Leo Kasper
Episode Specific: [ Awakening - Ghosts - Sexual Deviants - Red Light - Best Friends - Safe House - Assassination - Ritual Cleansing - Most Wanted - Origins - Broadcast Interupted - Domestic Disturbance - Personality Clash - Release Therapy ]


  • Hide in the shadows, these guys are vicious remember?
  • Hide the body in the shadows.
  • You can't leave those bodies in full view.
  • That truck’s our ticket out of here.
  • Now climb into the garbage truck.
  • I'll scout ahead Danny, get your head straight and follow me.
  • We need a weapon, get a syringe from the supply office.
  • Now get the syringe.
  • Don't leave any witnesses.
  • Don't let these crazies spot you.
  • Move into the shadows, they can't see you in the darkness.
  • Move when their backs are turned.
  • If you make a noise they'll hear you.
  • You still got it, they didn't see a thing.
  • You'll have to do better than that Danny.
  • How are we going to survive this if you can't sneak past a couple of whack jobs, huh?
  • That's it Danny, listen to me and I'll get us out of here.
  • I'd... take it slowly if I were you.
  • If he sees you, he will kill you, waste him, understand?
  • This guy stands between you and freedom.
  • If that guy lives were dead.
  • Go on.
  • Get in the elevator it's the only way out of here.
  • They've seen us, your going to have to deal with those orderlies before getting in the truck.
  • He's down; don't let him get back up.
  • You did good Danny, now go find some first aid, patch yourself up.
  • You have to take this psycho down Danny.
  • Defend yourself!
  • Put some muscle into it.
  • Got to take care of all the guards first, do it Danny.
  • Go back and get that syringe Danny.
  • We might need that syringe.
  • We did it, come on. You wanna get out of here? Then come on...
  • Their life or yours Danny, it's simple.
  • If they catch us, they'll kill us.
  • Move it Danny, move it.
  • I have to admit, I didn't think you had it in you but hey...
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  • Danny, let's try the basement.
  • Now you can break open the padlock on the back door.
  • Nothing, okay, the only place left is the ground floor it's got to be there.
  • This is the place; you left a drug in there that will clear your head.
  • Shit, another Watchdog, take him out!
  • Danny, we need to find a way to break into the house.
  • Watchdogs, they got here fast.
  • We don't want to be disturbed.
  • There the Projects clean up crew.
  • We have to earn out freedom, we’re gonna fight back.
  • The Project happened here.
  • Nice, now all we need is the syringe try the bathroom.
  • Search all the cabinets and trunks.
  • Not here, let's try upstairs in the bedrooms.
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Sexual Deviants
  • Smash the light so we can hide.
  • He wants a familiar face? Go get him one.
  • Looks like they're closing this place down for the night.
  • The Pervs run this club, they're pure sleaze, guys come in expecting a blowjob, they go out Project zombies, they know we escaped; anybody in there would rip your head off.
  • Dumb fuck can't tell his mother from his meth dealer.
  • I got a bad feeling about this.
  • They're not going to hear us with this music blasting.
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Red Light
  • Watch out for those security lights Danny, any quick movement snaps them on.
  • I don't like this Danny, I smell Project, it's a setup.
  • The safe house, that derelict movie theatre!
  • Okay, Mr. Commando, you see another way into this place?
  • This must be the safe house, what a shit hole.
  • We need something to cut through this.
  • Those pliers can cut a hole in the wire mesh.
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Best Friends
  • I'll take care of this one Danny, he has the key to the boat, it's our only way out of here.
  • Got to get that key, that boat is the only way off this island.
  • More Project scum arriving.
  • Drop that key Mikey.
  • Give me that fucking key!
  • If the Project wants a wart they got one.
  • Use the bails for cover.
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Safe House
  • He set us up and sold us out it was survival, pure and simple, let's get out of here.
  • Those cops knew who you were; you’re going to have to change those cloths.
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  • They wanted a perfect assassin? Well they got one, right between the eyes.
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Most Wanted
  • You were supposed to loose the damn helicopter, get underground!
  • It's a trap, get out of here run!
  • These bounty hunters were not paid to take us alive Danny, there must be a way out of here.
  • Nice one Danny, follow the drain, try to find a way back onto the street.
  • Were in deep shit now, this whole town is a Project dormitory.
  • The street will be crawling with Bloodhounds we need to find another way out of here.
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Ritual Cleansing
  • Find some gasoline.
  • Whoa, Danny you are sick, let's light up a few more of these bastards.
  • Let's distract these guys so we can burn that barrier down.
  • Rent-a-cops, I doubt these suckers even know who's paying them.
  • How many zombies are the Project going to throw at us?
  • Fire drill huh? Maybe we need to give them the real thing.
  • More fuel, now if I could just find some paper.
  • Our history is officially erased, now we can be whoever we want, there's just one more thing to take care of after that, freedom.
  • I need his gas can.
  • That wasn't very clever now was it?
  • I better find a place to hide.
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  • Pickman is the head scientist for the entire Project we need him alive.
  • We've got to shut him up.
  • Good work Danny, I'll take it from here, you can be a little squeamish.
  • They're behind everything Danny.
  • Exactly, come on let's deal with Pickman.
  • We need Pickman alive.
  • Danny it's locked, we need to find another way to get to him.
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Broadcast Interupted
  • Hunters happened; they came in to clean up the Projects mess.
  • I tell you the whole story and your brain would implode, trust me.
  • This is a mans weapon, can you handle it?
  • The Project shot coded messages through the TV straight into their agents’ heads.
  • Told them to do horrible things, that's how they got through to you.
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Domestic Disturbance
  • I've got some unfinished business here Danny, something I need to do...alone. Go to the safe house and wait for me there.
  • Freedom my man, freedom!
  • I gotta hide from these cops.
  • One of these garages must contain something I can use.
  • Everything’s going to be alright honey.
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Personality Clash
  • Here is some more of your victims to chew on!
  • Looking for something Danny?
  • Come on quit this shit, I'm getting tired come out and fight like a man.
  • How about a visit from some old friends? You remember what you did to these guys don't you?
  • Time to say goodnight Danny, your mind has only got room for one of us, but don't worry I'll take care of business from now on.
  • You think it's that easy to get rid of me? I made you!
  • Time to face up to all the things you've done, remember these guys? You killed them all Danny.
  • Danny Lamb the best killing machine the Project ever had.
  • What's the matter Danny? Trying to turn over a new leaf or something? You know you wanna kill these fuckers.
  • And what about your wife Danny, do you remember what you did to her?
  • Ha, ha, ha, who the fuck wants to be Daniel Lamb?
  • Ha, ha, you see, can't get rid of me... auh! can never...get rid of me...
  • You think it's that easy to get rid of me?
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Release Therapy
  • You think you can get rid of me? You god damn runt I'm the one who belongs here, who deserves to be here, your nothing, without me you'd be nothing.
  • Ignore me? How about your wife’s blood on your hands, can you ignore that?
  • Fuck you Danny, I won, fuck you Pickman, fuck you Whyte, fuck the Project, I won.
  • You made me; you put me in your own head, for the sake of your pathetic career.
  • And you cut your wife's throat, right in front of her baby boy.
  • I WON!
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