Idle - Heard a Noise - Searching - Quit Searching - Spotted Cash - Found Dead Hunter - Checking Dead Hunter - Seen Cash Hiding - Chasing/Fighting - Begging For Mercy - Scene Specific: [Wrong Side of the Tracks]


  • CCPD boys got a posse.
  • Why are we getting involved with this? SWAT don't usually get involved with street crazies.
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Heard a Noise
  • Lock and load.
  • Be advised I'm checking out a possible, wait for conformation.
  • Moving to intercept a strong lead!
  • The fugitive is trying to lure me; I need backup before he makes a break for it.
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  • This is Carcer City SWAT, come out with your hands up.
  • You are surrounded by SWAT officers, come out with your hands where we can see them.
  • Don't make us come in there and get you, we're SWAT we're born to storm.
  • You can't escape Carcer City SWAT.
  • This is Carcer City SWAT, you're surrounded.
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Quit Searching
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Spotted Cash
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Found Dead Hunter
  • Oh yeah, like I'm falling for that. SWAT I think I got him.
  • Hey SWAT, I think he's trying to bait us.
  • I ain't a dumb ass, hey guys back me up here a moment.
  • Okay, I got your number asshole, hey guys get over here.
  • Okay, SWAT he's playing games with us.
  • You think you can fool Carcer SWAT so easily? Get me back up over here.
  • Hmm, look like he's fishing to catch a SWAT, hey people.
  • You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch the SWAT boys out.
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Checking Dead Hunter
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Seen Cash Hiding
  • You can't lose Carcer SWAT in the shadows, we own the shadows.
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  • Nobody messes with Carcer SWAT.
  • No one escapes Carcer SWAT.
  • Hey, hey Carcer City SWAT bags another fruit cake.
  • Gather round guys, I brought the camera strike the Carcer SWAT pose.
  • Shit, you'd think a homicidal maniac would look well you know, homicidal.
  • Scratch up another one for the Cacer City SWAT crew heehaw.
  • Ha, ha, tagged, bagged and delivered to the slab.
  • Scratch up another for the Carcer SWAT crew heehaw.
  • Carcer SWAT nailed another wacko freak heehaw.
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Begging For Mercy
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Wrong Side of the Tracks
  • This is Bravo leader, regroup at the tracks.
  • Roger Alpha team, Charlie is on route from the precinct.
  • This is Charlie leader, power has been shut off, I repeat power is off.
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