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Manhunt - Merchandise

Various forms of merchandise for the game can be found although it is all primarily rare and generally hard to come by. Here I hope to point out everything out there that can be found for the game. All the merchandise has been broken down into sub categories.

Audio & Visual Media
- 12” Vinyl Soundtrack - Counter Stand - Directors Chair
- PS2 Preview Disk

- P.O.S Booklet

- Laynard Necklace
- Soundtrack - Posters - Nylon Bag
- Soundtrack Sampler - Store Standee - Piggsy Figure
  - Strategy Guide - Plastic Bag #1 
    - Plastic Bag #2
    - Polaroid Camera
    - Stickers
    - T-Shirt #1
    - T-Shirt #2
    - Voice Changer


12” Vinyl Soundtrack
Manhunt 12" 4 Track Viynl

There was also a 4 track 12” vinyl version of the soundtrack released. Like the soundtrack it also was released January 26th 2004 with a Cat. No: MHUNT 18T. The 4 track EP was released by Rephlex, and includes remixes by: Soundmurderer, Ed DMX, Bogdan Raczynski and The Bug. It is rumored to be limited to around only 500 units.

PS2 Preview Disk
Manhunt PS2 Preview Disk

The preview disks will have been handed out to various magazine and internet publications for review purposes. Generally they can’t be bought, or at least not legally but from time to time they do appear on eBay. Typically they are just the finished version of the game minus the instruction booklet and case. They come in CD jewel cases and contain a front cover with the controls on the back of the inlay.

Manhunt Soundtrack CD

The official soundtrack was released by Rephlex on December 15th 2003. There was rumoured to be only 1000 copies of the CD made. The CD contains 18 remixes of the original theme, remixed by various producers and also includes the original theme.

Soundtrack Sampler
Manhunt Soundtrack Sampler CD

There was also a 4 track album sampler released. The release date of this is not known however it is known that it was sometime after the PC and XBox release of the game as on the back of the slip case it clearly states "Out now on Playstation 2, Xbox and PC". And from looking on the various files on the disk it would appear that the assets where created around April and May of 2004. The assets in question are a player that plays the tracks. There are also wallpapers and screensavers present on the disk.

Counter Stand
Manhunt Counter Stand The Manhunt, ‘The Final Cut’, promotional counter stands were handed out to retailers in the build up to the release of Manhunt during the pre-order period. The stands come in at 9 inches x 15 inches in diameter and are made of sturdy cardboard; they arrived to retailers flat packed.
Point of sale booklet for the PS2 version of Manhunt
Manhunt Point of sale booklet for the PS2

The point of sale booklets are limited edition and were only given away to retailers that stock the game. The booklet goes over the basics of the game including the ways Rockstar were going to promote Manhunt as well as including screenshots and quotes from magazines and reviews. It includes a section that holds some stickers and various other POS items. The booklet is printed on high quality glossy card.


To my knowledge there are 5 posters that circulate. They include a pre-order poster that GameStop displayed before the games release, a 2 part poster that would have been used in Australia and New Zealand had the game not been banned they would have likely appeared on bus shelters and billboards. Then there are the standard poster that has a shot of the box art and another that has a camera much like that of the instruction booklet. Then there is a a poster that was used for promotional use in the UK to support the release of the X-Box and PC ports of the game.

Manhunt Poster 01
Manhunt Poster 02
Manhunt Poster 03
Manhunt Poster 04
Manhunt Poster 05
Store Standee
Manhunt Store Standee

These large Manhunt store standees where handed out by Rockstar to retailers for in-store advertisement for the release of Manhunt. The standee reads ‘The Final Cut’ on the front in red text and features the iconic hockey mask wearing Skinz member from the game cover. These stands are made of sturdy cardboard; they arrived to retailers flat packed.

Strategy Guide
Manhunt Strategy Guide

The official Manhunt strategy guide was published by Brady games on November the 25th and was written by Tim Bogenn. The guide included level guides and includes information on some of the gangs within the game. There is also a section dedicated to the weapons. The guide is fairly easy to come by, you can order it online and pick it up through select retailers. Unlike some other Brady Games guides it doesn’t include any behind the scenes information or game artwork, unfortunately. It is worthwhile purchasing none the less.

Directors Chair
Manhunt Directors Chair

Perhaps the most limited of all the items created for Manhunt is the director’s chair, even on the competition site that Rockstar created it states that it is 'limited-edition'. The only evidence I have come across of its existence is the Rockstar competition so I assume that this one was kept strictly to Rockstar employees. There is said to be less than 100 of these in circulation. The chair dimensions are 34” high, 24” wide and 17” deep. The chair has a wood finish with a black canvas seat and back with 'Manhunt' printed in white on the back of it.

Laynard Necklace
Manhunt Laynard Necklace

These promotional Manhunt laynard necklaces were worn by Rockstar employees when promoting the game at event shows and showing it to the gaming press. As with the t-shirts they read 'crew' and feature the Rockstar North and Rockstar Games logos. On the back they warn 'Warning 18+' and feature the Manhunt logo and an advertisement for the Valiant Video Enterprises website as well as the M for Mature rating for the game. The necklace itself has Manhunt written on it multiple times as well as featuring the R* symbol all the way around.

Nylon Bag
Manhunt Nylon Bag

The nylon bag is hard to come by. It was only around 20x15 inch in size. The purpose of the bag is unknown; perhaps something was placed in the bag. What is known is that in almost all cases of the bag turning up it has stickers with it. So perhaps it was handed out with assorted stickers within.

Piggsy Figure
Manhunt Piggsy Figure

The Piggsy action figure is a limited edition, being limited to only 500 units. Each figure is individually numbered on the base. The figure was handed out to Rockstar employees and a select few where also sold through various websites although unfortunately they have sold out.

These days the figure can only be bought through on-line auctions and are few and far between and tend to go for a pretty high price.

Plastic Bag #1
Manhunt Plastic Bag 1

These bags where used as invitations to the official launch party of Manhunt. The bag included various Manhunt merchandise including the Piggsy figure. The launch party was held in Edinburgh. The bag also contains 3 diagrams that include instructions that are as follows:

Fig 1. - Honeycomb, 15 Niddry St, Edin.
The image displays a man sneaking up on another man from behind, with the bag in the air.
Fig 2. - From 9pm to 3am.
Man pulling the bag over the head of the other man.
Fig 3. - Bring your invite.
Man pulling back on the bag with the second man struggling to get free.

Plastic Bag #2
Manhunt Plastic Bag 2

This is the second plastic bag to exist for Manhunt, its point for existence is unknown, however what is known is that it was handed out to developers of the title. It likely served the same purpose as the first bag.

Polaroid Camera
Manhunt Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid camera is another one nothing much is known of. There is no evidence of where it came from or who it was given out to. But what is known is that it is official endorsed by Polaroid and comes along with a pack of camera stock. It is black with Manhunt written across from the flash display and also has the Rockstar emblem below it. On inspection is would appear that it is a Polaroid 600 Business Edition Film Camera that has been repainted in order to endorse the game.

Manhunt Stickers

These stickers can be found through various sources including being able to be picked up in select stores. They where also handed out at the Manhunt launch party and where also included in the point of sale booklet. The stickers measure in at something like 6 inch by 1 inch.

On the front they are black, with Manhunt written in the font used for the game, on the back the official website of the game is listed in black on a white background.

T-Shirt #1
The t-shirt released for Manhunt is once again, limited edition and can only be found through on-line auctions. These where only given to employees and select people involved with the game. There has been evidence of the shirt coming in medium, large, extra large and extra, extra large. The shirt has the word "CREW" across the back with the typical Rockstar logo above it. It has Manhunt written on the sleeve and an image of a camera on the front. This specific t-shirt is black with a white print and is made of cotton. This shirt was worn by members of Rockstar in the UK and Europe for promoting the game. Members of Rockstar North, Lincoln and London were all given these shirts.
Manhunt T-Shirt 1
T-Shirt #2
These t-shirts have all the same features as those above and come in the same sizes; they are also rare to come by and can only be found through on-line auctions. These shirts were created for use in American PR events and were worn by Rockstar’s American staff when visiting the UK and European promotional events. The reason for the difference of colour was to help identify the where each staff member was from. The Rockstar staff wore these for the first previews of Manhunt given. The gaming journalists were taken to underground location and given headphones to wear and escorted into the preview room by the staff.
Manhunt T-Shirt 2
Voice Changer
Manhunt Voice Changer

The voice changer was given away as a pre-order bonus when you purchased Manhunt from Rockstar in the USA. The voice changer is for use with telephones, you have to hold the back of the voice changer to the mouthpiece on the telephone and speak into the microphone on the front. In total there are 8 different voice alterations to choose between.

For additional images of the various merchandise released for Manhunt you should check out the Gallery which has an ever growing number of images. Or if you would like to contribute to this page then get in Contact with us and let us know what is missing.
Media  Merchandise
- 12” Vinyl Soundtrack
- PS2 Preview Disk
- Soundtrack
- Soundtrack Sampler
Print  Merchandise
- Counter Stand
- P.O.S Booklet 
- Posters
- Store Standee
- Strategy Guide
Other Merchandise
- Directors Chair
- Nylon Bag
- Piggsy Figure
- Plastic Bag #1 
- Plastic Bag #2
- Polaroid Camera
- Stickers
- T-Shirt #1
- T-Shirt #2
- Voice Changer
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