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Manhunt - Trivia

The trivia has been split up into two categories. Game trivia which consists off pieces of information related to Manhunt and references, where any game or any form of media that Manhunt is referenced in or references will be mentioned.

It is also worth pointing out that the majority of the references are based on observation, rather than being fact of basis. Rockstar has stated that Manhunt was primarily based on mood, so a lot of these similarities might just be coincidences and nothing more.


Banning Restrictions

New Zealand: On November 24th of 2003 the game went under investigation by Films, Videos and Publications Classification (FVPC). The game was banned in the December of 2003 in New Zealand. More about the issue can be read by clicking here. Or alternatively you can read the entire 12 page document file about it by clicking here.

United Kingdom: On July 29th 2004, Dixons (a large electronics outlet in the UK) pulled Manhunt from store shelves due to the death of Stefan Pakeerah. Various other independent outlets removed the game from shelves. Despite the fact of this happening, the game was never formally banned in the UK and the retail outlets that removed the game have since restocked it.

Australia: On September 20th through to September 28th 2004 (almost a year after the games release) the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) in Australia decided to reclassify Manhunt due to the death of a teen in the UK. The game was originally rated MA15+. You can read more about the review process by clicking here.

On September 29th the game was refused classification which in effect means that the game can not be legally sold. All copies still on shelves and owned by retailers must be returned or they are in breach of the law. The reasoning for the refusal of classification is as follows 'Specifically, it contains some depictions of high impact, we well as scenes of blood and gore that go beyond strong. It also contains a high impact theme.' You can read more about it by clicking here.

There is a potential timeline conflict related to the events of Manhunt. Grand Theft Auto III is supposed to take place around 2001, in Grand Theft Auto III we are told that the Carcer City Police Chief, Gary Schaffer had been cleared of corruption charges on one of the radio stations within. Yet at the journalists apartment we can see from the calendar on her kitchen wall that the events of Manhunt take place around the November of 2003. The only other explanation is that this is the second time that the Police Chief has found himself in trouble.
Easter Eggs
Manhunt Easter Egg There are a group of five bottles and a knife bundled together during the scene White Trash. They are located at the first locked off gate, near where you need to use a knife to cut the rope that is keeping the fence locked. If you look directly to your right you will see the bottles and knife through the window of the small building. The trainer is required in order for you to be able jump over to the building. The reason for them being here is unknown.
Manhunt Easter Egg During Fuelled by Hate you come across a Stallion car from the Grand Theft Auto series. It is broken down and rusted, it likely belonged to someone from Liberty or Vice City that was passing through and was ambushed by someone in Carcer. Or it could belong to one of the gang members that drove it into Carcer one evening.
Manhunt Easter Egg In Drunk Driving you come across yet another broken down Stallion. The crumpled hood seems to suggest the car was first crashed and then burned after the fact. The texture appears to differ from each scene; this is presumably intended to reflect that they are two separate cars, rather than the one that could have possibly been moved. Who knows, it could have even belonged to the tramp.
Manhunt Easter Egg

At the beginning of Mouth of Madness, where you must kill ‘Fug’ in order to pass the locked gate, if you look through the glass door you can see a man strapped to an electric chair. If you flick the switch outside the room he begins to get electrocuted. The machine next to him reads:

‘High Tech Solid State 1500 Watt Zapping Machine. Please note: This really fucking hurts!’

Manhunt Easter Egg In Kill the Rabbit there is room with an executed corpse sitting in an electric chair, the chair is part of a much larger execution chamber, and glass separates you from the corpse. You are able to see that he is no longer strapped into the chair, so he was presumably placed here or was tortured into death. His tongue is also hanging out and he is wearing a pair of tights pulled over his head. Perhaps one off the Smilies grabbed a Hood of the street and had himself a little fun.
Manhunt Easter Egg You can find a second key at the end of Kill the Rabbit, to view the key you must kill everyone, so that the gate to end of the level opens up, but rather than exiting the level through the gate, walk to the right and be sure to stay close to the wall (so that you don't inadvertently end the scene) and the second key is visible. However the key cannot be used. The reasoning behind the key being here is unknown.
Manhunt Easter Egg While exploring the news journalist's apartment, during Press Coverage, you stumble across a calendar. The calendar shows the month and year as being November of 2003 with a small smiley face drawn on the 19th. The 19th of November 2003 was the date Manhunt was originally released in North America. The calendar is positioned directly behind the kitchen door, to the right, directly in line with the double glass doors that lead you out to the balcony.
Manhunt Easter Egg When the reporter goes into her hidden room within her apartment, during Press Coverage, if you look at the surrounding walls within the room you will spot a pin board with various news clipping and images of the beta model for Cash. It is possible that Rockstar North forgot to amend the texture, due to the fact that Cash’s model was changed only a few weeks prior to the game shipping, a more likely scenario is that they left this here as a nod to what could have been. The reporter was clearly fixated on Cash and documented the whole thing leading up to the games climax.
Manhunt Easter Egg During Border Patrol you can see a corps nailed to a cross like shaped tree just outside of the entrance to Starkweather’s mansion. The corpse is quite easy to miss as it is dark during this scene; the best way to view it is to use the shotgun with a flashlight on it. It would appear as though the Cerberus members have decided to hang the corpse as a trophy of sorts. However on closer inspection it is revealed that this model is the early character model intended for James Earl Cash.
Manhunt Easter Egg There appears to be an alternate character model for Piggsy during Deliverance. The first time you encounter him his penis is visible, with added bobbing animation and all, the second time you encounter him the penis is completely gone. This was presumably done because it was too visible, the very first time you encounter Piggsy it is very dark and it plays subtle.
Manhunt Easter Egg Once you have finished the game a short video clip plays (around 10 seconds long) that shows a robotic chef speaking backwards. When the sound is played backwards (the correct way) it displays the God mode cheat. Many suggest that the chef video is there to indicate that Starkweather has recorded over an old video that originally had a kids TV show recorded on it.
Manhunt Easter Egg Piggsy's Corpse can be seen in the unlockable bonus scene Hard as Nails. The interesting thing about this is that his head has now been chopped off and is laying in a pile of guts and gore, obviously the result of the handy work of one James Earl Cash. Also visible are one of Piggsy’s arms that were amputated and various other bones. There is also a head of what looks like a family member or perhaps a Hoods member, or it could possibly be Piggsy’s head without the mask on.
Manhunt Easter Egg You are going to require the trainer for this one. During the bonus scene Time to Die, there is a hidden save point and bottle of pain killers. In order to view the hidden save point and bottle of pain killers, you are going to have to jump over the gate where the scene starts out (f6) and you will see a small alleyway, head down the alley and you will see them. Why they are here is unknown, perhaps they originally intended this located to be a scene in the actual game.

When news first broke of a new game by Rockstar Games it was known for over a year by the name of ‘Project Manhunt’ this was presumably a working title that several publications took to be the final name.

The website was set up for fake production company ‘Valiant Video Enterprise’ by Rockstar Games. Valiant is the video production company that sells Starkweather's films and was used as a way of virally marketing the game. To this day people stumble across it believing it to be a real website.

The final script for Manhunt was over 520 pages long with 500 pages dedicated to the dialogue of the hunters and Starkweather alone. The entire story and cut scene portion of the script came to around 25 pages.

The hunters in the game have over 8000 lines of dialogue that they can speak. There are over 500 whistle and hum noises on top of all the lines of dialogue.

8MM, Jacob’s Ladder, Marathon Man, Romper Stomper and reality TV shows where all used as inspiration behind Manhunt, however the main form of influence on the game lays in moods, scenes, tension and mass market voyeurism.

There is no actual 'score' in Manhunt the music is compiled mostly of fades and natural sounds of the environment. This was done to heighten the tension in the game.

People often point out that during the scene 'Graveyard Shift' that Cash is carrying a pump action shotgun all while during the level Cash uses a sawn off shotgun. The reason for this is due to the fact that the cut scene in question is pre-rendered and not rendered in real time like some of the other cut scenes.

Manhunt won awards for IGN Readers' Vote's for Action Game of the Year, Special Achievement in Sound, Best Action Adventure and Game Story of the Year.

Various ideas where dropped from the game, some of which can be found in the art panels of the game while others where shown through publications such as early screenshots and trailers. The most drastic change was likely the change in the appearance of Cash. More can be found out about these changes in the Beta section of the site.

The God mode cheat actually becomes useable after you have completed the game on either Fetish or Hardcore difficulty. When you hold L1, L2, R1 & R2 at the main menu (on the PlayStation 2 version of the game) you will hear a voice whisper something, when recorded and played backwards you will hear the god mode cheat spoken. ‘Daddy didn't see what would happen if she left me. Mommy's supposed to care, but she was never there’, at this part the code below is said backwards once reversed the real code is revealed, ‘down, down, circle, up, square, triangle, square, R2, up, up, L1, triangle’ The God mode cheat makes Cash invincible to attack.

Despite a low key release, delayed TV advertisements and a ploy by British tabloids to ban the game, Manhunt entered the overall games chart at number 15 on its first week of sale. The following week it was in the top 10.

Various on-line retailers claim to sell the ‘uncut’ version of Manhunt when in fact the game was never censored. The version you can pick up in stores today is the same as the one you could back when the game was initially released.

Release Dates

If you have the release date for the game in any country not mentioned, please get in contact with us and let us know.



Release Date


PlayStation 2

November 21st 2003

PlayStation 2
November 18th 2003
PlayStation 2
May 7th 2004
April 20th 2004
April 23rd 2004
April 20th 2004
October 5th 2004
Screensaver Information

Prior to the release of Manhunt, Rockstar Games released an interactive screensaver; with this screensaver they had the ability to update it via the Internet after its initial download. As the messenger ran various quotes would appear periodically, they were designed to look as though they where through AOL Instant Messenger. And they would be delivered from a user with the name ValiantentTV, as though to spoof the Valiant Entertainment website that was setup.

The following is some of the quotes that pop up through the screensaver.

  • We will hunt this fuck for your viewing pleasure.
  • We will leak more previews of the next hunt on the net soon. Join the mailing list.
  • Hunt fans fresh meat is on the way soon stay tuned.
  • Got new videos. Site Updated.
  • You seen the new store on the valiant site?
  • November 19th. Don't forget the date.
  • It's finally coming next week.
  • There are scenes in the next hunt that are gonna blow your ******* mind.
  • Working on this rough cut won't be long now.
  • It's almost time, can't ******* wait.
  • Videos made to order. Fetish, hardcore, brutality and harder worth the cost.
  • Wait till you see what we have coming!
  • Just added mr. nasty's hall of pain to the valiant site. check it out.
  • We will hunt this **** for your viewing pleasure.
  • Haha this ***** isn't going to know what hit him.
  • Got a special outtake hidden on the hunt site. Gotta look at all the pages first. check it out.
  • Our best hunt ever is coming out November 19th.


8MM is probably the most obvious film that springs to mind when thinking about the concept of Manhunt. It features a detective who discovers an underground snuff ring that is being run by three different men, one of which wears a gimp mask and goes by the name ‘Machine’.

James Gandolfini plays a character by the name of Eddie Poole who acts as the go between man in producing these movies. He is a cold hearted, ruthless, man that has his mind set on making money, at anyone and every things expense, much like Starkweather. Even Starkweather’s physical appearance is somewhat reminiscent of Gandolfini in the movie.

Peter Stormare plays the part of Dino Velvet, a director that considers his movies to be an art form, making movies specifically to meet the consumers needs. Perhaps functioning similarly to the mysterious Mr. Nasty?

Alice Adventure In Wonderland
In the book (movie, cartoon, comic, videogame and every other form of media) version(s) of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, there is a White Rabbit which Alice stumbles upon. She follows this rabbit down a hole and meets a bunch of weird characters. Similarly in Manhunt, Cash must follow the White Rabbit in order to obtain a key, along his way he deals with the Smilies (those crazies!) and the Cerberus.
Bully / Canis Canem Edit

Bully (Canis Canem Edit) was released in October 2006 by Take-Two and developed by Rockstar Vancouver. There are many little nods to Manhunt that you will stumble across. Some hold more water than others. For starters the game runs on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas engine, that in itself bonds it to Manhunt as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had many aspects of Manhunt within it. Among these similarities is the targeting/aiming system as well as the projectile (throwing) aspects of the game, and then there is the stealth that the game uses, although the stealth aspects of Bully are actually more similar to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stealth mechanics, which are originally a simplified version of what is found in Manhunt.

Another amusing animation that also turns up in Bully is the one when he is urinating in the bathroom; it looks to be the same animation as the Hoods member in Manhunt.

There is a barber/clothes shop located in the New Coventry area called ‘The Final Cut. This seems to suggest a reference to Manhunt since the poster and early released review copies of the game included the slogan Manhunt ‘The Final Cut’, on the final released game, the slogan was changed to ‘This Is a Brutal Blood Sport’.

Other minor references in the game include kids from the Halloween stage of the game, one of the kids, Pete, wears a pink rabbit costume, the rabbit in Manhunt also wears a rabbit costume although the costume is white, it is worth pointing out that in Manhunt you must follow the rabbit but in Bully (Canis Canem Edit) the rabbit or Pete, must follow you around the school. Jimmy, the main character in the game wears a skeleton costume which looks something similar to the attire of the Innocentz in Manhunt, another one of the kids wears a hockey mask which bares a resemblance to the mask of the Skinz from Manhunt. There is also a member of the Jocks that wear a mask that slightly resembles that of the Innocentz and a member of the Greasers that wears a pumpkin on his head similar to concept are for the Scarecrow. If you complete the mission of destroying all of the pumpkins at Halloween you can unlock a pumpkin mask to wear, this is also similar to the Scarecrow art panel showing his alternative attire. There are also headstones that appear during Halloween.

In the game you can go to such places as an asylum, a junkyard, a cemetery and a chemical factory called chem-o-lot, in the asylum you can find a picture of a pig with the word "piggy" below it perhaps a reference at Manhunt's Piggsy, an asylum also appears in Manhunt and is used to enclose the Smilies. The junkyard in Manhunt is where the Skinz gang are located and the cemetery in Manhunt is where you must escort the tramp to safety, you can also find a chemical factory in Manhunt under the name Carcer Chem.

In the sound department Bully lends heavily from Manhunt, not in its aesthetic but in its structure featuring multi-layered interactive themes. When you hide in a cupboard, locker or bin you can hear your heart beat (although not as tense as in Manhunt). And perhaps most interesting enough is the noise of the bottle rocket launcher reloading sounds to be an exact lift from the shotgun reloading from Manhunt, there are numerous other sounds found throughout the game that seem to have been taken from both Manhunt and the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

There are drunken hobos lying around the town of Bullsworth that seem to be modified versions of the tramp from Manhunt, down to the beard, hat, coat and alcohol problem. Some of the other character models also seem to be taken from Manhunt and modified, the lead characters in Bully all have individual fingers, Manhunt is the only other Rockstar game to include this, the rest have mitten like hands.

A pretty amusing possible nod to Manhunt is the fact that you lose your shoes if you pass out when outside the school gates, in Manhunt the Smilies where constantly worried about their shoes being taken.

Bully / Canis Canem Edit

Aside from sharing the same name as the last scene in Manhunt there really isn't that much similar to the 1972 movie. There are certain storyline threads that can possibly be derived from Deliverance. Such as the fact that those guilty of committing the murders in the movie get away with it. There is also a line in the movie that could hold some influence in Manhunt, in the scene in question; one of the main characters, Drew (played by Ronny Cox) is sexually assaulted, during this scene he is being taunted with yells of ‘scream piggy’, this could have possibly lead to the name of Piggsy.
Die Hard 2: Die Harder

In the 1990 movie ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’ there is a character by the name of Maj. Grant (played by John Amos) that looks almost identical to Ramirez. Maj. Grant wears similar camouflage, a beret, is a physically imposing African American and bares similar physical features as Ramirez, albeit minus the scar to his left eye.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th movies carry two main influences within Manhunt, one of which is Jason’s hockey mask that he wore in the later films and the other is his machete. Over the years the hockey mask has become a symbol of horror in modern cinema. The hockey masks that the Skins wear are similar to the one worn by Jason. One of the removed gangs from the game, The Jury, also wore them before being removed from the game.

Just as the hockey mask, Jason’s machete has become a symbol of death within the horror genre. In the game the machete is used primarily by the Wardogs. The executions with the machete are similar to the way Jason uses his machete, preferring to decapitate his victim’s heads rather than just cutting into them.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto franchise shares a lot of things in common with Manhunt, primarily because they both where originally developed by Rockstar North (formerly known as DMA Design). Rather than list the same similarity multiple times, we have instead took the opportunity to list them first by common running themes and then list the ones that are specific to a certain entry into the franchise.

The below is a table of Rockstar North (DMA) releases along side the year of release and the year the game takes place, in order to help give a better understanding of the references.



Takes Place

Grand Theft Auto



Grand Theft Auto: London 1969
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Manhunt 2
Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto 2

Released in 1999 and also developed by Rockstar North (known at the time as DMA Design) GTA 2, features a series of gangs, one of which goes by the name ‘The Loonies’, they are described as ‘Mental Patients’ and have a very similar look to the Smileys from Manhunt. The cars that they drive have a small smiley face on the top of them, similar to the simplistic design the Smileys use for their masks, or draw on walls. In Manhunt the Smilieys are referred to as ‘Loonies’ by Starkweather, during the scene ‘Mouth of Madness’, the fact that they are also mental patients bears too much of a similarity to the ‘Loonies’ from GTA2 too simply be a coincidence.
Grand Theft Auto III

In two scenes (Drunk Driving and Fuelled by Hate) you can see a destroyed Stallion. The 'Stallion' is the name of a car that has featured in the Grand Theft Auto franchise ever since Grand Theft Auto III.

The name of the car the Journalist from Manhunt drives is a Blista Compact. Just as with the Stallion, the Blista Compact has been a Grand Theft Auto brand mainstay ever since first turning up in Grand Theft Auto III.

Many of the homeless people in the city look very similar to the tramp from Manhunt; perhaps Manhunt took the design or idea from Grand Theft Auto III and tweaked it.

The toilet which you must jump down to during the third scene in Manhunt (Road to Ruin) was originally used in Grand Theft Auto III during the mission 'Payday for Ray'. The toilet can be located in Staunton Island.

Grand Theft Auto III

Near the end of the game the news Journalist is shown doing a news report on Starkweather. In this news report she says that Carcer City’s Police Chief Gary Shaver has had some involvement with Starkweather. On the ‘Lips 106’ radio station in Grand Theft Auto III the news reporter Andy states:

‘So I'm sitting here, reading the Liberty Tree. And it says "In nearby Carcer City, a good day for law and order as police chief Gary Shaver was cleared of corruption charges in a controversial decision by the court. Let's hope those missing witnesses turn up safe and sound.”’

Grand Theft Auto IV

Throughout Liberty City you come across many vending machines and billboard ads for Sprunk soda, as featured in Manhunt and other Grand Theft Auto titles.

In Broker (one of the suburbs in GTA IV) you can find the same hippopotamus as originally featured in the Carcer City zoo of Manhunt. The hippo statue can be found down alleyways and at the beach boardwalk; you will encounter them within the first few hours of the game as they are near your fist save house (Romans flat) and outside the bowling alley. Looking at the models it appears that the geometry used is exactly the same, with the only enhancements coming from the lighting and improved texture work.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Early on in Grand Theft Auto IV you do a mission for Mikhail Faustin titled 'No Love Lost', in the mission Niko must track down a member of a biker gang known as 'The Lost', furthermore once you have completed the mission there is a radio bulletin about a group of biker gangs fighting. In Manhunt one of the gangs that never actually made it into the game was known as ‘The Lost’, there are no actual physical characteristics of similarity between the two but it is a potential reference nonetheless.

Some of the pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto IV have familiar Manhunt characters printed on their shirts. It can be hard to locate some of these pedestrians due to the fact that they seemingly only appear in specific locations and at certain hours of the day, as such we have taken a note of when and where they were spotted at the time of first being spotted.

The monkey shirt wearing pedestrian was found in Middle Park, Quartz Street at 1am. The pedestrian with a member of the Jury on his shirt was located in Middle Park West, Pyrite St at 6pm and the Scarecrow shirt wearing pedestrian was located in Cleves Ave, Willis.

As you can see this shirt contains a cut out of the head of one of the monkeys as featured in the bonus scene of Manhunt 'Monkey See, Monkey Die'. The monkey image on the pedestrians shirt looks to be the exact same image that is featured in the artwork bonus panel you get for getting a 3 star rating on Deliverance (titled bonus heads 2). The shirt has one large image of the monkey surrounding by 5 smaller versions of the image repeated around it. What is even more interesting about this pedestrians shirt is that on the back is has a further three images of the monkeys from Manhunt, however they have different expressions, what this possibly means is that these are taken from concepts developed when making Manhunt, or they are simply modified artwork altered for this specific case.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The character on this shirt was initially conceived for Manhunt but later discarded. Through the bonus artwork panels in Manhunt it is revealed that this was a 'Halloween Variant' for a character known as Scarecrow. This particular pedestrian was found while doing a 'current crimes' mission in Broker. The objective in question was on foot Cleves Ave, Willis. You can do 'current crime' missions by accessing a stationed police cruiser.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Again, this pedestrian is wearing a shirt that contains an image of a discarded gang from Manhunt. The character in question was to be a member of a gang that were to be known as 'The Jury'.

Grand Theft Auto IV

This pedestrian also has a bunch of buttons on his jacket, one of which looks to be of one of the Smilies masks.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Many locations throughout Liberty City have small banks known as 'Checks Cashed'. This store brand was originally found in Manhunt and could be found in the opening scene 'Born Again'. It is also a play on the lead characters name, James Earl Cash. Just a few places where you can find this store in Grand theft Auto IV include Berchem, Fortside, Rykers Avenue and another in Northwood in Alderny City next to the enterable Chinese restaurant.

Grand Theft Auto IV

If you look on the criminals section of the Liberty City Police Department's website you will stumble across two characters that are listed as originating from Carcer City.

In order to access these pages you need to do is either head to a TW@ Internet Cafe or if you are fortunate enough, use the laptop in one of your safe houses and visit the following webpage address:, then select F-J, if you look under place of birth you will see Carcer City for two different people.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV

William Hambrough:

SURNAME: Hambrough
FIRST NAME: William In Custody
AGE: 38
CRIMINAL RECORD: 2000 - Patronize Prostitute
2001 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine
2006 - Embezzlement and Tax Evasion
NOTES: - Former Hedge Fund manager.
- Long suspected of falsifying profits and embezzling investments.
- His chauffeur is often seen picking up streetwalkers on Chase Point.
- Believed to be addicted to low rate prostitutes, cocaine, and board games.

Joseph "Joe Jon" Johnson:

SURNAME: Johnson
FIRST NAME: Joseph "Joe Jon"
AGE: 35
AFFILITATIONS: Member of the Angels of Death OMG
CRIMINAL RECORD: 1988 - Resisting arrest
1989 - Assault
1992 - Assault
1993 - Possession Controlled Substance: Heroin
2007 - Possession Controlled Substance: Methamphetamine
NOTES: - Senior member of the Angels of Death OMG
- Thought to be methamphetamine addict

Additionally, when using a computer to access the in-game internet you can view blog posts by characters from within Rockstars fictional world. One such blogger resides in Carcer City.

Username: DarkSoulLock
Sex: Male
Location: Carcer City
Age: 27
Profession: Deadend Jobs
Appearance: Purple hair, eyeliner, tight black pants, Bouncy shirt, spikes, chains.
Interests: Death metal, furries, gaming, conspiracy theories

Updated 5 minutes ago
I really have good taste in music

Updated 2 Days Ago
I am so tired that I am hallucinating and there is a baby crawling across the ceiling. I really have to do some research about what the human body can endure. Pain, I’ve figured that out. I know all about it My father came this weekend which is another reason why I get a lot of sleep. What an appetite on that guy. I have to cover up all my tattoos and pretend that we actually have something in common. Great. He got wounded in the war. Big Deal. I’d love to have another piece of metal in me. Nothing works in this house. The VHS player is broken, I KNOW THERE ARE DVDS STUPID BUT ALL MY COOL SHIT IS ON VHS. Plus dvds are so, digital. Analog is so much warmer. Plus I like the worn age look. My job at the print shop is shit. The $50s I printed look like shit. And I laminated some black and white pictures of me crying in the meat aisle at the grocery store today. Bitter arts teachers suck, cause she said that it wasn’t expressive enough. What do you want from me to do? Roll around in the meat case? Death doesn’t even phase people anymore. I have to go drink some more of that wretched black teal I bought at the health food store. If my probation officer finds out what I did the weekend I’m larked.

One of the many Xbox 360 achievements possible for Grand Theft Auto IV is titled 'Manhunt'. In order to gain this achievement you must complete all 30 of the 'Most Wanted' side missions which can be accessed through using the computer in any LCPD patrol car.

One of the statistics you are able to view in Grand Theft Auto IV is 'Distance travelled', under this statistic it is possible to achieve 'Liberty City to Carcer City' as the distance travelled. This is achieved fairly early into the game, no more than a few game hours, this further indicates that Carcer City is right next to Liberty City.

Back in 2004, Manhunt came under heavy scrutiny by the British media after being accused of influencing the death of Stefan Pakeerah, subsequently resulting in the game being removed from many store shelves. This prompted Reporting Scotland (a news show, shown in Scotland) to delve into the matter and get to the bottom of the situation. One of the people they had on the show was Robert Florence (Rab), the co-host of videoGaiden, a videogame television show that was broadcasted in Scotland.

When asked about the content of the game he jokingly said that the game features people getting ‘bummed in the gob’. For those not so familiar with Scottish slang what he has in effect said with this is that the player is able receive oral sex in the game as a form of execution. To make this even funnier this show was broadcast on TV at 2pm in the afternoon.

Now with that out of the way I can get to the potential reference being made here. At around the 30-35 hour mark of playing time in Grand Theft Auto IV you achieve the addiction level of 'Bummed in the Gob'.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
It is quite amazing how many weapons have made it into Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories from Manhunt. The weapons include a meat cleaver, hand axe, baseball bat (aluminium), nightstick, a knife and a handgun just to name some of the obvious ones.

Some of them even appear to be the same weapon model as used in Manhunt, if not then certainly based on the same designs.

The chainsaw is also back, but this time it is used in conjunction with a set of overalls, but there is something special about them, that being you wear a hockey mask the exact same one used by the Skinz (albeit it is cleaner) gang in Manhunt, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with this weapon though you can change to any of the above this in turn makes you look very much like one of the Skinz as they had weapons like the baseball bat.

The chainsaw design doesn’t resemble Piggsys in any shape or form however, further indication that the chainsaw used by Piggsy is a custom.

Slash TV is another hint at Manhunt, set as a mini game where you have take out as many different people as you can using only the Chainsaw with the overalls and hockey mask on.

In Manhunt one of the games main characters, Piggsy specialises in the use of the chainsaw.
Other hints to Manhunt include a mission titled 'Snuff', in this mission you are asked to eliminate members of the Sindacco family that are putting pressure on a fellow Sindacco who would like to become a member of the Leone Family. The turn coat in question is JD Otoole, he runs a sex shop. During the mission he is watching from a near by building and video tapes it all for his very own snuff movie, he calls Toni to express his gratitude for the clip.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

There is a past time in Portland that goes by the title 'Wrong Side of the Tracks', which is obviously the name of a scene in Manhunt. However, in Liberty City Stories it is a bike mission where you are required to race three members of the Wong brothers along the El Train track; it shares very little with Manhunt beyond the title.

There are also a few other little hints to Manhunt, such as callers calling in from Carcer City and callers phoning in and talking about Carcer, or events that would later take place in Carcer. One of the callers calls in during the ‘The Electron Zone’ on LCFR with an enquiry about the Internet.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
While at Zero's RC Shop (located in San Fierro) have a look around and you will see photos of mock-up action figures from past games developed by Rockstar North, including Cash and Piggsy from Manhunt. These figure shots were originally found in the bonus art gallery once you had gained a 3 star ranking on 'Trained to Kill'. Interestingly enough the image has now been altered to display the final design for Cash, as apposed to the beta model shown in the bonus art panel in Manhunt.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When in one of the bars, look at the artwork on the walls. Amongst other pieces of art you can see a Cerberus guard mural painted on the wall.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

At the Police Department Headquarters in Las Venturas you can find two pictures of Cash and three pictures of members of the Hoods posted on a bulletin board as wanted. There is also a bunch of writing to accompany it; unfortunately it is too small too make out, but it likely doesn’t say anything in particular that is worth noting.

During the Casino Heist mission ‘Architectural Espionage’ you are required to enter the City Planning Department within Las Venturas. As you make your way through the building explore the rooms and you will come across various blueprints pinned within a few of the rooms, one of the blueprints is of Starkweather's mansion, as featured in the last few scenes of Manhunt. The blueprint is titled ‘ Starkweather’s Estate’.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Originally an Easter Egg in Vice City and then featured in Manhunt, the Sprunk vending machines once again make a return. It seems Rockstar North is finally happy with the Sprunk logo as it has retained the same design aesthetic as featured in Manhunt, as apposed to how it originally looked in Vice City. In San Andreas, Sprunk can be purchased from vending machines and have the ability to increase the player’s health.

San Andreas makes use of a minimalist Manhunt inspired stealth mechanic on select missions; CJ can perform a level 1 execution with the knife or vibrator by creeping up behind a pedestrian. After you have performed a stealth kill in San Andreas the fallen victims death pose is the exact same animation as in Manhunt, keep your eye out and you will spot other animations that were originally used in Manhunt. Also using the same aiming and targeting system featured in Manhunt, when a pedestrian is targeted three triangles circle the targets head, the triangles are again colour coded, with green triangles indicating an alive ped and black triangles around dead pedestrians.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

There is a junkyard that can be found in the rural district of ‘Flint County’ by ‘Angel Pines’ while on the way too San Fierro that is assembled using various models from the junkyard and surrounding areas within Manhunt during the scenes ‘White Trash’ and ‘Fuelled by Hate’.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Also within‘Flint County’ junkyard you will come across a crane which was originally used during the scene ‘Fuelled by Hate’.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The blue propane canisters that are located around the countryside area are once again taken from Manhunt, they are similar in design, size and colour and have the following written on them ‘Carcer Gas 15KG’. When shot they explode, these were originally used during the scene ‘White Trash’.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Other in game models that look to be taken from Manhunt include the boxes of ammunition and nail gun boxes that can be found laying around in the various ‘Ammu-nation’ stores. The wheelchairs within San Andreas appear to be the exact same models from Manhunt, including the textures used. In the countryside you can spot a few of the pedestrians wearing overalls with a tartan shirt on, it looks to be a reused texture from one of the Smilies.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

One of the gangs that roam the San Fierro country side in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a tattoo of the word RIFA on his chest; in Manhunt the Innocentz have this same tattoo in the exact same location.

During one of the commercial breaks on K-Rose, listen out for an advertisement for Carcer City. During one of the radio talk shows, 'Area 53', a caller by the name of Vivian calls in from Carcer City and talks about crop circles. On another radio station WCTR, a woman calls into the show ‘The Wild Traveller’, from Carcer City asking why anyone would want a vacation in Carcer, in addition to the caller there is yet again another advertisement for Carcer City that is played .

There are pedestrians that can be heard saying comments about Carcer City such as 'this is why I am moving to Carcer City' other lines of dialogue include ‘Hey! This isn't Carcer City, okay!’ when bumped in to. There is a male pedestrian that sometime says ‘Where do you think this is, Carcer City? Watch out!’

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

There is a Sprunk soda machine that can just be seen in the background during one of the cut-scenes backstage at the Love Fist show. The Sprunk logo design was significantly changed for Manhunt and has maintained the aesthetic designed for Manhunt in later Grand Theft Auto Games.

During the introduction titles and opening scene (Born Again) in Manhunt there is a drug store called 'Ryton Aide'. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the same store can be found at ‘Little Havana’.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

There is a mattress store that has a poster that says ‘The Best Mattresses in Carcer’, this is likely a reference to Joes Beds from Manhunt.

The junkyard in the scene 'Fuelled by Hate' has the same car crusher and surroundings as the one featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

During one scene (View of Innocence) on the second floor of the shopping mall, one of the counters has the words ‘Tarbrush Café' and a picture of a coffee cup. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the characters Tommy and Lance had to destroy the ‘Tarbrush Café’ during the 'Cop Land' mission.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

You can find multiple blue and white shopping bags with the word 'Gash' written on them in the Journalists apartment during the scene ‘Press Coverage’. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City there is a department store of the same name, the store is located at the North Point Mall. Gash is a slang term often used in reference to the female genitalia.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

One of the idle comments a members of the Hoods make is ‘Yeah, we got it all, a BJ Smith grill, the works, she’s real happy.’ In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, BJ Smith is the former tight-end of the ‘Vice City Mambas’ American football team. This line is clearly a spoof of the real world George Forman Grill.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

If you listen into the various pedestrians you pass in the game you can hear some claim to have had previous occupations in Carcer City, such as 'I was a plumber in Carcer City!’

The junkyard in Vice City Stories has the same tower that is features in the scene ‘Mouth of Madness’.

One of the newer game play elements introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories it the prospect of empire building. There are various building types you are able to purchase and they all grant you a relevant outfit to wear. If you purchase a high roller ‘Robbery’ building (the building sets you back $ 1,400) you get access to the ‘Hood’ outfit. This outfit seems to be a reference to the Hoods from Manhunt.

In The Mouth of Madness
Into the Mouth of Madness is another John Carpenter movie and was made in 1995, we can pin two similarities on this one. The first one being the title, you are probably aware of the scene in Manhunt that is titled Mouth of Madness. In the film an author called Sutter Cane disappears without a trace and an insurance investigator by the name of John Trent is sent to find him, only to end up lost in a sleepy little East Coast town of Hobb's End but of course it turns out the town is a figment of Cane's twisted imagination, this could be the basis for Starkweathers thoughts for the abandoned Carcer City.

As one of the first and perhaps the most prominent influential ‘slasher movie’ it is only natural that it would lend some form of influence to a game such as Manhunt. While they may be subtle they are surely there. They come in various forms, such as the corpses that you can see around Carcer City, often left in unique positions or in some cases mounted to objects, similarly to how Michael likes to display his victims.

There is also the stance Cash takes when he sneaks up on an enemy in preparation for an execution; Michael Myers often takes the same pose when stalking his victims, with his hand raised, stalking his prey.

The music is another element that Manhunt may have sought inspiration from, such as the suspense that John Carpenter added to the score. All the music in Halloween was done with synthesisers and wouldn’t sound too out of place playing in the background while you play Manhunt. They both also have a very memorable main theme that runs through out them.


Manhunter was released in 1986 and directed by Michael Mann. In this first incarnation of Dr. Hannibal Lecktor, Lecktor is played by Brian Cox. This is the first throw back to Manhunter, a very similar title that both feature Brian Cox. In both the movie and the game Cox plays the part of a man that has clearly lost touch with reality and share similar character traits such as manipulating their foes.

Lecktor ends up in a maximum security insane asylum (Smilies?), similar to Manhunt, Will Graham (William Peterson) is the investigator responsible for putting him away. This part could be compared to the role of the journalist in Manhunt, both characters become obsessed by their work and put their life on the line in order to get to the end of the issue.


Motel Hell

In the movie Motel Hell there is a killer on the loose, the difference here however is that he is wearing a pigs head and is wielding a chainsaw, not unlike Piggsy. The film, which was released in 1980, revolves around a motel that is open for business all year round. People suddenly go missing, it turns out they are being slaughter by the pig man, the bodies are then left hung upside down. In Manhunt bodies can be found in much the same situation throughout Carcer City.

Motel Hell

Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver was also published by Rockstar Games/Take-Two interactive and was developed by Rockstar San Diego. The game was released in 2004, a year after Manhunt. A few techniques in the game look suspiciously like they were taken directly from Manhunt.

Of mention is the ability to press against an object for cover, while in this position it also allows Red to peek around corners and to shoot from behind cover. The shooting mechanics in Red Dead Revolver are also similar to those found in Manhunt. A red crosshair appears on the target with an added option to lock on to the target similarly to how you could in Manhunt. When locked on to an enemy you are then able to strafe around your target, similarly to how you could in Manhunt.


Saw seems to share a great deal in common with Manhunt. The premise of the film is that there have been various murders happening, all the result of this ‘Jigsaw’ killer. Jigsaw is diagnosed with brain cancer, rather than just dieing alone he sets up fiendish games for unsuspecting people who have no respect for life. In these games the victims fight to survive in order to give them a new appreciation of what they have.

Two of the victims get locked-up together and are being watched via cameras that are not dissimilar to those in Manhunt, these cameras carry a very familiar grainy look to them and are taken from angles that any respectful Manhunt fan would be familiar with. The detail of this camera work goes right down to the ‘rec’ warning that can be found during the cut scenes in Manhunt. The colouring of the movie is a lot like Manhunt in certain respects, at times using high saturations of green and blue, as used in various scenes during the game.

The film also has another similarity to Manhunt in the form of one of the killers wearing a pig mask, as worn by Piggsy. There is also a puppet used during the movie (which through watching the bonus features goes by the name ‘Billy’), the puppets use is to instruct the victim of the game, the look of the puppet isn’t too distant to that of the mask wearing Skinz member.


Stay Alive
The movie Stay Alive (released in 2006 and written and directed by William Brent Bell) is a horror movie with a story that revolves around a group of friends that play a video game, the catch is when they die in the game, they die in real life. The movie references many horror videogames, and Manhunt is no exception, in the opening scene, Rex (played by Billy Slaughter) is wearing a pig mask that is similar to Piggsy’s mask.
The Punisher

The Punisher has a few influences that appear to be taken from Manhunt with the primary being in the form of the different method of kills in the game. The Punisher features something it calls a ‘quick kill’, quick kills act similarly to the executions in Manhunt, both of which involve taking the enemy from behind by surprise.

The one exception however in the case of The Punisher is that it is heavily censored. The camera will cut away, not allowing you to fully see the execution take place and the screen turns black and white to hide any blood that may be visible. The camera edits used in The Punisher seem like a throw away to Manhunt, when the screen goes black and white there is also a grain filter added. There is no explanation for the grain since nothing in The Punisher would suggest someone is watching.

The game also makes use of similar weapons as Manhunt, using weapons like a revolver, shotgun and submachine guns. As a side note the developer behind The Punisher also released 'Saints Row', another (GTA rip-off) game inspired by a Rockstar title.

The Running Man

Potentially one of the most recognizable influences for the concept of Manhunt is the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Running Man. The movie was based on a novel by Richard Bachman, who turned out to be none other than Stephen King. The film featured five different hunters (named stalkers), and their job is to kill the main character, all for the sake of entertainment. The hero of the movie was falsely accused of murder by the state and was forced to partake in the game show by a bunch of corrupt cops, not unlike in Manhunt.

The whole production is run by a man by the name of, Damon Killian, a game show host that has nothing on his mind but ratings. This all takes places as part of a live televised TV show called 'The Running Man'; all of the action takes place in an abandoned, run down part of a city loosely based on a futuristic Bakersfield, California.

All of the hunters featured in the film had their own quirks and abilities such as Subzero, who has a metal hockey stick which he uses much like a machete to slice open opponents or Buzzsaw who wields a chainsaw, in order to cut into his opponents flesh and bones. Around the city there are a bunch of grunts working for Killian, their jobs is to make sure that the contestants get to where they need to be, acting much like the Cerberus do in Manhunt.

The Running Man

The Shining

Released in 1980 and starring Jack Nicholson, the Stanley Kubrick classic, The Shining is perhaps one of most referenced movies in history. I suppose one of the obvious things that may jump out at you as perhaps being referenced in Manhunt would be the mental stability of the character played by Jack Nicholson, perhaps a throw away to the Smilies. But the thing that really jumps out at you is near the end of the film, the characters run into a garden maze, the maze seems reminiscent of the one used during the scene ‘Border Patrol’, the one that surrounds Starkweather’s mansion.

The Shining

Although in the movie it is covered in snow, there is just something that jumps out at you to suggest it may have been the basis for the maze used outside Starkweather’s mansion.

The Suffering

The Suffering takes cues from Manhunt in a few instances. For a start both games start in a State Penitentiary and both lead characters are on death row awaiting execution, the lead characters aren’t particularly likeable or good. Both games also deal in isolation, in The Suffering it is provided by being on an island, isolating it from the rest of the world and in Manhunt the game takes place in Carcer City, which is also isolated from the rest of the world as the city is run down and abandoned.

The weapon system works much like Manhunt, where you can only carry two primary weapons at any one given time. Torque also gets covered in cuts, bruises and blood much like Cash does. Another influence that is worth mentioning is the use of camera monitors, in the game things will happen on the screen, like people being killed by monsters and other strange things, in Manhunt each kill was viewed thorough a camera lens and at specific points in the game emphasis was put on Cash viewing things from a cameras perspective. You can also electric an inmate that is strapped into an electric chair awaiting execution, as seen in Manhunt.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Originally released in 1974, the Tobe Hooper classic ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ has influenced almost everything to have graced the genre since. The most obvious similarity is drawn from the movies cult icon ‘Leatherface’, who wears the skin of his victims on his face and wields a chainsaw, just like Piggsy does in Manhunt.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

True Crime: New York City

True Crime: New York City is the sequel to True Crime: Streets of L.A (released around the time as Manhunt) and is a series of games that are (GTA rip-offs) inspired by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series. In True Crime: Streets of L.A, the developer Luxiflux took a stab at Rockstar, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar struck back with the billboard logo ‘True Grime: Street Cleaners’. In True Crime: New York City the developer once again took a shot at Rockstar with the lead character saying something along the lines of ‘Taxi driving? Next thing you know I will be flying toy planes’.

But the reference in question here is during one of the levels, the lead character (Marcus Reed) is sedated, put in to a straight jacket and locked in an insane asylum. There are many other inmates that lurk the asylum, some of which are also in straight jackets. It all makes for striking similarity to the Smiles and the Darkwood Penitentiary featured in Manhunt. The asylum in True Crime: New York City also features a lot of graffiti on the wall, a lot of which looks to be taken directly from Manhunt, with smilie faces and random insults plastered all over the place.

The Warriors

It is known that The Warriors runs on a modified version of the Manhunt engine, as such it is only natural that The Warriors game would have many similarities between itself and Manhunt.

Just as with Manhunt, the shadows in The Warriors are used as a way of hiding from others gang members and authority figures. The shadows in The Warriors only work for a moment or two before the enemies spot you in them, it is hard to tell if this is intentional or not as it is not every time you go in shadows that you are spotted. In Manhunt shadows were used exactly for this purpose but the major difference being they actually worked. The character takes on a similar pose as Cash does in the shadows with the character crouching to try and stay low, he also takes smaller steps and sneaks around as Cash did in Manhunt to reduce noise. You are also able to perform a limited amount of executions in The Warriors.

Other things taken from Manhunt is the shouting and taunting that can be heard throughout the game by gang members and other people as you stop and hide. Being able to kick over trash cans and break bottles was also first introduced in Manhunt. The art direction looks very similar to Manhunt; it has a low down and dirty look to it. The musical direction is also reminiscent of Manhunt; however it primarily follows the movie in this department with reproduction of early synthesized sounds and distortions.

Another similar influence is the cars, in The Warriors quite a few of them look like the broken down Stallion we seen in the junkyard of Manhunt, obviously taken from Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City but none the less the same car is used again in this game.

Some of the Hoods members wear jackets that read ‘Furies’; there is a gang by the name 'The Baseball Furies' in The Warriors. This is more in line with the 1979 film than the 2005 game release by Rockstar Games, but we are listing it all in the one category.

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