Execution Stance: [ Encouraging - Pleased - Wants More - Bored - Wants More Stealth ] - Scene Specific: [ Born Again - Doorway into Hell - White Trash - Fuelled by Hate - Grounds for Assault - Strapped for Cash - View of Innocence - Drunk Driving - Graveyard Shift - Mouth of Madness - Doing Time - Kill the Rabbit - Deliverance - Monkey See, Monkey Die - Time 2 Die] - Begging for Mercy

Execution Stance: Encouraging

  • Go on.
  • Finish him.
  • Snuff him out.
  • Ice that chump.
  • Take him.
  • Break him.
  • Cut him up.
  • Liquidate.
  • Tear him up.
  • Butcher him.
  • Wipe him out.
  • Slaughter the pig.
  • Do it.
  • Kill them all!
  • Weasel that chump.
  • Brand him.
  • Erase the shit-head.
  • Mess/Mince his face.
  • Send him to hell.
  • Kill him.
  • Get freaky.
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Execution Stance: Pleased
  • Way to go. You're getting the hang of this.
  • We'll make a slash star out of you yet.
  • Great! You're getting a real taste for this.
  • Beautiful, you’re warming up our audience nicely.
  • That was one killer shot, attaboy!
  • Ah, Nice Cash, nice.
  • Go for it my boy, go for it.
  • I knew you'd be a natural.
  • You're gonna turn the slash world on its head.
  • That's my boy; get your teeth into them.
  • They're gonna be screaming your name boy, mark my words.
  • You're stacking those corpses up like it was judgement day.
  • You're showing me some real psycho style Cash, I love it.
  • That's my boy, like a duck to water.
  • This year’s young hot star!
  • Hell, you chewed him up like a pro.
  • Oh man, you're playing these chumps like a maestro.
  • That's it! Just keep adding to your tally.
  • Uh, oh man that was good.
  • Oh yeah, that's the stuff.
  • This is some of the best snuff I've seen.
  • Phew, you’re getting me all flustered here.
  • You're really getting me off Cash.
  • Oh man, Oh man! This is dynamite.
  • Great action, i mean it, this is hot stuff.
  • Oh god, yes Cash, yes.
  • You are a star boy, a star.
  • Ah! Jesus Cash, that’s the money shot.
  • That's it Cash, work me up.
  • Christ, alive that's the sweet spot, right there.
  • You got me hot Cash.
  • God, Yeah, Yeah, YEAH!
  • This is really hot action, go, Cash, go.
  • Well done Cash you getting the hand of this deal.
  • The bodies are starting to pile up nicely; we're getting some great footage.
  • Way to go Cash, you're totalling these assholes.
  • Well that's some of those bigots shut up forever.
  • Honestly Cash, by killing these guys you're doing them a favour.
  • Shame we can't feed some of these bozos to the original inhabitants.
  • Just keep on adding to the body toll, do your thing.
  • Hack them, Slash them, Blast them, you can do it all, kid.
  • A fitting place to bury these twisted fucks, keep going kid.
  • Damn crazies could have done with your brand of therapy years ago.
  • Don't hold back, these lunatics are a dime a dozen.
  • I like your brand of care in the community, I really do.
  • You’re making me proud of you son, really you’re a one in a million find.
  • I tell you i have seen some nasty bastards in my time but you’re a natural born boy.
  • At this rate you're gonna massacre the whole gang. I love it.
  • You're making pussies out of these guys.
  • A few more like that and these boys are gonna be extinct.
  • Nice Cash, Nice! You're ridding the world of dick-less assholes.
  • Man, this is like feeding time for the lions. You're chewing through these pussies.
  • That’s it! Rolling thunder, that's what you are. Unstoppable.
  • You're making this look too easy, cut these guys some slack for Christ sake!
  • You're really doing it for me, I ain't been this turned on since, well let's not go there.
  • Just keep capping these crazies; they come out of the woodwork like termites.
  • That's it Cash, don't let a single nut job back on the streets.
  • This is the best kind of therapy money can buy.
  • You hacked them all; I knew you'd be my golden boy, yeah.
  • Stone cold, baby, stone cold, you have my respect you utter psycho.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you James Earl Cash, take a bow son.
  • You've wiped these backwards assholes out; I take my hat off to you boy.
  • Not a while boy left standing, your a credit to our tolerant society.
  • None of these guys ever went to 'Nam but you sure as hell gave them a taste tonight.
  • James cut throat Cash. You like it? For star billing you really need a showy name.
  • Mr. Cash, It is a pleasure to be working with such talent.
  • Oh my god, I've had an accident. I'm serious man, you've brought me off.
  • You've just inspired me Cash, really have.
  • Do you know just how much money you've saved the city's mental health department?
  • You've certainly cured this little group of neurotics for good.
  • Hot damn, that's the spirit, hot stuff Cash, no wonder the state wanted shot of you.
  • Cash, baby you’re scaring the shit out of these hoods they're trying to bug out.
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Execution Stance: Wants More
  • Ok, we need to bump up the murder rate here, plough on.
  • We've only got so many of chumps for you to chew up, make each one count.
  • Great, but speed it up a little.
  • Step it up a little, give me some rage for Christ’s sakes.
  • Nice, but i need more Cash, More.
  • I want torrents of gore Cash, torrents. I don't want to be able to see you for the blood.
  • Keep going Cash, Execute these worthless motherfuckers.
  • Come on Cash, this isn't how it works. Get out there and kill someone.
  • This is making really dull viewing, let's see some action.
  • Get on with it Cash, I want some gore.
  • We haven't got all night, get out there and start killing.
  • What are you hiding for? Are you scared of these white boys?
  • Look if you don't want to play the game, lets end it right here.
  • Move it Cash, I'm not keeping you alive to sulk in the dark.
  • You're pushing my patience; I want to see blood Cash, blood.
  • You're starting to bore me more than these Mexican assholes.
  • And i thought you had potential but you'd rather hide from the limelight.
  • Come on stop hiding and give me gore.
  • The lunatics I like, You, Boring.
  • If you don't want to play anymore, I can just tell them where you are.
  • Don't push me Cash, you know what I want.
  • Okay, you can have your own trailer, now get on with it!
  • You’re new to this so I will explain again, go kill somebody.
  • Come on Cash, you know the score; I need to see some action.
  • Didn't I make myself clear enough? I want gore Cash, Gore!
  • Sun ups approaching get on with it.
  • Get a grip of yourself and stop cowering like a pussy.
  • That's enough handing around get out there and kill.
  • I said, i wanted to see blood and i expect you to deliver.
  • Really Cash you're boring the crap out of me lets pep it up a little here.
  • Your beginning to convince me that i made the wrong choice in you.
  • Gore Cash, Gore, what is it you don't understand?
  • Look, what the fuck, go kill some poor chump you dumb chimp.
  • I'm serious Cash, if you’re going to waste my time we can end this.
  • You’re really trying my fucking patience, move it!
  • Put some fucking effort into this!
  • Look this isn't rocket science, you moron, go kill somebody!
  • Oh Cash, is the icky bitty bad man scared of the cameras?
  • Stop skulking about like a hobo and get out there.
  • Come dawn, there won't be any shadows so get busy.
  • Oh my God, you are a pussy ain’t yah.
  • It's a simple choice, go hack someone up or I throw you to the dogs.
  • I thought I made myself clear, you kill, me watch.
  • I'm drifting off here Cash, you want to throw in the towel?
  • Blood, gore, death Cash, death, move it!
  • Cash, your a pussy, a pussy.
  • Pathetic, sickling, feeble, your lame Cash, lame.
  • Quit, monkeying around and kill god damn it, kill!
  • You owe me your life Cash, your fucking life, now get out there and kill!
  • Stop hiding like a pussy and give me some death.
  • You've lost it Cash, your finished, look at you, snivelling retch.
  • Keep on going pilgrim, plenty more of these vermin to exterminate.
  • Oh and give me some of that psycho action you illustrated so beautifully earlier.
  • We’re talking the money shot, you with me?
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Execution Stance: Bored
  • If you don't want to play anymore, I can just tell them where you are.
  • The lunatics I like. You? Boring!
  • You're starting to bore me more than these Mexican assholes. (referring to the Innocentz)
  • Move your hairy ass! We need this in the can by sunup.
  • Get on with it Cash, you're really trying my fucking patience!
  • You're pushing my patience, I want to see blood Cash, blood!
  • This is making really dull viewing, let's see some action.
  • Come on Cash, this isn't how it works. Get out there and kill someone.
  • Okay, you can have your own trailer, now get on with it!
  • Don't push me Cash, you know what I want.
  • Look Cash, let’s get some clarity to the proceedings ok? I need executions in quick succession.
  • Move your hairy ass; we need this in the can by sun up.
  • Hurry it up there Cash, we got a lot to get through tonight.
  • Look Cash, you’re doing ok but I need to see more of this stuff.
  • Come on! Stop hiding, and give me gore!
  • What are you hiding for? Are you scared of these white boys? (referring to the Skinz)
  • So you're not resting on your laurels, but I haven't got stiff for a while, so step it up a little.
  • Don't hold back it's them or you.
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Execution Stance: Wants More Stealth

  • I'm warning you Cash, you’re not expendable.
  • You can't afford to let these guys spot you Cash, use your head.
  • Come on Cash, get with the program. You can't give these guys an inch.
  • You got a death wish Cash, use some stealth for God's sake.
  • Use your eyes and ears before making a move.
  • They mean business Cash, you can't let them know your position.
  • You won't last long if you let the world and his wife know where you are.
  • I said use your damn head, think man, think.
  • They don't need your charity Cash, don't give them an edge.
  • Why hide a pretty face like yours right?
  • Christ Cash, use some cunning, some guile.
  • Right don't hide in the shadows then, you think you know best, on you go.
  • I only hope you're playing with these guys.
  • You're unbelievably bad at this creeping around thing, aren't you?
  • You're supposed to be picking them off, not slugging it out in a mass brawl.
  • There! You see, spotted again.
  • Hell, I'm not giving you any more advice, you just don't listen.
  • They're onto you.
  • I guess you're just not up to being stealthy.
  • You just like being chased, don't you?
  • They've spotted you again; you chump, ha, ha, ha…
  • Hunt the monkey boys.
  • I'm beginning to enjoy watching you fuck things up.
  • You know what? I think this big scrappy fight in the open thing works well.
  • That's the spirit, get out there, cut to the chase.
  • Ok, you've had a long night; it's understandable that you haven't got a fucking clue.
  • He wants to die you morons, get him.
  • He's giving you every chance you need, you pricks, Kill him.
  • You have the edge Cash, use it, don't blow everything ‘cause your impatient.
  • I mean it Cash, I want footage of executions, not half assed free for alls.
  • Why don't you just run around with a siren on your head, let everyone know where you are.
  • Oh what the hell, go on, have a brawl with as many hunters as turns you on. I give up.
  • Here they come again, you never played hide and seek as a kid did you Cash?
  • Yep, that must be it, you're too dumb to stay low key.
  • You're at it again, chase me chase me. Just like a teenage girl.
  • You're not even trying now are you? I warn you Cash, don't get complacent.
  • They're gonna cut you up now, hahahaha.
  • What you gonna do. Run? Or take them all on?
  • That's it, to hell with hiding. Slaughter everything that moves!
  • Take them all on Cash, take them all on!
  • I admire your guts, i really do but make life easy on yourself and creep up on these motherfuckers.
  • You’re unbelievable, I swear you want these guys to surround you and beat you down.
  • Look, I can supply you with a day glow jumpsuit if you want one.
  • You really want to fight all these guys at once? Fine I can fix that for you.
  • Well, you've blown your cover again absolutely unbe-fucking-lievable.
  • We’re here again Cash, running around with a hunter on your ass.
  • I'm through trying to keep you alive. Do it your way if it makes you happy.
  • Man, they've seen you yet again; you really have thrown caution to the wind.
  • Ah, ha Cash baby, you bring a new level to ineptitude.
  • These guys aren't going to kiss you when they catch you Cash they are gonna kill you.
  • It'll all end in tears but I warned you Cash I warned you.
  • And now the whole sorry cycle of violence repeats itself.
  • That's right! Don't stop now. I like the new attention seeking you.
  • Don't run; kill him and the next one and the next one!
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Scene Specific: Born Again
  • These streets are being patrolled by gangs, they're scum just like you and they are here to hunt you down and cut you up. I'll try to direct you as best I can but other than that you’re on your own, it's up to you. OK, are you ready? Camera, action!
  • We’re filming something very special here tonight and if we work together on this we both get the big rewards, so get your shit together.
  • Remember as far as the world is concerned you’re dead already.
  • I'll be frank with you we set that chump up to see if you had what it takes to be our leading man. A little audition if you will ha, ha, ha, ha…
  • Don't hold back, it's them or you.
  • From here on in we're going to need some fighting skills to get through the action we're talking toe-to-toe.
  • I know you got the balls so just give me the best you got and you'll deal with this pussy.
  • No problem, the gate will open once I'm done filming here.
  • Now just take your time Cash I see a few Hoods around these vans, sorry I should explain. Each gang has their... lets just call their thing. These guys call themselves the Hoods. But none of that should bother you, as far as you’re concerned their meat okay on you go.
  • Try reaching the abandoned shops on the next floor, the stairs is right over there.
  • Oh and give me some more of that cut throat psycho action you illustrated so beautifully earlier.
  • We're talking the money shot, you with me?
  • OK there is some more of these shit heads hanging around the exit.
  • Give me some grade A honest to God gore and you'll be buzzed through the door.
  • One of the little freaks is still running around I told you, you get buzzed through the door when the action is in the can.
  • It's a rap, attaboy Cash, your a natural, I swear to god you are!
  • No time to hang around, time is money let's see how you handle the next scene.
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Scene Specific: Doorway into Hell
  • You’re doing fine Cash, just fine were getting some great material here, keep going.
  • There is a hood upstairs, make some noise, hit something, that should get his attention.
  • You’re going to have to find something to bust that padlock.
  • A crowbar, that would be ideal for... smashing a padlock say ha, ha, ha, ha!
  • Okay, this is what I like to call a set-up.
  • This guy will fight dirty but once you’re through with him, I'll open the next door.
  • You’re doing great kid, grade A stuff, now find your way to the cellar door.
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Scene Specific: White Trash
  • Okay, so I lied, we haven't quite wrapped this gig up yet but you’re having fun right?
  • There is a double gate that leads onto our next location find it.
  • Careful, there is a bigot guarding the gate; if he sees you he will call his cheery buddies.
  • That's a pretty thick rope, your going to need a blade.
  • You didn't think I'd let you out that easy? It's an electric lock find the release switch.
  • Beautiful, that's his hunting days over.
  • There's a nail gun in that trailer if you can stand the smell.
  • He's got his hands full at the moment, go grab his nail gun.
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Scene Specific: Fuelled by Hate
  • These Skinz are boring me, dumb ass supremest bastards, always blaming other for their inadequacies.
  • Butcher them Cash, cut 'em, beat 'em down and choke the fucking life out of them!
  • Oh man that was good, ha, ha. The gates open; go on get out of here.
  • This shit seem content to watch porn and avoid all the action, if he won't switch it off himself we'll have to do it for him.
  • A crane, well what do you reckon Cash?
  • Alright Cash, grab the blade you'll need it to get out of here.
  • You need to find a way through the next gate. Find a way to get that fat bastard out into the open.
  • Excellent, death by heavy domestic appliance!
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Scene Specific: Grounds for Assault
  • These pricks call themselves the Wardogs, real dick-less gung-ho losers, you’re going to have to tool up if your going to make it, take it slow and see what you can take from these guys.
  • There are some doors over the other side of this location that will get your sorry hide out of here.
  • Where did I hide that Crowbar... think, think, think...
  • Sorry Cash this is a grizzly situation.
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Scene Specific: Strapped for Cash
  • Oh hell, that wasn't in the script, honest Cash, they’re making it up as they go along I swear.
  • Hold up Cash, you and your family weren't exactly close, am I right?
  • It's just that I thought it would nice to have a surprise reunion but these Wardogs didn't see it my way and they have taken matters into their own hands.
  • Their using them as bait Cash, bait, I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself.
  • Each time they spot you these Wardogs are going to execute one of your beloved family.
  • I like my leading man to have a soul Cash and that means giving a shit.
  • So I'm not letting you out of here unless you free at least one of them.
  • Guess what you have to do to open the sharks’ mouth? Go rescue your family.
  • Now Cash, you've killed a few people in your time, don't be responsible for your whole family as well.

Family Member Killed:

  • Saw you, killed him, life's a bitch.
  • Lady killer!
  • You as good as killed her yourself.
  • Oh man, he's toast.
  • Shit, you blew it and now she pays the price.
  • Oh man he's toast.
  • Too slow Cash they've nailed him.

Scene Completed

  • Well one out of four ain't too bad, I suppose.
  • Two dead, two alive 50/50! Half a family, good enough for me though.
  • What a bummer, you turn up alive and one of them kicks it.
  • You rescued them all; I knew I'd bring the hero out in you.
  • Okay, you can go through the sharks’ mouth now.
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Scene Specific: View of Innocence
  • So how are we doing Cash enjoying it so far? I thought you could do with a little R&R so I've arranged a special screening just for you. It’s a work in progress but I think you'll appreciate it, I've hidden a tape and a video camera in the mall, find them, by the way these guys are packing heat so you might want to find a gun for yourself.
  • Okay, were cooking with gas now, go find that tape.
  • Now all you need is the camera.
  • Oh hell that's the camera with the broken screen, I told those guys.
  • No problem there is a TV in the bar somewhere around here.
  • Does nothing fucking work round here? You're going to have see if you can turn on the power in the basement.
  • Beautifully done Cash, now just toddle back up to the bar and enjoy the show.

Killed Family Member(S)

  • You must understand Cash I could never let them go.
  • You must understand Cash I could never let him go.
  • You must understand Cash I could never let her go.
  • Where were your family when you were facing your final moments in the chamber anyway?
  • You've left your old life, your old self behind; I'm all the family you need now.
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Scene Specific: Drunk Driving
  • I've got a little surprise for you; you looked lonely so I got you some company. Unfortunately the Innocentz thought better of it and locked him up. You're going to have bust him out.
  • Well what do you think of your new friend? You look good together Cash, really you do.
  • I'll only open any gates if he's with you alive and well. Now get going entertain me!
  • You’re going to have to think of a way of separating these guys and picking them off one by one.
  • The exit is behind this old tomb, you'll need a shotgun, so make sure to pick one up along the way.
  • I thought this graveyard would make a good location for a shootout, what do you think Cash?
  • See that old house? That's where you’re headed.
  • You’re doing good Cash, you'll need to go through the pedestrian tunnel, find it.

Tramp Left Behind

  • Hey, what about your new buddy. You're not gonna abandon him, are you?
  • You've left your new chum behind. Friends are supposed to look out for each other.
  • Is that how you treat your pals? Leave them to rot?
  • Aren't you forgetting someone Cash?

Tramp Not Brought To Gate:

  • You know the deal Cash, I open the door when I see your friend.
  • I'm not blind Cash, where's your hobo buddy?
  • I told you, get that hobo safely to the gate and I'll buzz you through.
  • When I see your smelly friend I'll open the door.
  • The tramp, where is the fucking tramp, Cash?
  • Aren't you forgetting someone Cash?
  • You've left your new chum behind, friends are supposed to look out for each other.
  • Hey what about your new buddy you’re not going to abandon him are you?

Tramp Being Attacked:

  • Heads up Cash! You better rescue your new friend.
  • You've got to learn how to care for others Cash, your new friend's in trouble.
  • Oh dear, looks like your new bunk buddy has run into a few hunters.
  • Cash your buddy's getting the crap kicked out of him.

Tramp Died:

  • Cash, baby, you let them kill your friend and you made such a lovely couple.
  • Oh, Cash I am disappointed really I am. Is that any way to take care of your best-est buddy?
  • Cash, you let that poor man down in the biggest possible way, I only hope you can live with yourself.
  • You blew it Cash, all you had to do was look out for someone for 10 minutes and you blew it.
  • Is that how you treat your pals? Leave them to rot?
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Scene Specific: Graveyard Shift
  • Time for a little overtime, make your way through the factory, the loading bay is your only way in. For a job well done, make your way to the foyer.
  • Well that's put a spanner in the works, why don't you try the guard hut?
  • Way to go Cash, now make your way through the factory.
  • Ah dammit, the lift is screwed again, you’re going to have to go down to the basement.
  • There is a circuit breaker down there that will get the lift working.
  • You need to reset the circuit breaker in the basement for the lift to work.
  • You need to reset the circuit breaker for the lift to work.
  • Nice one Cash, the lift should be working now.
  • Okay, I admit it some of the doors are locked via a panel in the control room, sorry.
  • That's my leading man, attaboy see you with some beers outside.
  • I told you, you’re going to have to use the panel in the control room to open the door.
  • I don't think we made too many friends, hell I like you but these guys.
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Scene Specific: Mouth of Madness
  • The lunatics have taken over the asylum Cash, the only way to reason with these gibbering idiots is with a stick and a gun, I want you to kill the hunter patrolling the tower walking a bring his body to the guard room.
  • There's a good boy now drop all your weapons and move on.
  • For bringing his head I'll leave a gift for you in the next location.
  • There are some more of these paranoid crazies guarding the door to the greenhouses, they see you and I guarantee they will lock that door, when they feel safe they'llprobably unlock the door again, they like their routine.
  • There is a hunter in the next room through the mesh door, hack 'em up and I'll buzz open the next set of doors for you.
  • That's the ticket I've opened the doors, run along now.
  • Some of these nut jobs have bricked themselves into the tower, you'll have to find a way to blast your way in.
  • Another switch, go on throw it, you can trust me.
  • There that wasn't anything to worry about was it?
  • Here's your reward for being such a good head collector.
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Scene Specific: Doing Time
  • Head over to the end of the cell block, I got a surprise for you.
  • Get your funky ass along the walkway and into the shower block.
  • Kill 'em all Cash, Kill 'em all, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...
  • Okay, Cash you preformed brilliantly don't worry I have plenty more wonderland fun lined up for you.
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Scene Specific: Kill the Rabbit
  • You’re my big ugly Alice so go on follow the white rabbit.
  • They are messing with you Cash, trying to fuck with your head, I wouldn't stand for that.
  • You might want to clean the filth out of the showers.
  • Get rid of the pink dress freak and get up to the watch room Mr Rabbit has left you a gift.
  • A new meaning for death row, get yourself up to that watch room.
  • You’re a thrashing machine Cash, now head for the door below the control room.
  • Watch those cells closely kill 'em all.
  • Almost there baby, chew your way through these chumps.
  • What can I say you were a good leading man the audience will love you, don't expect any royalty checks where your going though.
  • Hey Cash, what are you doing, are you insane?
  • Where are you going to go, the state wants you dead Cash, dead.
  • Cash! Come back here!
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Scene Specific: Deliverance
  • Go on, send him to hell!
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Scene Specific: Monkey See, Monkey Die
  • Money see, Monkey kill that's your motivations for the next scene, you're killing to entertain so take your time and play to the camera.
  • Jesus, Cash you’re chewing through these guys like you were popping bubble wrap.
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Scene Specific: Time 2 Die
  • Cash baby, your scaring the shit out of these Hoods, their trying to bug out.
  • I can see the van coming, should be here in 10 minutes or so.
  • Fucking low-life cowards, do me a favour KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!
  • Well, that's it, that wasn't too bad was it? Head on over to that gate and I'll let you out.
  • Oh for Christ sake you blew it, it's the cutting room floor for you.
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Begging for Mercy
  • I made you Cash, I made you!
  • I'm your only way of making any of this good Cash, think about it.
  • We could make a sequel Cash. You and me, together!
  • You want a bigger trailer? How about some girls? You like boys?
  • You can't do it can you? You're nothing without me nothing!
  • You want in OK? Ramirez was a schmuck anyway. I could do with a man like you on location.
  • You're throwing away the biggest break you'll ever have.
  • Fuck you Cash, fuck you!
  • Hell, this is insane.
  • Watch what you're doing with that fucking thing!
  • Think, Cash, think! Don't blow your one big chance here!
  • Take it easy there, you almost did for me.
  • Just hear me out for a second, why don't you?
  • Don't start thinking you’re somebody because you're not!
  • You do as I say Cash, as I say!
  • I've been pulling the strings Cash and I can just as easily cut them.
  • You got to be tough to last in this business.
  • I've burnt better talent than you baby, by far!
  • You don't get it do you, the world has moved on Cash, it's over for you.
  • You had your big break and you blew it.
  • Never underestimate a megalomaniac with a gun, Cash.
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