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Manhunt 2 - Environmental Executions

A new feature to Manhunt 2 is the ability to perform environmental executions. Potential execution points are marked around the map by a small white skull, in these instances Daniel must sneak up on an enemy as normal but instead of having three levels of execution you are faced with one as indicated by flashing triangles that circle the hunters head. In some instances it is required to lure a hunter into position to execute them.

There are some differences between certain environmental executions actions and placements between the Nintendo and Sony releases of the game. This is due to being handled by different developers within Rockstar and thanks to allowing for more options on the Nintendo Wii version of the game thanks to the interactive nature of executions.


Crushing Mill
Crushing Mill This industrial sized cane crushing mill is used to extract the sweet juice from cane stems in preparation to make cane sugar; the juice is extracted by being pressed through the two large roller shafts within the mangler before ejecting the cane fibre.

Unfortunately, for members of The Project, Leo doesn’t understand the finer arts of sugar preparation and his cook book is missing a page or two, so to speak. Instead Leo substitute’s sugar cane for human beings, the end result however definitely leaves a “juice” or sorts. The red sort that is.

Execution description: Once the crushing mill has been turned on and a hunter has positioned himself in front of the machinery Leo approaches the hunter, from behind, and throws the hunter clean into the grinder resulting in a pool of blood.

Due to the large amount of noise that the machinery produces it is possible to throw a hunter in without near by hunters being aware.

Episodes: Best Friends
Dentist Chair
Dentist Chair Environment Execution Normally used by licensed practitioners in the diagnosis of dental hygiene. The main benefit of the dentist chair over a normal chair is that it allows the chair to tilt at an angle as well as the headrest, allowing the practitioner to manipulate the positioning and posture of a client to give a better synopsis.

The Pervs that inhabit the underground operations of the Project sanctioned recruitment front use this item to inflict pain on others for pleasure

Execution description: Daniel approaches the hunter from behind when he isn't looking and shoves the hunter into the chair; he then punches the hunter square in the face with his right hand and grabs the hunter’s right arm and shoves a metal spike through his hand. As the hunter reaches for the spike with his left arm Daniel grabs the hunters arm and rams another spike through his left hand. With the hunter now immobilised Daniel takes the dentil drill and shoves it into the hunter’s eye, killing the hunter.
Episodes: Sexual Deviants
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher Environment Execution Fire extinguishers are commonly used in emergency situations to extinguish small fires. They almost always contain a hand held cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent which can be discharged to extinguish a fire. They tend to vary but they can range from water to dry powder and carbon dioxide CO2.

Extinguishers can be found in almost every facility or structure in Manhunt 2, they are located hanging on walls in case of an emergency, Danny is able to take hold of these and perform an execution, mainly by dropping it on a fallen victims head.

Execution description: Daniel grabs the fire extinguisher from the wall and sprays it behind the hunter’s head in order to disorientate him. As the disoriented hunter turns around to see the cause of the disturbance Daniel swings the extinguisher off his head, knocking the hunter onto his stomach. Danny then raises the fire extinguisher above his head and uses all his leverage to bounce the extinguisher off the back of the hunters head, crushing his skull.
Episodes: Bees Honey Pot, Ritual Cleansing, Origins (X2), Broadcast Interrupted
Fuse Box
Fuse Box Environment Execution A fuse box holds all of the main feeds of electricity within an establishment, they provide a fuse or circuit breaker for each feed and should a fault arise the corresponding switch will be turned off automatically to prevent an electric shock and/or a fire from occurring. Older fuse boxes had rewireable fuses; the user had to be wary as pulling the fuse out with the power on meant that they would be touching a live connection.

Unfortunately for those stalking Daniel, the Project hasn’t updated their fuse boxes in sometime, knowing more than how to change a light bulb Daniel has the ability to use his head to explode the heads of the hunters.

Execution description: The hunters head is bounced off the casing of the fuse box, Danny then pulls down the outside cover and forces the hunters head into the wires and pulls the switch standing back as he does so, the fuse box overloads and explodes in the hunters face.
Episodes: Best Friends, Bees Honey Pot, Ritual Cleansing, Broadcast Interrupted
Gasoline Environment Execution

Gasoline is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting mostly of aliphatic hydrocarbons and enhanced with aromatic hydrocarbons to increase octane ratings and is primarily used as a fuel in internal combustion engines such as automobiles and is highly flammable. If a flame is introduced to the gas residue it will almost certainly ignite.

In ‘Ritual Cleansing’ Leo is able to perform this execution multiple times thanks to coming across several gas canisters that inhabit the environment.

Execution description: Once Leo has lured a hunter into a gasoline puddle he has set up, he strikes a match off the bottom of his shoe and flicks it at the gas puddle, setting the hunter aflame.
Episodes: Most Wanted, Ritual Cleansing
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Environment Execution

This late 18th century torture device involves the process of the victim being locked inside the icon cabinet lines with piercing objects such as spikes while the victim remains standing. The result of which is the victim is forced into a slow death of blood loss.

The Pervs that inhabit the underground operations of the Project sanctioned recruitment front use this item to inflict pain on others for pleasure.

Execution description: Danny shoves the hunter into the chamber and slams the right hand side door into the hunter twice before leaving it closed. Daniel then closes left hand side of the door, sealing the hunter’s fate.
Episodes: Sexual Deviants
Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid Nitrogen Environment Execution As the name suggests, liquid nitrogen is pure nitrogen in liquid state, its ability to maintain temperatures far below freezing point make it extremely useful in a number of areas, such as cryobiology, which is the study of living tissue and organisms at low temperatures. If for instance flesh is placed in liquid nitrogen, the rapid freezing effect would instantly kill the cells and surrounding tissue. When the body is frozen in this way the slightest knock can shatter the frozen parts.

The Project use liquid nitrogen to keep samples and organs frozen so that they can be used in experiments later, with the storage tank left open 'accidents' are sure to happen.

Execution description: The hunter's head is forced inside the container, once pulled out the hunter is immediately shoved head first into the outside of the container, likely snapping the hunters neck.
Episodes: Origins
Manhole Environment Execution Manholes are primary used as an access to underground sewers, they are also used by maintenance personnel so that they can get access to a number of different services such as telephone, gas and electricity shut off points when they are in need of repair. Manhole openings are covered by a heavy metal plate, usually made of cast iron, which is used to prevent unauthorized access, they are thick enough to allow traffic to pass over them and prevent anyone falling in.

Since several of these can be found on the streets, they are a perfect means of hiding a dead body or as a weapon.

Execution description: The hunter is tripped up and kicked in the face as he turns around to see who pushed him over, Daniel then kicks the hunter in the genitals twice before picking up the manhole cover and caving the hunters head in. The hunter then falls down the manhole opening and Daniel replaces the cover. Nothing to see here.

Episodes: Ghosts (Wii Only), Red Light (X2), Domestic Disturbance
Meat Hook Pulley
Meat Hook PulleyEnvironment Execution Meat hooks are primary used by butchers to hang animal carcasses from while they await preparation for carving. They are typically stored in cold storage rooms as a way to stop the carcasses from going bad. The main reason that they used is because of their strong durability that is needed due to strength required to hold the carcasses of larger animals.

The Pervs that inhabit the underground operations of the Project sanctioned recruitment front use this item as means to show of their fallen victims corps. Additional Hook Pulleys can be found that were used to transfer boxes into storage.

Execution description: The hunter is hit on the back of the head twice with the hook that is attached to the rope of the pulley, with the third strike the hook is lodged into the hunter’s back, attaching him to the rope. With the hunter now attached to the pulley Daniel cranks the winch three times, leaving the hunter dangling.
Episodes: Sexual Deviants, Altered State, Ritual Cleansing
Oil Drum
Oil Drum Environment Execution Water drums are commonly used to transport crude oil or other petroleum products; it can hold up to 42 gallons in the US and 36 in UK because of the way the oil is measured. This can vary from country to country. In many poorer places around the world these oil drums are used to create a fire within, since they are metal they provide protection from the wind, the heat from the fire is also contained and can only travel up which in turn provides more heat than a fire that was lit on the ground.

Daniel can lure a hunter over and perform an execution by drowning his victim and hitting his head off the barrel.

Execution description: Daniel smacks the hunter on either side of his head then bounces the hunters head off the outside of the barrel, he then shoves the hunters head into the barrel and punches him on the back four times as the hunters legs kick. Once the hunter stops kicking Daniel releases him and he falls to the ground limp.
Episodes: Most Wanted, Altered State, Release Therapy
Telephone Environment Execution

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell with the intention of being able to send and receive speech between two individuals. They operate by using electrical signals; speech is converted into a signal which is sent via a network, the signal is then converted back into speech at the other end of the line. Older telephones linked the handset with the receiver by a cable in order to power the handset directly.

The Bees Honey Pot brothel hasn’t quite caught up with the digital age, as the brothel receptionist finds out.

Execution description: Daniel picks up the telephone and beats the hunter around the back of the head with it. The telephone wire is then wrapped around the hunters neck twice as he lays on the ground, Daniel then drags the hunter around the floor with the telephone around his neck before placing his foot on the hunters shoulder and pulling back on the wire, in the process snapping the hunters neck.
Episodes: Bee's Honey Pot
Toilet Cistern
Toilet Cistern Environment Execution The toilet cistern is used to store the correct amount of water the toilet needs to flush away bodily fluids from the toilet bowl. The cistern is typically only meant to be accessed in the event of a fault with the cistern. They come in either a plastic or a ceramic form, in the case of a ceramic toilet the cistern lid can be very heavy, since faults aren’t supposed to happen often the weight of which isn’t much of a problem.

With the Lid being as heavy as it is, it can make for a very effective killing tool, as Daniel fine well knows.

Execution description: Daniel shoves the hunters head into the toilet cistern and then slams the hunter into the toilet seat on the rebound, forcing the hunter to fall head first over the toilet pan. Daniel then reaches for the toilet cistern lid and smacks the hunter across the face as he raises his head to free himself. With the hunter now lying with his head in the toilet he slams the cistern lid down onto the hunters head two more times and places the lid back on the cistern. As Daniel walks away from the fallen hunter he kicks him in the leg.
Episodes: Sexual Deviants, Bees Honey Pot
Environment Executions
- Crushing Mill
- Dentist Chair
- Fire Extinguisher
- Fuse Box
- Gasoline
- Iron Maiden
- Liquid Nitrogen
- Manhole
- Oil Drum
- Telephone
- Toilet Cisternern
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