The White Rabbit
Idle - Spotted Cash - Begging For Mercy


  • Rabbit, white rabbit, rabbit ra-ra-ra-ra-rabbit, tab, tabit, rabbit, rabbit!
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Spotted Cash
  • You did well, very well. But every show has it's ending, and this here's yours.
  • You did well, very well. But every film has it's ending, and this is yours.
  • You made it... oh here you see you didn't make it after all, hahahaha.
  • Close your eyes bad boy, time for bye-bye.
  • Hey you ain't dead, he ain't dead! Oh shit, I've got the keys out of here.
  • You're supposed to be dead, Oh fuck; he's after my frigging key!
  • Shit, the punks have hired the final cut if he gets me he gets out. Get me some back up.

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Begging For Mercy
  • Hey wait, what the... just take the damn key, mommy!
  • Get him off of me, get him off of me!
  • Help... ohh hoo, help!
  • No, no ohh ho ho oh ho!
  • This wasn't the deal, this wasn't the deal!
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