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Manhunt 2 - Merchandise

There are various forms of merchandise released for Manhunt 2, all of which can be found here, although it is all primarily rare and generally hard to come by. On this page it is intended to point out everything that Rockstar has released for the game. All of the merchandise has been broken down into sub categories.

Audio & Visual Media


- A4 Binder

- Custom Branded Wii
- Press Pack - Box Arts

- Gimp Mask

  - Counter Stand

- I.D Bracelet(s)

  - Dixmor Letter #1 - Halloween Scrubs
  - Dixmor Letter #2 - T-Shirt #1 - Dr
  - Posters - T-Shirt #2 - Patient
  - Promotional Flier - T-Shirt #3 - Ladies
  - Strategy Guide - Straight Jacket
  - Stickers - Wii Remote Wrist Strap


Manhunt 2 DVD Rockstar included this DVD in press packs released to retailers around the release of Manhunt 2. It included trailers 1, 2 and 3, presumably for the retailer to show on TV sets within their store to show Manhunt 2 off to potential customers within the store.
Press Pack
Manhunt 2 A-4 Binder This Manhunt 2 press pack was handed out to North America retailers during the launch of Manhunt 2. They included numerous effects such as a Manhunt 2 t-shirt, a double sided Manhunt 2 poster sized at 16" x 21", a DVD containing Manhunt 2 trailers 1, 2 and 3, a Dixmor Hospital ID wrist band, Manhunt 2 and Rockstar branded stickers finishing off the set was a sealed envelope containing a letter from Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Apparently not all press pack released contained the Manhunt 2 t-shirt, speaking of which each press pack seemed custom made for those that receive the package with ranging sizes and colours.
Box Arts
Prior to a game being released it isn’t unheard of for a game to go through numerous covers; some games even have different art on the final product in different countries. The following is the various box arts available for Manhunt 2:

Box Art #1 – Just as Manhunt 2 was announced this box art started circulating, it was just a temp box as evident by the black background and only displaying the logo. This box art was featured everywhere until Rockstar released the final box art in mid April. It first surfaced on February the 6th 2007.

Box Art #2 – This box art was a place holder that was on display on the large UK chain store HMV, its purpose was to inform the public that the game was coming out and that it was now available for pre-order. Judging by the art on the back of the box it would appear that they where given the temp art by Rockstar.

Box Art #3 – On April 13th Rockstar released the final box art (minus the rating certificate). This is the box art that the game was primarily advertised around.

Manhunt 2 Box Art 01
Manhunt 2 Box Art 02
Manhunt 2 Box Art 03
Box Art #1
Box Art #2
Box Art #3
A4 Binder
Manhunt 2 A-4 Binder The patient binder is designed to house A4 sheets of paper and is marked ‘confidential’, they are likely the binders in which Daniel and Leo’s patient files where housed. The binders are all stained as though to have been through heavy use. On the back it has a folded Rockstar logo.
Counter Stand
Manhunt 2 Counter Stand This Manhunt 2 counter stand was handed out to retailers for in-store display to indicate the release of Manhunt 2 in the United States and Canada. This particular counter stand was handed out to Canadian retailers, as evident by the English and French text. The counter stand is approximately 21.5cm x 28cm and is made of sturdy cardboard.
Dixmor Letter #1
On February the 13th 2007 Internet reports started circulating of Rockstar releasing a faux ‘Internal Memo’ from a Dr. Whyte to Dr. Pickman concerning inmates at the ‘Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane’. The letter contained no evidence of being from Rockstar other than the mention of Leo Kasper and Daniel Lamb. The letter came alongside two ID bracelets.
Manhunt 2 Dixmore Letter #1
Dixmor Letter #2
Similarly to the memo sent out by Rockstar in February 2007 to announce Manhunt 2, this second Dixmor letter was sent out to retailers and within press packs during the release of Manhunt 2 in North America. In the letter Rockstar thanked the reader for their continued support of Rockstar Games and Manhunt 2 as well as including an introduction to Manhunt 2.
Manhunt 2 Dixmore Letter #2

Poster #1 - This double sided poster was given out to UK retailers around May 2007 and was intended to serve as pre-release advertisement for Manhunt 2 as well as to be used after the games release. The poster was created to serve as advertisement for all three format releases, as evident by the logos situated towards the bottom of the poster; this is particularly rare as posters are often created with a specific format in mind. The imagery is the same on both sides with only the text altering, with one saying ‘Coming July’ and the other ‘Out Now’. Since the game was delayed these posters were never put into use and as such are very rare to come across. Also worth noting is the ‘18’ certificate the poster has visible, this is particularly interesting as it shows that Rockstar fully expected the game to pass through the BBFC with little to no issues.

Poster #2 - Like the poster released to advertise Manhunt 2 in the United Kingdom this was handed out to North American retailers and features the Manhunt 2 box art and reads ‘In Stores October 31’ as well as including the platforms the title is available for down the bottom of the poster. These posters were handed out to retailers with the goal of advance release advertising and came in various sizes including; 18"x 24", 36" x 24" and 4 foot wide by 6 foot high, the posters are produced in brilliant razor-sharp 6 colour printed on thick advertising poster stock.

Poster #3 - This poster was included in the official strategy guide released by Brady Games as well as passed out by Rockstar at events that were used to promote the release of Manhunt 2. The render of Daniel appears to be based upon the Nintendo Wii version of Manhunt 2, as evident by the fact that Daniel is covered in blood and appears to have improved texture work (over the PS2 version). This poster was also included in select press packs released by Rockstar.

Poster #4 - Again very similar to the promotional posters issued in the UK and US, this poster was used not only to promote the release of the game but also to advertise the Radio Rebllelion contest that was set up by Rockstar Games on the official Manhunt 2 website.

Manhunt 2 Poster 1 Side 2
Manhunt 2 Poster 1 Side 2
Manhunt 2 Poster 2
Manhunt 2 Poster 3
Manhunt 2 Poster 4
Poster 1 Side 1
Poster 1 Side 2
Poster 2
Poster 3
Poster 4
Promotional Flier
Official Manhunt 2 promotional leaflets were handed out at events to promote Manhunt 2 and in stores for customers to pick up. The fliers contained the Manhunt 2 box art on the front of the leaflet alongside the release date of the game and on the back featured an image taken from the back of the Manhunt 2 box as well as including the game rating, release game and game synopsis.
Manhunt 2 Promotional Flier Side 1
Manhunt 2 Promotional Flier Side 2
Side 1
Side 2
The promotional stickers for Manhunt 2 are waterproof and can be used on windows and such, they are made of some form of plastic. There was no release date for the game set when the stickers where released as such on the back of the stickers it says 'Coming Summer 2007'.
Manhunt 2 Stickers
Strategy Guide

Just like the first game, the Manhunt 2 official strategy guide is published by BradyGames. It is yet to be released but has been announced to be larger than the first guide as well as being much improved in quality and strategy quality.

Official Manhunt 2 Strategy Guide
• A complete walkthrough of the entire game.
• Detailed catalog of weapons.
• In-depth listing of enemies.
• Stealth tactics for using objects in the environment to overcome enemies.
• Signature Series guide features bonus foldout and more!
• Platform: PS2, PSP and Wii
• Pages: 240
• Available: worldwide
• Genre: Action/Adventure
• Release date: October 24th 2007
• Author: Tim Bogenn
• Price: $17.99 - £11.99
Custom Branded Wii
Manhunt 2 Custom Branded Wii The Manhunt 2 custom branded bloodstained Wii paint job was commissioned by Rockstar and given out through an official promotion set up by Rockstar through the official Manhunt 2 website. This item is supposedly a one off and was not for resale.
Gimp Mask
Manhunt 2 Gimp Mask Rockstar sent IGN this gimp mask (as worn by IGN UK’s Matt Wales and by the Pervs in Manhunt 2) along side the press release containing the final release date for Manhunt 2 in Europe.
I.D Bracelets
The ID bracelets were initially included alongside the faux ‘Internal Memo’ that Rockstar sent out in mid February 2007. The two ID bracelets are for the inmates Leo Kasper and Daniel Lamb; the bracelets included such information as the patients’ date of birth and ID number. The wristbands are approximately 12" long and all the bracelets had variants of blood splatter and finger prints on them, making no two bracelets alike. The bracelets are said to have been ripped off by Lamb and Kasper during their escape from the asylum.

Rockstar also handed these out at events in the build up to the release of Manhunt 2 and in the press pack they released to retailers. Newer versions of the ID straps read ‘In Stores October 31 For PlayStation 2, PSP and Wii’ on the back.

Manhunt 2 ID Bracelets
Halloween Scrubs
Manhunt 2 Halloween Scrubs The Manhunt 2 Halloween doctor scrubs were given out to retailers such as Gamestop and EB Games with the launch of Manhunt 2 in North America. As Manhunt 2 launched in North America on Halloween day it seems like a very fitting piece of memorabilia. Also included with the scrubs is a surgical mask, both the surgical mask and scrubs are blood stained and are an adult sized L-XL.
Straight Jacket
Manhunt 2 Straight Jacket Rockstar sent out this exclusive Manhunt 2 branded straight jacket to videogame journalists who were reviewing Manhunt 2. The straight jacket includes a branded Rockstar Games logo, Manhunt 2 title and Dixmor Hospital branding on the back of the jacket. Certain reviewers such as IGN’s Matt Cassamassina had their name embroidered onto the back of their jackets.
T-Shirt #1 - Dr
Manhunt 2 T-Shirt #1 - Dr Manhunt 2 t-shirt 01 - The shirt is white and has a Dixmor Dr. theme, with the Manhunt 2 logo on the sleeve and 'DOCTOR' written on the back of the shirt. The shirt was manufactured in all sizes.
T-Shirt #2 - Patient
Manhunt 2 T-Shirt #2 - Patient Manhunt 2 t-shirt 02 - The shirt is black and has a Dixmor inmate theme, with the Manhunt 2 logo on the front, the Dixmor Hospital logo on the sleeve and 'PATIENT' written on the back of the shirt. The shirt was manufactured in all sizes.
T-Shirt #3 - Ladies
Manhunt 2 T-Shirt #3 - Ladies This Manhunt 2 t-shirt was designed for ladies; as such it is a skinny fit shirt. The shirt was to be worn at promotional events for Manhunt 2. The shirt is white and has Manhunt 2 written on the chest in black writing.
Wii Remote Wrist Strap
The custom Manhunt 2 branded Wii Remote controller wrist straps were handed out by retailers who pre-ordered Manhunt 2 in North America. The strap is made from a pretty sturdy rubber and is designed to look like a Dixmor Hospital inmate ID bracelet. The strap could also probably be used as a strap for USB flash drives and digital cameras.
Manhunt 2 Wii Remote Wrist Strap
For additional images of the various merchandise released for Manhunt 2 you should check out the Gallery which has an ever growing number of images. Or if you would like to contribute to this page then get in Contact with us and let us know what is missing.
Media  Merchandise
- Press Pack
Print  Merchandise
- A4 Binder
- Box Arts
- Counter Stand
- Dixmor Letter #1
- Dixmor Letter #2
- Posters
- Promotional Flier
- Strategy Guide
- Stickers
Other Merchandise
- Custom Branded Wii
- Gimp Mask
- I.D Bracelet(s)
- Halloween Scrubs
- T-Shirt #1 - Dr
- T-Shirt #2 - Patient
- T-Shirt #3 - Ladies
- Straight Jacket
- Wii Remote Wrist Strap
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