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Manhunt 2 - Rumours

Manhunt 2


The following is listed by order of finding information out, beginning around may 2005, to see the latest update on the situation, scroll down.

It isn't even known if a sequel is in the works. Some magazine publications have stated that it is but no official confirmation from Rockstar has been issued. This doesn't rule out a sequel however as Rockstar (the developers) are known for only announcing titles a matter of months before there release.

May 2005 - People had hoped to see a sequel announced for Manhunt but E3 came and went without any announcement. All through 2005 rumours were going around magazine publications in the UK that a sequel was going to be made for Playstation 2, this was later changed to Playstation 3.

January 2006 - Take-Two announced in their Fiscal for 2005 & 2006 that a sequel of a Rockstar brand was an expected product in 2006 this seemed to hint at Manhunt 2 since all other Rockstar games were either in development or already announced. In February Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix was announced by Rockstar it was thought this could have been the sequel hinted at back in January but this game was more alike a special edition than a sequel and was part of the PS2 Greatest Hits program and the Xbox® Platinum Hits collection.

February 2006 - It still seemed to hint that Manhunt 2 was the unannounced sequel, in late February we got word of a magazine had published details on Manhunt, the details were in the December issue of US publication PSM's future releases calendar for 2006 and 2007 also mentioned was the fact the game was barely in development.

March 2006 - Take-Two again announced that a sequel to a Rockstar brand was still on the way for 2006 meaning Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix couldn't have been the sequel it was also clear that the list of games that could have been a sequel has shortened. It is now hoped that at E3 2006 some details of Manhunt 2 will be announced.

Also within this report Take-Two made it clear that it expects sequels to Rockstar brands for next-gen consoles expected to be released within 2007. The Official UK PS2 magazine speculates that the likelihood of a Manhunt sequel on next gen console to be slim due to the content that the developers would be able to put inside it, such as modelling the entire insides of a person. They give it a 25% of happening due to this fact. But knowing Rockstar, anything goes.

In Take-Two's Second Quarter Fiscal & Financial Results 2006 they revealed that the unspecified sequel had once again moved. It was completely removed from their release schedule and in its place was an unspecified PSP sequel to a Rockstar title and several sequels to come at a later date for next-gen hardware.

May 2006 – Once again E3 came and went, no word on Manhunt 2. It was presumed to be dead in the water.

August 2006 - Jeff Gurner confirmed that he has once again participated in recording voice work for the game; he recalls it being around 8 month ago and says that games are typically released 6-12 months after voice work has been completed. Also during August we launched our official petition page, where people could put fourth their point of view on the game for Rockstar to see.

At this point we pretty much know there is a Manhunt sequel waiting to be announced, it is just a case of waiting on Rockstar to admit to it.

September 2006 – We receive a series of e-mails from people suggesting to us that Manhunt 2 was indeed in development at Rockstar Vienna and that there may have been some behind the scenes showing of Manhunt 2 at the 2006 E3 after all. We are also told that some of the rumours featured on this very page are in fact truth. Although we are told not to invest too much into that since it could have changed since being given to another developer.

October 2006 - It is hinted at that Rockstar North (original developer) may have Manhunt 2 in development at their studio. Even when the game was in development at Rockstar Vienna it is confirmed that Rockstar North still had a hands on with the game.

November 2006 - Take-Two announced 20 Playsation 3 games in development, seven of which are Rockstar titles, Manhunt 2 has likely been shifted over to the Playsation 3 so it looks as though we are in for a very long wait.

February 2007 - Take-Two and Rockstar officialy announce Manhunt 2 with a release date of 'Summer 2007'. They reveal the first teaser trailer and splash webpage for the game, confirming alot of information that is on this very page.

With Manhunt 2 now confirmed it brings an end to our speculation and digging into Manhunt 2, now Manhunt 3!

What We Know
  • The game has been listed on many “future release” publications.
  • Five voice actors have confirmed to have recorded dialogue for the game. While 2 of them chose to remain anonymous the third voice actor to say as much, James Urbaniak publicly announced it on his blog on March 16th of 2006, only to remove it days later. Of the other two voice actors said to have recorded dialogue for the game one of which also recorded dialogue for the original Manhunt, much like Mr. Urbaniak. Jeff Gurner, a veteran of video game voice over has confirmed to us that he also recorded dialogue for Manhunt 2 around December 05 - January 06, at some point at the beginning of the year it is believed that the voice over work for the game was completed.
  • Rockstar still has a keen opinion of Carcer City, as evident by the references found throughout Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Liberty City Stories.
  • There is a Rockstar sequel planned for current-generation consoles, a sequel due for release on the PSP and several for the PS3/360. Very likely one is Manhunt.
  • If the sequel is released on next-generation consoles (PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii), it will likely use the R.A.G.E rendering engine.

Game Title: No official title has been given yet but there are various fan created titles floating around the Internet, none of which are based on any facts.

Main Character: Named Daniel Lamb, and has a split personality. Leo is the dominant persona; Daniel blanks out and has no knowledge of Leo existing. Daniel sees himself as a victim whereas Leo is a cold hearted killer.

Basic information on the game:

  • Development started shortly after Manhunt shipped.
  • The game is orwas near completion.
  • The game has gone through several incarnations, with 2 near final builds.
  • The new game has a whole new premise and bears little similarities to Manhunt.
  • The game is set in a fictional city based on New Orleans.
  • Initially in development for the PlayStation 2 and X-Box.
  • The game was being worked on at Rockstar Vienna, taking over from original developer, Rockstar North. NOTE: Rockstar Vienna is now closed. The closing of the Vienna office has affected the status of the game.

Levels in the game:

  • Insane asylum.
  • S&M club.
  • Brothel.
  • Large New Orleans style graveyard.
  • Sugar factory at the sea side.
  • University campus.

Gameplay Features:

  • Crouch, crawl, dive, jump and obstacle climbing added.
  • Environmental, gun and jump executions.
  • Lights can be destroyed, creating safe shadows.
  • Health and save system will be similar to the original Manhunt.
  • Roughly the same number of levels as Manhunt albeit larger in scale.
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