Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Daniel - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Daniel Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy - Episode Specific: [ Sexual Deviants - Red Light ]


  • Man, I'm bored of this shit.
  • Man, I'm getting a belly!
  • Definitely not getting into heaven now.
  • He's just some nut; I don't know what everyone’s worried about.
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Heard a Noise
  • Yeah, just sit tight!
  • I knew it was you.
  • This is up to me to check out.
  • Who's out there?
  • Great, now I'm dripping wet!
  • Ohh, hoo, hoo, you got my plums tickling!
  • I'm coming!
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  • I'm the butcher and you're the Hamhawk.
  • Look, it's nothing personal; I get nothing out of this.
  • This slimy walrus is going to lick you up and down.
  • Come on! I just wanna be friends.
  • I got some candy for you.
  • I'll skin you.
  • Don't hide, come out and play.
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Quit Searching
  • I suppose you think that's clever?
  • No one here? God I'm so lonely.
  • Fun over!
  • You're really trying my patience now!
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Spotted Daniel
  • I'm gonna bleed you slow, snake... ha, ha, ha!
  • Who the fuck let you in?
  • Huh!...
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Found Dead Hunter
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Checking Dead Hunter
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Seen Daniel Hiding
  • Don't be shy now, let's play.
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  • Look out, I'm right behind you.
  • Heh, heh, heh, I forgot my camera.
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Begging For Mercy
  • Help me out!
  • Lend a hand here!
  • I need help!
  • Feel free to step in any time, guys!
  • Let me live!
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Sexual Deviants
  • Listen up perverts; if you want to taste the real hardcore enter the dungeon.
  • Who the fuck let you in?
  • Who's out there? I still ain't done with this guy yet.
  • Hey, who let that fucker in here? Get the bitch backstage and shut the noise off.
  • I don't know your face and only faces I know get in, get the fuck out of here.
  • Georgy boy, come on in, jeeze you look like shit.
  • Georgy boy? What did you do to Georgy boy?
  • Go away, I'm busy ahaaaah.
  • Quit that banging, I got 10 minutes left.
  • I only just started get lost.
  • Bye boys.
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Red Light
  • I could do without that
  • We're friends!
  • I was so nice to you!
  • That psycho’s in the shop. Help! Help!
  • And after I was so nice to you!
  • Listen, I'm out of medication, okay?
  • I'm you're slave! i will do anything you say.
  • Please, we're friends aren't we?
  • Help me out!
  • That cannibal shit? I was kidding!
  • What are you planning to do with that?
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