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Manhunt 2 Overview
Manhunt 2

For more information about the below sections please consult the sitemap. Please note that some pages are image and text heavy, as such they may take longer to load on slower connections, some pages may also contain game spoilers.

It is highly recommended that you finish playing Manhunt 2 prior to reading through some of these pages as it may result in certain plot points being ruined for you. Some pages may also be a work in progress.

- Game Information - Environmental Executions - Version Differences
- Story - Episodes - Review
- Beta - Patient Files - Images
- Characters - Trivia - Videos
- Chronology of Events - Unlockables - Manhunt 2 Merchandise
- Dialogue - Walkthrough - Rumours (archive)
- Media Coverage - Weapons - What We Know (archive)
Manhunt 2
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