Episode Specific: [ Red Light - Ritual Cleansing - Domestic Disturbance ]
Red Light
  • We’re in charge here mother fucker.
  • That's the one he matches the description, hey, four eyes!
  • Some narc been poking there nose around here, looks like we got some action going.
  • There's our man
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Ritual Cleansing
  • What the fuck is that?
  • We got an intruder!
  • Just got a call from head office.
  • More deliveries? Man it's been non stop all week.
  • Nah, there just check we know how to use the intruder lock down system, easy as cake.
  • Why are they expecting someone?
  • Just the usual BS, oh there is going to be a fire drill on Friday too.
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Domestic Disturbance
  • Shit, that's the target, all units target sighted, repeat, target sighted!
  • He's over there get after him.
  • Charlie squad has a sighting seal this street off.
  • We see the perp, he's on the main street.
  • Halt; put your hands in the air!
  • You heard the APB people, that serial killer from the plaza is headed to our happy little community, I want you looking in every garbage can, mailbox and Goddamn tree house for this guy.
  • All units we've lost the target!
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