Daniel Lamb
Episode Specific: [ Awakening - Ghosts - Sexual Deviants - Red Light - Safe House - Bees Honey Pot - Origins - Broadcast Interupted - Domestic Disturbance - Personality Clash - Release Therapy ]


  • I... killed 'em, I feel sick.
  • I don't wanna hurt anybody.
  • This is insane.
  • But he's a nurse, he'll help me.
  • Head straight, follow you.
  • What? No... I,.. I can't.
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  • Who are they?
  • What happened here?
  • Jesus, my head!
  • Am I going crazy?
  • What the hell was that?
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Sexual Deviants
  • Its coming back to me were close, we have to find her.
  • Well, we need to find a way inside.
  • I remember this place; the person I'm looking for is here somewhere.
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Red Light
  • Safe house? All these clippings and photos, I put them here to help me remember, but why?
  • That's me and Michael!
  • Oh my God, Michael!
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Safe House
  • You killed Michael?
  • I'm sick of this.
  • Wait, what's this?
  • Judy?
  • Were going to find Judy and talk to her.
  • Michael said they messed with my head.
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Bees Honey Pot
  • I'm looking for Judy.
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  • Are the Project behind this too?
  • TVMK? I watch that channel all the time.
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Broadcast Interupted
  • Look at this a massacre what happened?
  • You’re not telling me the whole story Leo.
  • These sets are ridiculous; they're giving me a headache.
  • I remember I think...
  • Bring it on.
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Domestic Disturbance
  • What then?
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Personality Clash
  • It's time to get you out of my head once and for all.
  • I have to lay her to rest to be free of you Leo.
  • Please forgive me baby.
  • Almost there.
  • I'm sorry sweety, I'm so sorry.
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Release Therapy
  • Rot in hell Leo.
  • Get out of my god damn head.
  • I'm too strong for you now.
  • I know what you are Leo.
  • You can't beat me now.
  • You need me more than I need you.
  • Fuck you Leo.
  • You’re nothing without me.
  • You’re going to be the last thing I kill.
  • I just have to ignore you Leo and you know it.
  • Ah... I'll fucking kill you, you psycho piece of shit!
  • Shut up!
  • I don't need you anymore Leo.
  • I'm taking back my life.
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