Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Daniel - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Daniel Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy - Episode Specific: [Ghosts - Red Light - Safe House - Most Wanted - Origins]


  • How goes it?
  • This is going to be so much fun.
  • Hmm... the air reeks of fear.
  • How did we let this situation go so far?
  • Heads will roll for this mess up.
  • Should have put him down like a sick dog when we had the chance.
  • Pickman should have dealt with this liability years ago.
  • Hmm... I’m going straight for this guy’s jugular.
  • Don't need nobody, I can do this all by myself.
  • How would I know it was a red light? I'm fucking colour blind.
  • Need a fricken chew stick or something
  • Hey dog.
  • Come now Mr. Lamb, listen to sense.
  • How did we let this situation go so far?
  • You’re on your own Danny.
  • Daniel Lamb sure the history books will forget his name.
  • Hmm just like old times, huh?
  • Can’t believe they called in the whole squad to clean up this mess.
  • Some fish with liver giblets would hit the spot.
  • Enough of this charade Mr. Lamb, show yourself.
  • Damn fleas... crotch itches so bad.
  • How can they let this [hogged?] up dope fiend on the streets?
  • None of this makes sense, some nut job comes here why?
  • Gotta be something big... all the old units reactivated like this.
  • Agent 74...
  • We have to salvage what we can from this episode.
  • All this for a lone nut gone awol, I don’t get it.
  • I’ve seen his dumb mug before.
  • All gone to hell because Pickman couldn’t keep his monkey caged.
  • Heads will roll for this fiasco.
  • We should have put him down like a sick dog when we had the chance.
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Heard a Noise
  • OK, I know you're there.
  • I'll lick your hands Danny, I'll make you feel good.
  • Yeah, that's his scent alright.
  • I need a pack of Watchdogs in section F immediately.
  • You're out of time Mr. Lamb.
  • I hear panting doggie.
  • You've made yourself.
  • We can do this the easy way or the broken rib way.
  • Time to tighten the screws flyboy.
  • You hear that huh, you hear that?
  • What games you playing Danny.
  • This has got to be him.
  • Great, just great, Watchdogs.
  • I’m the top dog, coming to sniff you out.
  • Hah, rock and roll.
  • It is best that you surrender.
  • You are fallible after all, Mr. Lamb.
  • Woof… who’s ringing that dinner bell?
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  • I am your judge and executioner.
  • On your own here... no one can help you.
  • Must have been a squirrel, right Danny?
  • Come on make one little noise just one little noise.
  • Don't make a dog your enemy, it'll chase you for life.
  • I heard he's some lunatic that escaped from the Pickman facility.
  • Something about this situation gives me the creeps.
  • No more games Dr. Lamb.
  • See sense Danny, you can’t escape us.
  • You can’t hide forever Mr. Lamb.
  • We will always find you, Danny.
  • Great, the geek’s probably laughing at us.
  • Careful, he is capable of inhuman violence.
  • Where are yah, where are yah, huh? Two legged beasts…
  • Come on, show me your paw.
  • [Sniffs] Come on Danny, let’s rub noses.
  • Oh yeah your scent is getting ripe over here.
  • [Sniffs] Can’t see you Danny, but I can smell you, you ain’t fooling me.
  • Beware of the dog Danny.
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Quit Searching
  • Damn scent in the air tonight, can't smell shit.
  • Panting, thirsty, so thirsty…
  • Bastard gave me the slip.
  • Perhaps I was mistaken.
  • No sign of the target.
  • I must be too much on edge.
  • Damn it, I’m gonna be in the dog house now.
  • I'm the top dog, I'm the smart dog.
  • I'll deal with your incompetence later.
  • [Out of breath] Aww... fuck...
  • [Panting] I’m sick as a dog.
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Spotted Daniel
  • [Panting] My dogs are killing me.
  • We're everywhere, Danny. Everywhere…
  • [Panting] I’m sick as a dog.
  • Take him down!
  • I'm coming over there you psycho!
  • There's our man!
  • We've got you now, Danny!
  • Now I got you.
  • Well Danny you’re here are you well?
  • Who’s pulling your strings Danny?
  • I see him, I see him.
  • Surround him, hurry!
  • Now what?
  • There's our trouble maker!
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Found Dead Hunter
  • Come quickly, he's near.
  • This bastard’s playing games with us.
  • Damn, we lost a man.
  • I’m not going in solo here.
  • [Growling] The hunt is on.
  • People get over here quick.
  • Not cool people, not fucking cool, where are you?
  • This is great just great watchdogs.
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Checking Dead Hunter
  • He's picking us off.
  • Poured the giblets and gravy right out of him.
  • All dogs go to mother fucking heaven.
  • Damn, this is serious.
  • You were my dog, dog.
  • Call the meat wagon, we got a fresh load.
  • He was my best friend, in a bickering sense, you know?
  • [Sighing] I should have stayed retired.
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Seen Daniel Hiding
  • Cornered, like a sick dog.
  • Put your tail between your legs.
  • Aww, you hiding from little old me?
  • How you going to hide when I got your scent?
  • I can track you from here to Carcer.
  • This guys an idiot.
  • Give it up you moron, I can see you.
  • Can’t hide from a watchdog, hotshot.
  • Hey, hey, who you fooling?
  • Sight ain’t my only sense dirt bag.
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  • We've got you now Danny.
  • Who put a leash on this guy?
  • Quit hogging, start dogging.
  • You can’t shake a canine.
  • Dumb fuck…
  • Get this animal off me!
  • Alpha team! Strike!
  • Chasing chickens is my specialty.
  • Come over here and rub my belly.
  • He’s right here he’s kicking my ass.
  • I’d appreciate some help.
  • Oh you wanna play? Let’s play…
  • You’re fighting like cats and dogs here.
  • Get him already!
  • I’m dogging you Danny.
  • Lunatic…
  • Chihuahua …
  • I want a piece, gimme a piece.
  • Let me guess you’re a patsy in a big conspiracy, right?
  • Murderer…
  • Yeah! Dish it out.
  • Guess his bark was worse than his bite huh? Sorry…
  • Another criminal of the streets.
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Begging For Mercy
  • I can’t take this madman alone.
  • Watchdogs where are yah?
  • Aww jeez, I can’t take this guy alone.
  • Alpha team strike.
  • Take him down now.
  • I need help.
  • You don’t have to do this.
  • I’ll let you go I won’t tell a sole.
  • Wait I can help you escape.
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  • Hello? What the fuck is going on?
  • Sweep this place, start at the basement I'll search the bedrooms.
  • Grimez, Vencheck? Where are they? I've had enough of these amateurs.
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Red Light
  • Like a Lamb to the slaughter Danny!
  • Sergeant this man is ours.
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Safe House
  • Who are these fucking people?
  • I doubt the target is even here.
  • Spangler look for Hades and Spalding, they should be coming from the adults specialty shop.
  • It's called porno genius, why is it always me that has to look?
  • We got him, we got him.
  • No more games Dr. Lamb, Watchdogs!
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Most Wanted
  • He's trying to get to the train yard.
  • This is our last chance Watchdogs, take up your positions and ready your weapons.
  • Keep calm we believe an escaped mental patient is in the vicinity.
  • Here you go.
  • Good enough, Idiot!
  • No sign of the target yet, I'm going to hold the interior.
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  • Where are you going to run to now huh? You’re cornered like a sick dog.
  • What the hell happened here?
  • I'm coming, I'm coming.
  • Hey ah...anyone coming to relieve me?
  • I can't stand the sight of this freak.
  • Marko, coming to relieve me or what?
  • What are you looking at freak?
  • Their going to open your head up.
  • Tough guy, huh? You’re not so fucking tough now.
  • You wasted a lot of my friends freak; just give me a fucking reason.
  • They lost him.
  • Two squads of our finest agents are waiting to say hello.
  • Everyone ready? He's coming.
  • Stay where you are.
  • Keep back or I'll shoot.
  • Move back!
  • Move back, now!
  • What did I tell you? Huh?
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