Dr. Whyte
Episode Specific: [ Awakening - Domestic Disturbance - Personality Clash - Release Therapy ]


  • Dr. Lamb please, I need help.
  • Danny, Danny?
  • Oh, it hurts, I can't move.
  • Danny, stop, Danny...
  • Ah, Daniel don't do this please!
  • Danny, it's me Dr. Whyte. I'm not your enemy.
  • It's him isn't it? Don't let him control you.
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Domestic Disturbance
  • I know its difficult Danny, but you must go back to that night, I need you to remember.
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Personality Clash
  • Don't let your guilt drag you into oblivion, your only chance to be free is to rid your mind of Leo one and for all.
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Release Therapy
  • There is a cell hidden in the darkest recesses of your mind, lock Leo into this cell and walk away from him forever.
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