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Manhunt 2 - Episodes

Just as with the original game, Manhunt 2 is separated into sections or levels, although instead of being branded Scenes they are known by a more fitting name of Episodes. In total there are 16 episodes to Manhunt 2, 15 of which play in consecutive order while the 16th remains hidden off in a menu.

While we advise that you finish Manhunt 2 prior to visiting any of the sections of the site we strongly advise that you do not read some of the later level descriptions here as they will undoubtedly ruin one of the finer elements of Manhunt 2; the story.


Awakening Daniel Lamb awakes in the bowels of Dixmor Insane Asylum, with no memory of how he got there or of his past. A terrible thunderstorm short-circuits the security system and opens all of the cell doors, allowing patients to escape their cells. Fellow inmate Leo Kasper appears in sight and aids Daniel in escaping the asylum.
- Additional Information -
Location: Dixmor Insane Asylum
Hunters: Orderlies, Inmates, Legion, Project Scientists
Weapons: Glass Shard, Pen, Pliers (Wii), Sledgehammer (Wii), Syringe
Environmental Executions: None
Misc: This episode acts as an introduction to the game basics. Be sure to check this episode out again, taking in all the little nuances the environment has to offer, you might just pick up on a few easter eggs.
Ghosts Naturally, the first place you would want to go after escaping from an asylum is home. Leo's reminds Daniel that he has left something there to help him remember who he is. Arriving a block away from home Leo informs Daniel that it is now a Manhunt and that The Project has sent the ‘Watchdogs’ after them with the intent on taking them out. Daniel must now make it to his home and clear his head.
- Additional Information -
Location: Daniels Home and Surrounding Streets
Hunters: Watchdogs
Weapons: Barbed Wire, Circular Saw, Crowbar, Glass Shard, Plastic Bag, Sheers (Wii), Syringe, Whisky Bottle (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Manhole (Wii)
Sexual Deviants
Sexual Deviants Desperate to find out about his past, Danny decides to follow the lead suggested by the matchbook that he left himself to help remember. Against Leo's advice, he heads to the S&M club that, according to Leo, is used by the Project for recruitment. After closing time, Danny breaks in to the club and finds some extremely unpleasant characters carrying out some very promiscuous deeds.
- Additional Information -
Location: Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon
Hunters: Pervs
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Circular Saw, Crowbar, Glass Shard, Fire Axe, Mace (Wii), Stun Prod, Syringe
Environmental Executions: Toilet Cistern, Dentist Chair, Meat Hook Pulley, Iron Maiden
Red Light
Red Light Daniel and Leo must now fight through seedy locals inhabited by corrupt cops, street gang the Red Kings and yet more Watchdogs in order to reach the safe house just past the derelict movie theatre.
- Additional Information -
Location: Red Light District and Fetish Store
Hunters: Civilians, Red Kings, Pervs, Cops, Watchdogs
Weapons: Barbed Wire (Wii), Baseball Bat, Glass Shard, Mace (Wii), Nightstick, Plastic Bag, Pliers, Razor (Wii), Shovel, Syringe
Environmental Executions: Manhole (X2)
Best Friends
Best Friends Upon reaching the safe house Daniel finds items that he left himself to help remember, he spots a photo of himself and Michael from six years earlier triggering a flashback. Danny and his best friend Michael are on a boat docked on an island near an ‘abandoned’ sugar factory. Danny pulls a gun on his friend and begs him to remove the ‘Pickman Bridge’ from his head. Michael refuses, fearing it would kill Danny. At that moment, Daniel suffers a debilitating headache and Michael knocks his gun in to the water and grabs a flare gun from the pier. Michael flees into the sugar factory. With the Project hunters closing in on Daniel and Leo and Daniel temporarily stunned Leo decides to take charge and chasces Michael through the sugar factory.
- Additional Information -
Location: Blackwell Island Shipping Docks and Fisto Sugar Factory
Hunters: Project Militia
Weapons: Barbed Wire, Flare Gun, Light Handgun, Plastic Bag, Revolver, Sickle
Environmental Executions: Crushing Mill, Fusebox
Misc: This is a flashback mission where you play as Leo Kasper.
Safe House
Safe House Back in the safe house, the Project watchdogs are closing in. Daniel finds a gun he presumably hid there years ago. He realises that Leo killed his good friend; Leo says it was necessary because Michael betrayed them, forcing Daniel to start questioning Leo’s methods. Looking through the items he left himself he finds a photograph of Judy at ‘Bee's Honey Pot’ - a local brothel. Unfortunately for Daniel the Watchdogs block the way.
- Additional Information -
Location: Safe House, Porn Theatre
Hunters: Watchdogs
Weapons: Crowbar, Light Handgun, Revolver, Sledgehammer (Wii), Shotgun
Environmental Executions: None
Bees Honey Pot
Bees Honey Pot Still seeking answers, Daniel heads to the local brothel, which is coincidently run by the Project. He believes it to be a front for an underground laboratory and expects to find Judy working there. Leo insists that Daniel give up his futile search for his past, but Leo’s advice falls on deaf ears, Daniel is adamant.
- Additional Information -
Location: Bees Honey Pot Brothel
Hunters: Brothel Pimps, Watchdogs
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Glass Shard, Pen, Pliers, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sledgehammer, Shotgun, Uzi
Environmental Executions: Telephone, Fusebox, Toilet Cistern, Fire Extinguisher
Assassination Just as Daniel questions Judy the pair are abruptly interrupted as Judy is gunned down, knocking her off the rooftop. The sound of the gunfire again triggers Daniel to blackout; Leo takes lead and assures Daniel that everything will be ok. Flashback to six years earlier, Danny is holding a sniper rifle-and Leo is on look out on a high rise office window. They peer down at Project Militia that has gathering around a fallen Project official. The helicopters swarm as troops infiltrate the building in search of the assassin.
- Additional Information -
Location: Project Plaza, Building Rooftops, Skyscraper
Hunters: Project Militia
Weapons: Circular Saw (Wii), Glass Shard, Light Handgun, Heavy Handgun, Plastic Bag (Wii), Shovel (Wii), Sledgehammer (Wii), Sniper Rifle, Uzi
Environmental Executions: None
Misc: This is a flashback mission where you play as Leo.
Most Wanted
Most Wanted

Still shaken up after the death of Judy, Daniel and Leo are given no time to regain their composure as they are cut off by a pack of bounty hunters known as the Bloodhounds whom are under orders of The Project to detain the pair. The chase leads Daniel into an old locked off building and into the nearby neighbourhood, the Bloodhounds have an eye in the sky in the form of a helicopter tracking the pair. In an attempt to evade the 'hounds the pair head down into the sewerage system. Upon emerging from the underground Daniel and Leo find themselves in an old car garage that is filled with waiting Watchdogs.

- Additional Information -
Location: Surrounding Streets, Sewer System, Garage
Hunters: Bloodhounds, Watchdogs
Weapons: Crowbar, Flashlight, Circular Saw), Glass Shard, Heavy Handgun, Plastic Bag, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Shotgun, Uzi, Whisky Bottle (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Oil Drum, Gasoline
Ritual Cleansing
Ritual Cleansing As they rise up from the sewers they emerge in front of a truck stop ‘RSV Gasoline’. The sight of the gas station triggers Daniel to blackout forcing him into recalling an event from six years prior. Danny and Leo find themselves near a Project archive facility that is under guard by some cops for hire that has been brought in by the Project to guard the facility. Leo insists that the only way out is for both he and Daniel to disappear forever, but to do this he must destroy all records the Project has on both him and Daniel.
- Additional Information -
Location: RSV Gas Station and Records Warehouse
Hunters: Civilians, Cops, Watchdogs
Weapons: Barbed Wire, Circular Saw (Wii), Crowbar, Glass Shard (Wii), Nightstick, Pen, Razor (Wii), Stun Prod, Syringe (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Fusebox, Fire Extinguisher, Gasoline, Meat Hook Pulley
Misc: This is a flashback mission where you play as Leo.
Origins After regaining their composure the pair find themselves at a near-by medical facility, at this point Dr. Pickman emerges, Leo reminds Daniel that Pickman is responsible for the whole situation. Daniel breaks into the Project laboratories in hopes of coaxing Dr. Pickman into helping the pair.
- Additional Information -
Location: Vetenarian Lab, Project Laboratories
Hunters: Project Scientists, Watchdogs
Weapons: Glass Shard, Hacksaw, Pen, Razor (Wii), Shotgun, Stun Prod, Tranquilizer, Whisky Bottle (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Fire Extinguisher (X2), Liquid Nitrogen
Broadcast Interrupted
Broadcast Interrupted Daniel demands that Pickman remove the Pickman Bridge from his head. Pickman reveals that in doing so he would run the risk of killing Leo, unsatisfied with the response Daniel decides to put pressure on Pickman resorting in Pickman to call out a failsafe phrase that triggers the Pickman Bridge, at this point Daniel feels a blackout coming and is forced to kill Pickman. Danny needs answers, Leo something else. Becoming desperate, they end up at a Project-run TV studio. After going through hours of tapes, they find footage featuring Dr. Whyte the last Project operative. Leo insists that the pair track down Whyte as she is the only person with the ability to remove the Pickman Bridge. Suddenly Bloodhounds burst into the studio.
- Additional Information -
Location: TVMK Station, Five Past High Noon Set
Hunters: Bloodhounds
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Circular Saw (Wii), Crowbar, Glass Shard, Light Handgun, Heavy Handgun, Katana (PS2/PSP), Pliers (Wii), Sickle, Sniper Rifle (Wii), Uzi
Environmental Executions: Fusebox, Fire Extinguisher
Misc: In this level you are able to view a video of a western shootout, which looks similar to the Rockstar’s western game, Red Dead Revolver. You can also view a video of Leo killing people with the Katana that is in the PS2 and PSP versions of the game.
Altered State
Altered State Daniel and Leo leave the TV studio through the external western film lot and find themselves greeted by large strobe lights on some ranch that is used by the Project for broadcasting. Leo previously revealed that the Project used the TV station to trigger the Pickman Bridge. Daniel and Leo are forced to fight there way through the hoards of Bloodhounds in hopes of escaping the make-belief ranch.
- Additional Information -
Location: Farmland TV Set
Hunters: Bloodhounds
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Barbed Wire, Crossbow, Crowbar, Glass Shard, Heavy Handgun, Uzi (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Meat Hook Pulley, Oil Drum
Domestic Disturbance
Domestic Disturbance Just as they are about to escape the TV studio the pair are ambushed by Dr. Whyte. Daniel awakens sometime later, back in Dixmor lying in bed. Whyte explains to Daniel about the Project-they were trying to make the perfect weapon by implanting a duel assassin personality into a normal person. Neither personality would be aware of the other, in denial of the situation Daniel insists that he and Leo talk all the time. Whyte assures Daniel of the situation and insists that Daniel must try and remember what happened ‘that night’. Flashback to six years prior and Leo is on the run from the Project after assassinating the Project scientist at the plaza. The goal is to make it home safe and in one piece.
- Additional Information -
Location: Rich Suburban Neighbourhood
Hunters: Cops, SWAT, Civilians
Weapons: Flashlight, Nightstick, Plastic Bag, Pliers, Sheers, Shotgun, Shovel (Wii), Sledgehammer (Wii)
Environmental Executions: Manhole
Misc: This is a flashback mission where you play as Leo.
Personality Clash
Personality Clash Forced to deal with the predicament that Leo has brought upon them, Daniel has to search himself in order to gain peace of mind to do so Daniel must confront Leo directly and lock him out of mind forever. Daniel finds himself in 'Whispering Hills' Cemetery, where he has to confront the demons from his past in hopes of regaining control of his mind and bringing peace to his now deceased wife.
- Additional Information -
Location: Weary Pines Cemetary
Hunters: Watchdogs
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Crowbar, Flare Gun, Shovel, Sickle, Syringe, Tranquilizer
Environmental Executions: None
Release Therapy
Release Therapy This mission is about the mind's struggle between Leo and Daniel. You take control of Leo, who is locked up in the deepest corner of Daniels mind. He must free himself, then search for Daniel and destroy him as it is the only way for him to survive.
- Additional Information -
Location: Daniel's Mind
Hunters: Legion

Assault Rifle, Light Handgun, Uzi

Environmental Executions: Oil Drum
Misc: This episode is a bonus which is accessed on the second page of the ‘Episodes’ menu. In this episode you actually play as Leo Kasper rather than Daniel Lamb.
- Awakening
- Ghosts
- Sexual Deviants
- Red Light
- Best Friends
- Safe House
- Bees Honey Pot
- Assassination
- Most Wanted
- Ritual Cleansing
- Origins
- Broadcast Interrupted
- Altered State
- Domestic Disturbance
- Personality Clash
- Release Therapy
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