Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Daniel - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Daniel Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy


  • I really need to run my fingers through poo.
  • Project Smoject, I am a creature of physical pleasure.
  • You see him yet?
  • Well if it isn't the devil in disguise.
  • Come... he's around here.
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Heard a Noise
  • Come my army of angels.
  • The devil sits and waits for us.
  • Be careful not to look straight into his eyes.
  • Thou shall not put up a fight.
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  • We will shine this beam of star light right into your heart and you will be redeemed.
  • Oh I feel you Danny.
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Quit Searching
  • You let him get away.
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Spotted Daniel
  • Stop right there.
  • I'm gonna piss on your corpse.
  • Bastard, bastard.
  • Gotcha...
  • Yikes.
  • Over here.
  • Where are you guys? He's right here.
  • Hurry up you numbskulls!
  • Any last requests?
  • I got him guys, I got him.
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Found Dead Hunter
  • Um... I might need some help here.
  • Forces of darkness conspire against us.
  • My peaceful vibe is getting [not sure].
  • Okay I have not been fully briefed here.
  • Please... anybody? Hello?
  • Guys... I think I found him.
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Checking Dead Hunter
  • That's gonna be me soon.
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Seen Daniel Hiding
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  • Death is coming, ha, ham ha, ha…
  • You want me to kill? So run of the mill.
  • Let me through!
  • Same some for me.
  • Rejoice sinners!
  • Help me catch this guy.
  • You wanna live? Take the bridge out of my head.
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Begging For Mercy
  • No! You don't understand, HELP!
  • Help! I don't know how I got here.
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