungeon, she can't believe that it is Daniel standing in front of her. Daniel tries asking for answers but as soon as he mentions Leo, Judy gets scared and decides to get out of the room, she says that Daniel told her to give him a key to an old safe house he used to have above a cinema. Leo suggests that Judy is setting them up but Daniel decides to go to the safe house anyway.

Judy directs the pair to an old safe house

Red Light

Daniel wants to check out the safe house, but the back of the S&M club, the way to the safe house is blocked by a metal fence. Leo says not to trust Judy and that the Project are watching but Daniel insists that he will find a way to the house. The streets are run by a local street gang known as the 'Red Kings', whom are currently patrolling the area near the safe house. Daniel takes out the two members of the ‘Kings and acquires a pair of pliers that one of them has dropped, using the newly acquired pliers Daniel rips a hole in the fence.

Leo offers Daniel advice

After navigating his way through a burnt out complex the cops arrive on the scene and begin to shut down the streets outside the local sex shop 'Velvet Glove' along the way they arrest the remaining members of the Red Kings. Seeking answers Daniel is forced to immobilise the cops and enter the shop. Realizing it would only be a matter of time before the pair showed up the Watchdogs are waiting for them around the corner and this time they are armed. With the Watchdogs hot on their heels Daniel and Leo head up stairs and jumps down through a hole in the floor into the safe house.

Daniel Enters the Velvet Glove Sex Store

Inside the main room of the safe house, Daniel realizes that this is where he had been living prior to being sanctioned in Dixmor. There are newspaper clippings on the wall and several windows are boarded up from the inside, everything was put in place by himself so that he could remember what had happened, it is at this point that Daniel spots a photo of himself and his old friend from the Project, Michael.

Daniel Recalls Events from 6 Years Ago

Best Friends

Seeing the photograph, Daniel suddenly has a flashback and begins to remember 6 years into his past, he was on a fishing trip with his friend and fellow scientist, Michael Grant. Cornering Michael on the boat Leo demands that Michael remove the Pickman Bridge from his head but Michael insists that it has to be this way, not wanting to harm Daniel, Michael continues to tell Leo that he won't remove it, which prompts Leo to point his gun at Michael in an attempt to force him to comply with his demands. Daniel drops the gun due to the bridge malfunctioning in his head; this allows Michael to grab a flare gun that is lying on the boat.

Michael pulls a flaregun on Daniel

When Daniel regains consciousness he questions Michael as to where he is, just then the Project Militia arrive armed and in a helicopter. Over the helicopters intercom the pilot instructs the members of the Militia to eliminate both targets, with Daniel distracted Michael escapes with the flare gun and the boat keys. Leo steps out from the boat cabin and appears behind Daniel and says that they need the boat key to evade the Militia, Leo then gives chase to Michael.

Leo chases after Michael

Chasing Michael throughout the factory, Michael shouts at Leo to snap out of, that he is his friend but Leo insists on having the key to the boat. The Project Militia apprehend Michael while he is attempting to escape through the nearby ‘Fisto’ sugar factory and decide to use him as bait to lure Leo out into the open. Following the trail Leo wipes out the Project members and Michael escapes to the roof, Leo continues to give chase. The chase continues through the factory and up onto the roof, Michael isn't making it easy and fires the flare gun whenever Leo gets close. Cornering Michael on the roof, Leo takes him out and acquires the boat key. The Project Militia move in using the helicopter and try to surround Leo, taking to the shadows Leo makes his way onto the boat and escapes.

Safe House

Regaining his composure back in the safe house and in present day, Daniel questions Leo on killing Michael, Leo claims that they were set up by Michael, that Michael had sold them out, that it was survival and nothing more. Since the cops now know who Daniel is, Leo instructs Daniel to change clothes it just so happens that he has left himself a spare set below the bed, among the clothes he finds a revolver and a picture of a brothel called 'Bee's Honey Pot'. Judy is standing in the picture which was presumably taken by Daniel. Going on this clue Daniel decides to head out of the safe house and go to the brothel in search of Judy and the missing answers to his past.

Daniel changes clothes and goes looking for Judy

The Watchdogs are still in the area and in search of Daniel. Knowing he must find a way out, Daniel is forced to take them on directly; using a hole in the floor he drops down into the cinema screening hall and makes his way outside, taking out the Project members as he does. Leo is waiting for him at the back entrance of the hall, Daniel informs him that he is sick of killing and throws the revolver away, he says he is going to find Judy to talk to her.

Bees Honey Pot

In another flashback Daniel recalls the day that he told his wife that he had volunteered to be part of an experiment with the Project due to their funding being cut, almost at a breakthrough Dr. Pickman had asked Daniel to continue their work. He said it was tested and was safe, his wife insisted that he was gambling with his life. His wife asks ‘turning yourself into a psycho, what are you thinking?’ Daniel was going on the notion that if the experiment was a success he and his family could start a new life and have all of their debts wiped clean. Upset over the entire argument Daniels son cries 'stop fighting!' Daniel then reassures his son that his parents still love one another, at this point his daughter latches onto her mom and Daniel is asked ‘what does psycho mean?’ to which Daniel replies ‘ it’s just someone who thinks differently’.

Daniel re-assures his family

‘I said wake up!’ Leo calls out to Daniel, forcing him to wake up, remembering Judy from his flashback he calls out her name but she is no where in sight, Daniel still insists to Leo that she knows more than what she is saying and goes to find her.

Daniel enters the brothel and asks at the reception for Judy, the Pimp at reception tells Daniel to wait at the front desk while he checks to see where she is, knowing that he is about to call in the Project to come and apprehend Daniel, he moves in and strangles the Pimp with the telephone cord.

Daniel comes around and kills his way through Bees Honey Pot

Making his way through the upper levels of the brothel Daniel spots Judy running away, he has to follow her but the Watchdogs is making it difficult. Daniel tracks her down to an elevator and jumps down on top of it. He hears Judy on the phone saying that he (Daniel) is in the building with Leo, she says that Leo is an animal and that Daniel barely remembers who she is, as the elevator stops Judy tells Pickman not to threaten her and that she won't do it anymore and quits her job, she hangs up the phone and gets out of the lift to make her escape to the roof of the building.

Judy Runs From Daniel

Daniel follows her with Leo in tow, they find her on the edge of the roof, knowing that Leo is with Daniel she picks up a crowbar and tells Daniel to stay away from her, saying that she can't trust Leo. She then says that she had helped Daniel all she can and tells him to not trust anyone especially... suddenly she is shot and falls off the building before she can finish what she was saying, the Project have found them thanks to the phone call to Dr. Pickman. Leo decides it is time to escape before they are caught.

Judy's death


Due to the abrupt death of Judy, Daniel has another flashback to 6 years ago. A project official has been shot at the plaza, a member of the Project Militia instructs his team to lock down the building saying that no one gets in or out. Calling for backup he instructs his men that if they get a visual on Daniel then they are to shoot to kill, at this point Daniel is leaning back from a window with a sniper rifle in hand, the Project Militia spot Daniel at the window and head into the building to kill the target.

Daniel eliminates a Project Official

Leo decides it is time to move out, with Daniel shaken up after taking out the Project official Leo decides to take lead. The pair has to make their way out of the building, all while making sure not to be killed by the Project. Leo jumps into the window cleaners lift and clears his way through the plaza offices, upon reaching the roof the Project are waiting for him. Using the sniper rifle, Leo takes the remaining members of the Militia out from a distance. Once on ground level Leo heads into a building site that is currently under construction and jumps down into a manhole out of the sight of the Project Militia.

Leo Makes an Escape

Most Wanted

Still suffering the effects of his blackout, Daniel staggers to gain his balance, recalling Judy falling in the process. Leo informs Daniel that there is no time for this and instructs him to move as a pack of bounty hunters are after them, these bounty hunters are known as ‘The Bloodhounds’ and have been hired by The Project, they are also the ones responsible for shooting Judy on the roof, intending to hit Daniel.

The Bloodhounds arrive on the scene

Daniel runs out into the street just down the road from 'Bee's Honey Pot' but realizes that escaping from the roof was just a trap put in place by The Bloodhounds. The Bloodhounds block of the street at either end in armoured cars and have helicopter aid. Faced with no other alternative Daniel runs for a near by building and smashes the window to gain access, once inside he uses a crowbar to break open a nearby crawl space under the flooring to elude the Bloodhounds.

The Bloodhounds arrive give chase

The helicopter is now hovering above the grounds of the building waiting on Daniel to make his exit, all while the Bloodhounds search the building interior. They shortly realize that Daniel has escaped and head outside to look for him. They continue to give chase and run into the nearby neighbourhood, Daniel heads into a broken sewerage pipe to escape the helicopters sights. Upon emerging from the underground Daniel finds himself in a vehicle repair garage which is currently occupied by members of the Watchdogs. Leo is waiting for him near the gates to the train yard just around the back of the garage; Daniel takes out the surrounding Watchdog members and meets up with Leo at the gates. Daniel spots a sign which says ‘RSV Gasoline’ which triggers another blackout.

Daniel blacks out... again

Ritual Cleansing

6 years ago Daniel finds himself with Leo in this very train yard. In the flashback Daniel is asking Leo what he is doing at the train yard; Leo informs him that a warehouse nearby is run by The Project and is used to store records on experiments that have taken place and the effects of these experiments. Leo has brought Daniel here to destroy the past, he informs Daniel that they are going to need fuel to burn the records.

Leo reveals his plan

At the refuelling station Leo grabs some gasoline and uses it to kill the hired Cops in the area that have been brought in by The Project to watch over the place. The area is closed off by a gate and the only way past is by killing the guards, burning the piles of paper in boxes near the guard station alerts them outside and enables Leo to get access to the switch that opens the gate. Once inside Leo makes his way into the Project's storage area, using the Gasoline he burns the files clearly marked Leo Kasper this sets off the fire alarm triggering members of the Watchdogs to show up. Leo takes out the Watchdog members along the way all while searching for another Gasoline container to burn the remaining files, marked Daniel Lamb. Leo says that with the files burned they can be whoever they want and that there is only one last thing to take care of and then freedom.

Leo erases their past


Back in modern day, Daniel has once again snapped out of it and awakens to find Leo strangling a member of the Watchdogs who is guarding the gate into the Project Labs, where Pickman resides; this is also the location where treatment on Daniel began.

Daniel breaks his way into the Project Laboratories

Daniel says that he can't handle the blackouts any longer, Leo reassures Daniel, saying that he will take care of everything, at which point Dr. Pickman opens the door looking for the now dead Watchdog, with him nowhere in sight Pickman heads back inside. Leo informs Daniel that it was Pickman who was outside. Leo informs Daniel that Dr. Pickman is the head scientist for the entire project and informs Daniel that they need him alive.

Leo spots Pickman

Daniel takes out the Watchdogs put in place by Pickman, speaking with one of the team Pickman is informed that they have lost both Daniel and Leo. Pickman responds with ‘it is to be expected he was the very best’. Pickman says he is going to bolt himself in the Veterinary Lab and that the Watchdogs are to take Daniel alive if possible, and if not get the head to Pickman as soon as possible. Since the lab is locked down Daniel needs to find another way in, using a vent above the lab he makes his way in so that he can get to Pickman. Pickman escapes the lab using a retina scanner, which means that Daniel needs the head of one of the lab personnel who has access out of the lab, using a nearby hand saw Daniel decapitates the lab personnel. Upon gaining the head and opening the door Daniel heads inside and walks straight into Pickman, a frightened Pickman tells his guards that Daniel is here and heads up the stairs to safety.

Pickman and Daniel come face to face

Daniel heads into the main hall and has a flashback to what happened 6 years prior, back to when he was first experimented on by Dr. Grant, Dr. Deborah, Dr. Whyte and Dr. Pickman, all of whom were his colleges who worked on the Project with Daniel. He remembers being sat in front of a screen with several words and images flashing up, Leo is one of these images.

Daniel recalls his training

Daniel recovers from his brief flashback and heads out into the hall, Pickmans voice echoes over the tannoy and speaks the fail safe words that were put in place should Daniel get out of hand. 'What seest thou else in the dark backward and abysm of time' says Pickman, which knocks Daniel into a deep hypnotic state, the Watchdogs pick Daniel up and take him to another room to await Dr. Pickman. The Watchdog guarding the room is called on, thus turning his back and allowing Daniel to grab a nearby pen take himut. Dr. Pickman threatens to speak the fail safe over the tannoy again, but this time Daniel is expecting it and shoots out each of the tannoys in the area. Dr. Pickman says that the bridge in Daniels head is malfunctioning and that this was never supposed to happen.

Daniel breaks free and looks for pickman

Daniel finally manages to corner Pickman back in the main room; Leo reminds Daniel that they need Pickman alive. Pickman tells Daniel that he doesn't have to do this and not to listen to Leo but Daniel takes out the guard and picks up his tranquilizer gun, he then shoots Pickman and knocks him out. When Pickman comes around he sees Leo standing over him, the two start talking with Leo insisting that Pickman removes the bridge in his head, Pickman refuses and begins to speak the fail safe words resulting in Leo picking up a scalpel and ripping open Pickman's stomach.

Pickman refuses to co-operate, forcing Leo's hand

In a flashback, Dr Pickman is heard asking Dr. Whyte to pass the sample marked Leo, Dr. Whyte says that they had agreed to use a controlled personality and not Leo since he is a killer. Pickman knows fine well and says that since they only have one chance to make it work before the Project is shut down.

The Pickman Bridge if you haven't already worked it out is an implant in Daniel's head, which forces two personalities to co-exist with one another in one body, one should never know that the other exists but in this instance the bridge malfunctioned allowing Daniel to see and communicate with Leo.

Broadcast Interupted

In a moment of narrative Danny explains that when he woke up Leo was dragging him out the Lab, once he came around Leo told him that Pickman was dead. Leo explained that there is another way Daniel can find out the key to his past, Dr. Whyte knows what happened to Daniel. Leo and Daniel are now going through tapes found in this Project run TV studio, hoping to find details on where Dr. Whyte could be, just at that moment the Bloodhounds break into the TV studio. The reason Leo is looking for Dr. Whyte is because she is only person left alive that can remove the Pickman Bridge, allowing Leo to take over Daniels body, but Daniel believes it is so that they can find out the answers to his past.

Daniel and Leo search for answers

They need to escape the studio and continue looking for Dr. Whyte, killing as he goes, Daniel makes his way through the studio. Daniel says that he used to watch this TV channel all the time, Leo explains to Daniel that The Project used the studio to shoot coded messages into their agents heads and told them to do horrible things, Leo goes on to explain that this is also what they did to Daniel. Daniel makes his way to the back studio, through the car park and escapes through the fire exit.

Daniel begins to remember

Altered State

Escaping the studio, a bright light from outside blinds Daniel, thus disorientating him, Leo leads him out of the studio grounds to a nearby farm set. The Bloodhounds are waiting for them however; still looking for Dr. Whyte, Daniel must now escape the studio set.

Daniel and Leo find themselves on some film set

The Bloodhounds are armed with crossbows and are waiting on Daniel to come within sight. This being a farm however it is possible for Daniel to hide and take out the Bloodhounds, in order to advance he needs a crowbar in order to gain access to a maintenance pipe. Daniel makes his way into a nearby building (set) and gets one, but it is yet another set up, as soon as he is inside yet more Bloodhounds appear. Daniel takes them out and continues to make his way through the farm in search of Dr. Whyte. Daniel manages to gain sight of the Dr. only for her to escape realizing Leo is on her tail. Daniel gives chase, following Whyte steps, Leo realizes it has been another set up, this time by Whyte, and warns Daniel that Dr. Whyte is sneaking up behind him.

Daniel Fights off the Bloodhounds

Dr. Whyte injects Daniel with Cortexa, knocking Daniel unconscious and prevents him from seeing Leo for a brief window of time, just enough time for Dr Whyte to explain what happened in Daniel's past. After Daniel wakens up, he calls out for Leo, but Leo doesn't reply.

Whyte sneaks up on Daniel

Domestic Disturbance

Back at Dixmor, Dr. Whyte attempts to explain everything to Daniel in order for him to understand why it is that Leo cannot be trusted. Daniel calls out for Leo again and Dr. Whyte tells him he can talk to Leo anytime he wants, she asks him if he remembers the work they did, she informs him that it was Daniel that believed that they could take a person and add a second personality, a killer with no conscience or memory of his actions, the perfect weapon. She tells him that the implanted Pickman Bridge malfunctioned early on and that is why he is able to see Leo, she says that she believes Daniel is the only person who can stop Leo.

Whyte explains to Daniel why he must let go of Leo

Speaking with Daniel she manages to get him to remember his past, resulting in another flashback to 6 years ago. The cops are on the scene tracking Leo following the events at the plaza where he killed the last project official. Daniel last recalled Leo burning the files, Leo said that they had one last thing to do before they would have absolute freedom. Leo informs Daniel that this is his unfinished business and promises freedom when it is over.

Leo leaves Daniel behind

A helicopter is on the scene as backup for the cops on the ground; Leo is attempting to gain access to Daniel's house to deal with the last thing holding Daniel to his past and also the one thing that is stopping Leo taking over Daniel's mind. Making his way through the neighbourhood Leo comes across a chain link fence, needing a set of wire cutters in order to cut open the fence open he searches through the nearby garages. In doing so he has allowed the helicopter to catch up with him, forced with no other alternative Leo breaks for it and heads through the back yards, eventually eluding the helicopter. As he approaches Daniel's house members of SWAT move in to try and take him out before it is too late, unsuccessful Leo kills them all and makes his way to the old house.

Leo makes his way into Daniels old house

As Leo enters Daniels' backyard, Daniel remembers Leo going into the house but he only remembers seeing his wife lying dead on the floor in front of him, he remembers nothing else about that night in the house other than Pickman showing up and telling him that everything was going to be okay. He tells Daniel that he will not remember anything and tells him to never speak to Leo again, doing as he was told Daniel sits down and switches on the TV, Dr. Pickman is pleased with the progress of his test subject. This is when Dr.Pickman informs the asylum orderlies to get Daniel out of the house and burn it to the ground; they are taking Daniel to Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, bringing the events in the game thus far, full circle.

Personality Clash

This episode is one of two endings that the game has and is the only one which the player must complete, alluding to it perhaps being the official ending. It is also the only ending to feature credits after its completion.

Daniel tells Dr. Whyte that he doesn't want to just dump Leo as he saved his life, Dr. Whyte informs Daniel that he must focus on his past to get out of this mess, but Daniel still doesn't understand. Dr. Whyte goes onto explain in more detail what happened that night, how his wife was killed at the hands of Leo. She shows Daniel a videotape to make Daniel understand why he must let go of Leo, in the video Daniel realizes that Leo killed his wife, Daniel now feels guilty for going through with the experiment. In order to get rid of Leo, Daniel must now fight him, in his mind.

Daniel realises what he has to do

This takes place in the very same cemetery that Daniel's wife was buried in; Dr. Whyte who is watching over Daniel, informs him that he must execute Leo to weaken his hold over him. Executing Leo he continues to look for a way out of the cemetery and a way to remove Leo from his mind, permanently. Leo decides to fight back and brings back people from Daniels past, including members of the Watchdogs, Daniel must now take them out in order to get to Leo. Successfully taking them out Leo decides to bring back Dr. Pickman and his old friend from the Project, Michael, Daniel must take them out to further weaken Leo’s grip over him.

Daniel finishes Leo off

Daniel eventually comes across his dead wife; in order to gain peace of mind Daniel must let her rest in peace. Danny must now attempt to carry his dead wife to her final resting place. But Leo isn’t taking that lying down and decides to try and take out Daniel himself, constantly running at him and trying to stop him from laying his deceased wife to rest.

Daniel lays his wife to rest

Leo tries one last time to stop Daniel but Daniel is too strong now, Daniel picks up the shovel and beats the life out of Leo. Daniel repeatedly reassures both himself and Leo of who he is, reciting his name ‘my name is Daniel Lamb. With one final swing of the shovel Daniel finally eradicates Leo from his head.

Daniel finishes Leo off

Daniel wakes and realizes that he isn't in the graveyard anymore but he is now lying on the ground in the middle of the countryside. Daniel says he doesn't even know his name, just then he spots a package which tells him his name is David Joiner and he lives at 526 Hope Street, apartment B.

Daniel gets his answers

As the screen fades to black is shows Daniel heading down a road, the world is bright and vibrant. He is leaving Daniel Lamb in the past, Daniel is dead, but there is hope for David Joiner.

Release Therapy

This is the other ending to the game; this is unlocked after you have finished playing through Personality Clash. This episode is only available through accessing it on the Episodes page of the game; as such it is hard to say what the official ending to the game is.

In an attempt to get rid of Leo, Dr. Whyte instructs Daniel that there is a prison cell in the darkest recesses of his mind and it is the only place to put Leo and lock him away forever. Leo begins locked away but manages to escape by luring a member of the Legion over and drowning him. The Legion are failed experiments at the hand of the Project and Daniel. By killing this member of the Legion, Leo has once again solidified himself in Daniels conscious.

Leo reawakens

Taking them all out, Daniel is cornered in the main room where both Daniel and Leo must fight it out to gain control of Daniel’s body. Leo makes Daniel feel guilty for killing his wife which brings Daniel out of hiding and also makes him visible for Leo to take him out. After a long battle Leo finally gains the upper hand, Leo steps on Daniels throat and kills him, thus taking control of Daniels body.

Leo wins

After winning the battle Leo wakes up back in Dixmor Asylum in different cloths, it turns out Leo has been out cold for the past three weeks and the Pickman Bridge has been removed by Dr Whyte. It isn't until Daniel looks in the mirror that we see his true identity, the reflection isn’t that of Daniel but it is Leo looking back at him. Dr. Whyte tells Leo that she wants to resume work on the Project and Leo agrees to help her, acting as if he were Daniel.

The Project resumes

- Story Overivew
- Complete Story
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