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Manhunt 2 - Beta

The information on this page is gathered through analysing images, videos, previews, interviews and other such content that was released during the build up to Manhunt 2 finally hitting retail stores. All of this content was at one point or another in Manhunt 2, during the development of a videogame the content is constantly under scrutiny and evaluation.

We would advise you to check out the Version Differences page for more trivial findings. For example, much of the early PlayStation 2 work is still present in the Nintendo Wii version of the game.



Daniel Lamb and several other characters originally had what Rockstar described as "completely placeholder" dialogue, they said this during an early preview of the game with website Kikizo, back in May 2007. At the time Rockstar stated that the audio was voiced by a researcher from Rockstar New York. The final voice work for Daniel Lamb was completed by Ptolemy Slocum.


Early previews of Manhunt 2 suggested that the game controlled exactly the same as the original game on the PlayStation 2, with the direction pad buttons being used to lean left and right. In the final game the right analogue stick was used and the fire button was mapped to R1 with aim on L1, bringing it more in line with more recent games.

As noted by previews, Environmental Executions were originally set to be quick time button events, similar to those found in the likes of Resident Evil 4. In the final game they play out exactly the same as regular executions, requiring just a lock on and a push of the execute button.


Manhunt 2 was originally to include innocent characters throughout the levels, some of which are still present in the Nintendo Wii version. Originally they helped shape which ending the player got, posing some morality into the game. This was unfortunately removed when Rockstar were forced to edit the game.

Rockstar were also forced to remove decapitations from most episodes in the game. Some such as Sexual Deviants and Origins still allow for decapitations as they are vital to the story in these episodes.

There was originally a rating system similar to that found in the original Manhunt, Rockstar removed this while they waited for the game to be granted an M rating. The reason behind it is they say it makes the game flow better and that the rating system was simply left over from the first game.

Leo Kasper

Several screenshots released by Rockstar show that the character model for Leo was changed very late in development. His clothing remains the same but his face was altered. Some screenshots even show what appears to be a zombie like version of Leo; the screenshots appear to have been taken from the opening episode to the game.

It seems to indicate that perhaps the story relationship between Leo and Daniel was changed fairly late into development, either that or Rockstar originally planned to infuse more supernatural elements into the game and later decided to ease back on the idea.

There are still some pieces of whatever it was that Rockstar originally had planned in the game. During the introduction cinematic to the game Leo can be seen smashing his head against a blood splattered wall from repeated pounding, and if you look at Daniel’s cell you can see that he has scratched Leo’s name onto the wall. Additionally, if you look at the severed body when leaving the elevator during Awakening you can see the remains of Leo.


As everyone is undoubtedly aware, Rockstar had to apply additional filters to Manhunt 2 at the request of the ESRB. Originally the screen would turn bright red when a hunter was targeted and would remain so until the execution was over. In the final version of the game a green and red filter was added over the executions to obscure the execution as it is happening, it also has varying degrees of a blur added to further obscure things. Additionally the transition screen in between the start of the execution used to be different, it used to be a simple static effect, this was later changed to the spinning Dixmor symbol.

The end credits to Manhunt 2 show many changes to the cut-scenes in the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of the game, much of which remain intact on the Nintendo Wii. It would seem that they might not have had enough time to go back and redo the credits for the games release date or there was miscommunication between Rockstar London and Rockstar Toronto.

Originally the flashback episodes did not start off by saying “6 Years Earlier”; this was likely added to clear up confusion as to what was happening.

The PlayStation 2 version of Manhunt 2 originally had the same quick select menu as used on the Nintendo Wii version of the game, as evident through looking at videos from Sony’s Gamers Day event. The fist icon in the middle was larger and the lines were like scratch marks, instead of straight lines and boxes.

Some early screenshots showed that Daniel went transparent when hiding, however, the rim-lighting effect was still applied. This was presumably changed at the last minute due to some criticism of the effect.


One of the most talked about changes to the game after it was refused classification/rated AO is the wire cutter executions, these featured anything from ripping at the victims testicles to grabbing his throat and tearing it clean from his neck. Although all 4 wire cutter executions have been completely removed the actual wire cutters had to be kept as they are required to open mesh fences in the game, this resulted in the executions that you could perform with them being changed to the same ones as the flashlight.

Several screenshots released by Rockstar showed that the heavy handgun was originally pure silver or chrome in appearance, in the retail game the gun has a more neutral colouring. Just as well really, as the gun really stood out, especially in darkened areas.



During early versions of Awakening the player could stumble across many inmates that looked to be none other than Leo Kasper. There is many sources to prove this, ranging from screenshots released by Rockstar, in the trailers released for the game and even the version of the game that was leaked onto the Internet prior to the games release. In this version Leo could be seen continually beating his head against a glass window (similar to the scene in Jacob’s Ladder), while the character placement and action remains in the final game the character model has been changed to a different inmate. The reason for this is likely a swap in character design, either that or the reveal of Leo’s true self was revealed in a different manner.

Initially Manhunt 2 was to have civilian characters in numerous episodes throughout the game; Rockstar altered the game to remove said characters when Manhunt 2 was resubmitted to the ESRB in order to achieve an M rating. However, in the Nintendo Wii version of the retail game you can still find a pre experimental civilian in his underpants locked away in a cell. You can find this civilian in the first cell you come across during the locked door puzzle, whereby you must lock all the cell doors in order to advance.


Originally this episode featured a manhole environmental execution which could be used just before climbing the wall to Daniel's house; this was later removed and replaced with a normal non-interactive drain, although the execution still remains on the Nintendo Wii version of the game.

There was originally a ball that bounced down the stairs in the episode Ghosts it was likely a reference to the 1980 movie The Changeling. Objects falling down the stairs have since become a horror movie cliché that is used in many movies.

Sexual Deviants

Initially the music in the dungeon was the same as the piece of music playing in the club when the stripper was dancing; the released version of the game has a new piece of music in its place.

The puzzle of how to gain access to the 3 rooms with the environmental executions in them (located in the underground dungeon) originally had a hidden door inside the middle room. The door originally blended into the surrounding wall and gaining access seemed to be a thing of luck as nothing pointed to the fact that a hidden door was in the area. This was concept was removed and the rooms were flipped in order to make things easier, the door to the 3rd room is actually open from the start of the episode in the retail version.

Early versions of Manhunt 2 had an error with the dentist chair environmental execution. When execution was preformed on the PlayStation 2 version of the game the positioning was off a little throughout the whole scene, when the execution was over the object inserted into the hunters throat was actually off to the side and not near his face at all. In the final version of the game the chair has been repositioned and the clipping error has been fixed. Although a certain part of the execution was removed, Daniel no longer uses a hand drill on the hunter. The strange thing about this removal is that it still appears in the Wii version of the game, presumably Rockstar Toronto decided to correct the execution animation to omit the collision errors rather than trimming the execution down.

In trailer 1 it shows an excerpt from the intro cut-scene to Sexual Deviants, in the cut-scene both Daniel and Leo jump over the wall at the side of the strip club. Both the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions of the game have had these cut-scenes altered to show only Daniel jumping over the wall; however the camera position remains the same, with Daniel only occupying the right hand side of the screen. The cut-scene is unaltered for the Nintendo Wii, with both Leo and Daniel jumping over the wall. Additionally the game credits show them both jumping over the wall.

Red Light

The cut-scene where the Red Kings assault the civilian by kicking him and ripping at his face with the pliers/wire cutters was changed, the camera angles were altered so that the scene would be less violent. Originally you got to see the pliers being used on the civilians face. This would have been changed in order to secure an M rating from the ESRB.

Originally the Red Kings had a completely different design; they looked very similar to the Watchdogs from the original game in that they wore military like camouflage. In the final game their aesthetic was changed to reflect the fact that they are a lowly street gang. There is a possibility that their change was made in part to the fact that they looked very similar to another gang in the game, the Bloodhounds.

Best Friends

None noted at present.

Safe House

The intro cut-scene to this episode features Daniel finding a photo of Judy standing inside the brothel ‘Bees Honey Pot’, originally the photo showed her standing in the same place although the brothel is named 'The Honey Pot' and it also says this on the sign that Judy is standing in front of, both were changed in the final version of the game resulting in the photo texture requiring to be updated.

Bees Honey Pot
Initial previews for Manhunt 2 noted that this episode was originally known as simply 'The Honey Pot'. The decision to change the episode title also meant that the brothel signs and logo at reception had to be changed to ‘Bees Honey Pot’. It is unknown why this slight alteration was made; it is possible that the name was simply a placeholder and only settled on at the last minute.

When rummaging through the Patient Files on the official Manhunt 2 website it is possible to stumble across a short video clip of an additional hunter that is not found in the game, the character looks similar to that of the Cerberus from the original Manhunt. During this short scene it shows either Daniel or Leo looking at him through a sniper rifle and blowing his head off.

The short clip seems to be taken from an episode that took place during the build up to Assassination. Another possibility is that Rockstar redesigned the Project Militia at the last minute due to them looking too similar to the Cerberus.

This episode features many large outdoor billboard advertising structures, one of which originally had a BBFC 18 logo printed in the comer of an advert. This seems to have been a mistake as it was later covered up by a black square; if you look in the final version of the game you can see the outline of where the black square does not match the background of the poster. This is likely a result of the game being developed by a British developer and not translating in territories outside of Britain.

Most Wanted

None noted at present.

Ritual Cleansing
None noted at present.

During the intro cut-scene for ‘Origins’, where Daniel is choking the guard through the gap in the laboratory entrance fence, the person that he is choking was changed from a lab assistant (blue shirt and white pants) to a member of the Watchdogs. In the Nintendo Wii version of the game this scene remains as it was originally intended and was never changed.

The end of episode cut-scene on the PlayStation 2 version of Manhunt 2 shows Daniel killing Pickman where as it is Leo that kills Pickman on the Nintendo Wii version of the game although the killer speaks using Daniels voice in both. The scene still plays out the exact same way although the room has been changed from a lab room to the main hall. The end of game credits on both versions also shows Leo as being the killer and not Daniel.

In an early version of the game there was an additional environmental execution. After being captured by the Watchdogs you could use a fire extinguisher environmental execution to eliminate the Watchdog sergeant that is guarding the lab doorway. In the retail game you are forced to use a nearby pen to eliminate the sergeant. It is a fairly odd alteration as the fire extinguisher execution is featured numerous times throughout the game. Perhaps this is the reason for its removal, in order to make it seem more unique when you come across it.

Broadcast Interrupted

Daniel initially removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes during the introduction cut-scene for Broadcast Interrupted, in the retail version of the game he keeps his glasses on and rubs his face. This is probably one of the oddest known changes to the game as the initial cut-scene actually makes more sense.

Altered State
The section where you have to use a crowbar to access the sewer pipe leading out of the starting area was slightly altered; originally it was not as obvious that you have to use a crowbar to open the pipe in order to exit the area. No indication was made to suggest that the player had to interact with the sewage pipe, resulting in the player not knowing to open the pipe straight away. This was later changed and a sign was added above the pipe which indicates that you should open it up.
Domestic Disturbance
Domestic Disturbance originally featured an additional environmental execution in the form of a broken fence spike. The environmental execution was positioned in the middle of a resident’s front garden, close to some shadows. The execution involved Leo pulling the wooden plank out from the fence and shoving the hunters head on to the spike, when the execution was over the hunter would be leaning upright with his hands out by his side as if he were crucified on a cross.

The reason for the environmental execution being removed is unknown; it is possible it was taken out in order to secure the M rating as the hunters in this episode are all Cops and SWAT, prior to the release of the game there was some emphasis placed on the killing of govern officials in the game.

Personality Clash
When trailer 2 was initially released it showed that the cemetery from Personality Clash was originally titled Whispering Hills, in the retail version of the game the cemetery is known as Weary Pines. The font type and logo styling have remained the same. The reason for the name change is quite a mystery; it is possible that they ran into some legal issues, such as someone owning the rights to the name. Rockstar have since amended trailer 2 and changed it to Weary Pines as well as including the games North American age rating.
Release Therapy

The first full length trailer for Manhunt 2 showed Daniel holding a sawn off shotgun outside the cell where Leo is being kept, in the retail game Daniel is holding an Uzi.

Originally Release Therapy was the final episode of the game, during the cut-scene where Daniel wakes up and sees Leo’s reflection in the mirror, Daniel was wearing a white t-shirt as featured in the first teaser trailer released. When he looked in the mirror Leo was wearing his green asylum scrubs, if this was a reflection of Daniel in the mirror Leo should have been wearing the same attire. In the retail both Leo and Daniel’s attire has been changed to reflect this, both wear a set of white scrubs with the TVMK logo on them. Despite these clothing alterations the scene still plays out the same.

The thing about this change is that the uniform doesn't appear anywhere else in the game and looks to be a last minute change as during the games end credits you can actually see the original scene from the work in progress version of the game.

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