Idle - Commanded:[ Wait - Follow ] - Spotted Cash


  • Follow me, stay here, follow me, come on.
  • You'd think a guy [lays? laid?] their would have some liquor for a friend.
  • I'll show them, I'll show them all.
  • Don't need any help from Mr what's his face, I am my own man.
  • Ah... shit when did I let go in my pants?
  • Hold on here it comes, burps.
  • Oh…yeah, yeah, yeah, boom ba, be, da, zabeebops.
  • Um...I like beer, beer, beer.
  • Beer, beer, oh beer, beer, beer, beer, boom, beer.
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Commanded: Wait
  • Oh what the hell, this looks comfortable enough.
  • Bring back something to drink would you?
  • No need to be so bossy, I was thinking of hanging around here anyway.
  • Make your mind up buddy.
  • Ok, you two be careful now.
  • Hey! You better come back for me, buddy.
  • Okay buddy, anything you say.
  • Whatever!
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Commanded: Follow
  • Yeah, we’re a team now, me and Mr tough nuts, a team.
  • Ain't nobody going to laugh at me again, no sirree.
  • Hey, you're bosses.
  • Anything for my new bestest buddy.
  • We going to go get some liquor?
  • Where we going my old pal?
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Spotted Cash
  • Uh, ah, hello?
  • You got a couple of dollars huh... huh?
  • You better have something to drink, pal.
  • Ah... ah and another damn... damn thing. Ah, ahhh...
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