Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Daniel - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Daniel Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy


  • I'm gonna cut that rat bastard open if it's the last thing I do.
  • You coming to the gun show next month?
  • Did I show you my new tattoo? This month it's a political statement.
  • If they knew it was me behind this mask, woo boy.
  • You know I think violence is a legitimate form of expression.
  • I'm not on a leash tonight wooh...
  • Dishonourable discharge, I've been planning my revenge ever since.
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Heard a Noise
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  • Private, drop your pack and get ready to go after him on my command.
  • Daniel Lamb, know this, you are surrounded.
  • Ah fuck it, Pickman only wants the head; send the chopper over to soften him up.
  • Alright private, after the third sweep he's all yours.
  • He's got away, but he can't have gotten far, you know light ‘em up and search the chopper will sweep the area.
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Quit Searching
  • Slippery bastard, we got him holed up in there.
  • Where is he gonna go?
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Spotted Daniel
  • Shit, we got a bear in the outhouse, boys.
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Found Dead Hunter
  • No sign of the target returning to sweep pattern.
  • Bloodhound down.
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Checking Dead Hunter
  • Hey, he had six kids too.
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Seen Daniel Hiding
  • Fuck me!
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  • We have the exits sealed, moving to intercept.
  • Party is gonna start now.
  • I guess he's gonna be whining in heaven too.
  • Boys, I need help.
  • I'm taking a bad ass beat down.
  • Yeah go on, run and hide like a sissy.
  • Target is going subterranean, go get him boys.Yeehaw, we got him for sure this time.
  • Now that is how you do it.
  • Break out the wine cooler boys.
  • America is a little safer with this bastard gone.
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Begging For Mercy
  • A blow to me is a blow to Uncle Sam.
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