Episode Specific: [ Sexual Deviants - Domestic Disturbance ]
Sexual Deviants
  • Please don't do this, oh please, oh please! you don't wanna do this ahhh please, no please!
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Domestic Disturbance
  • Hasn't anyone heard of closing the God damn door?
  • No for the third time I didn't see the cat, okay?
  • She's your daughter, you deal with it!
  • Do your homework or I'll ring your little neck!
  • Shhh... shh, you hear that?
  • If that damn cats in the garbage again I swear to God!
  • Shit, that's him get the fucking cops over here.
  • Every since he took office the street have been filled with degenerates.
  • Who's got to pay the bill? Me!
  • The remote didn't just disappear, Louise!
  • So go check it out I'm eating!
  • Is it those cats again?
  • Who's out there?
  • What's that?
  • No horror movies tonight they scare me, how about a romantic comedy?
  • I'm going out for Ice cream.
  • This neighbourhood is completely safe, hasn't been a mugging in 8 years.
  • Who wants pizza?
  • Walter those damn raccoons are rooting in the garbage again.
  • I saw somebody outside.
  • It's that peeping tom again.
  • Don't worry sweetheart it was all a deal there's no boogieman.
  • Don't go out there its dangerous!
  • Sweetheart there's nobody in your closet it's all in your head.
  • It was just a nightmare.
  • No one is ever going to hurt you, you know why? Because I love you.
  • Harold, someone's outside.
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