Asylum Orderlies
Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Daniel - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Daniel Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy - Scripted Events - Radio Calls - Automated Doors


  • I wonder if Trish is up for some tonight.
  • The cafeteria just closed... fuck it [unsure].
  • Hey Mr. Maniac, I'm just doing my job here.
  • I'm missing the game for this crap?
  • Where the fuck did I put those cigarettes?
  • Hey buddy.
  • So... how long till we bag this freak?
  • What’s up?
  • Fuck ... do you see him?
  • Where is this guy hiding?
  • I’m so tired I don’t know if I’m asleep or awake.
  • Look out he’s behind yah he, he, he.
  • Is that you talking to yourself?
  • He’s laughing at us. Fucking psycho…
  • If I have to wipe the butt of that fat lady one more time.
  • Idle hands are the tools of the Devil, that's why I jerk off.
  • I’m not that kind of girl... bitches just like her mother.
  • I hear they are making assassins out of these nuts.
  • What goes on behind closed doors in this place gives me the creeps.
  • There was no happy ending at that massage place dorkwad.
  • Our asses are on the line unless we find that prick.
  • He was in full restrains and the door was locked I don’t get it.
  • Gonna cash this paycheck, get me some hookers.
  • I gotta try swinging sometime.
  • How the fuck did he escape? That’s what I wanna know.
  • This freak is gonna find out how pissed I am to be working over time.
  • They mess with these freaks brains turn them into schizo’s.
  • Was that him? I gotta try sleeping some time.
  • Holy Fuck, that ain't supposed to happen.
  • We're back online, thanks fucking God.
  • Oh shit, LOOK!
  • Fuck, get some help!
  • Isn't Dr. Whyte down in the psycho section?
  • Call for the doctor I dare ya...
  • Take your medicine.
  • I'd kill him again.
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Heard a Noise
  • Luck's out dummy.
  • That the whack job?
  • I hope that's you bonehead I’m getting itchy knuckles here.
  • Sounds like therapy time.
  • You’d have to be crazy not to be afraid of me.
  • It’s over for you freak show.
  • I clocked out an hour ago have a heart.
  • I swear I heard something.
  • Alright, I’m on it.
  • Danny big brothers gonna make the headaches go away
  • You sound scared Danny let me help you.
  • Jones I am [unsure] loose, remember last time?
  • I’m checking that out.
  • That sounds like him.
  • That could be our guy.
  • You want the shock therapy alright you got it.
  • It’s all over Danny.
  • You’re gonna have to take a beating for this one.
  • Finally we found him.
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  • You're knee deep in some fantasy world buddy.
  • You just wont take your medicine will you?
  • Don’t make this any harder.
  • Anything yet?
  • Any last requests?
  • Where is this freak?
  • Hey, Mr. Maniac I'm just doing my job here.
  • This would happen on my shift.
  • This guy is making an ass of us.
  • You in cage, me back home, how hard is that?
  • He's gotta be here somewhere.
  • 9snifs ... did you shit yourself crazy man?
  • Don’t worry it’ll all be over soon enough.
  • Now where the fuck did he go?
  • Enjoy your last minutes of freedom Danny.
  • You really are nuts hiding away like a sissy.
  • You need your meds Danny.
  • If I were you id be hiding too.
  • Come out and show me what a killer you are.
  • Now he’s making me mad.
  • Why you hiding? There’s no escape.
  • You’ll come crawling back you need me.
  • Come on out Danny, I’m here to help.
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Quit Searching
  • Of all the asylums I have to end up here.
  • Oh... taste the shadows.
  • I could have sworn...
  • Hah... now I've seen it all... idiots.
  • Whyte's gonna have my balls for this.
  • This place is haunted I know it.
  • Fuck... I need to break something now.
  • Pay me more and then ill be your bounty hunter.
  • Jack shit... why aren't I surprised?
  • Vanished... into thin fucking air.
  • That fucking whack job I’m show him.
  • Where is that freak.
  • Alright I’m really freaked the fuck out.
  • That fucking whack job, I'll show him.
  • Shit what will i tell white.
  • You got lucky... that’s all.
  • I can’t let that happen again.
  • Fuck I lost him... they wont let me hear the end of it.
  • Fuck he’s pretty quick for a sick man.
  • [Out of breath] Damn gotta lay of that homburg. Damn.
  • Shit he must have double back.
  • Fine leave who’s gonna wipe your butt now?
  • Fuck I gotta quit smoking.
  • [Out of breath] I’m too old for this crap.
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Spotted Daniel
  • What the...
  • Motherfucker is asking for it.
  • Get back in your cell dummy.
  • Your numbers up.
  • Guys I got the freak.
  • I see you Danny... stay where you are.
  • It’s for your own good Danny.
  • Let’s show him a session he’ll never forget.
  • Damn.
  • Time for bed, Danny.
  • Get the restraints on him.
  • Don’t you cry on me Danny.
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Found Dead Hunter
  • This is creepy, people.
  • Now's the time guys!
  • Who did this... sick bastard!
  • Hell no, no way I’m doing this alone people.
  • Yo guys, this shit is spooky man.
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Checking Dead Hunter
  • There's some sick fuckers in here.
  • We need a doctor over here.
  • Guess that makes moe [unsure] now
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Seen Daniel Hiding
  • Your gonna have to try hard than that, fruitcake.
  • You better try and hide.
  • Hah that was really stupid.
  • Come on ninja boy, get into the light.
  • I see you running for the shadows Danny.
  • Hah I can see what yours doing dumb ass.
  • He’s gone into the shadows.
  • What do you think, I’m blind?
  • These nuts really think their invisible some times.
  • Enough hiding, Mr. Ninja.
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  • Lets lobotomise this motherfucker.
  • It’s about time these freaks got some therapy.
  • I got a crazy over here.
  • You’re going back to your cell.
  • Stop Danny I got some chocolate.
  • I always knew you fuckers would turn.
  • You enjoying this, psycho?
  • Just where do you think you're going?
  • Violence is the only thing these psychos understand.
  • Whoa don’t let him out.
  • You can’t run forever.
  • No one tells Dr. Whyte about this, ever.
  • How do you like that therapy huh?
  • Stand aside guys, I need some stress release.
  • Hey speed demon, relax.
  • I’ll break that thick skull of yours.
  • Really, I’m doing you a favour.
  • Hah, this is the part of the job i love.
  • Oh shit that’s gotta hurt.
  • Maybe I can beat some sanity into you.
  • You ain’t the first I’ve had to beat down.
  • This part of the job I do for free.
  • Nice night for a beat down.
  • All the exits are locked Danny.
  • If you think you’re escaping think again.
  • Take your medicine bitch, take it.
  • Leave some freak for me guys.
  • Hell that was really stupid.
  • You better try and hide.
  • You're gonna have to try harder than that, fruitcake.
  • I've been waiting for this.
  • Just a few more steps.
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Begging For Mercy
  • Danny I’m your friend remember?
  • It was nothing personal.
  • This place would fall apart without me.
  • After all I did for you...
  • But I still have so much to offer.
  • the others made me do it.
  • I cared for you I love you... you fucking freak.
  • You don’t wanna do this.
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Scripted Events
  • I see you Danny, stay where you are.
  • You’re going to have to take a beating for this one, get away from me!
  • Area secure, open up the gate.
  • I'm telling you Reggie open up the fucking gate or I'm going to kill another one of these nuts.
  • Ah damn it, control I'm stuck down on D-Wing, open gate 13.
  • I got loony blood all over me, open this fucking gate!
  • Hey Mendez, you down there? Arrgh... Mendez? Mendez!!!
  • Control, open this door!
  • Control? Ah fuck it, wait there Lamb, I'll find another way round.
  • We're going to get you too, Lamb.
  • How'd you like that therapy, huh?
  • Stop right there!
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Radio Calls
  • [Radio] George is that wing secure yet? George?
  • [Radio] Just... a... just a push... push that button on the right and that will... ah that will... hold on, brace that fucking door.
  • [Radio] I'd stay there if I were you; it's going crazy up there.
  • [Radio] Your best bet is to stay there, don't try to evacuate, HOLY SHIT!!
  • [Radio] Tom, Tom? Can you respond?
  • [Radio] B2 is now secure were going to do a head count.
  • [Radio] Can anyone on B1 respond anywhere? Anyone on B2?
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Automated Doors
  • [Beep] A cell door is open.
  • [Beep] Cells locked down.
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