Idle - Following Cash - Commanded:[ Wait - Follow ] - Freaking Out - Relieved - Opening Apartment Door - Unknown


  • Okay stay calm, I'm gonna get through this.
  • Everything's going to be fine.
  • This is turning into one fuck of a bad hair day.
  • Should have staid in bed.
  • Boy, am I going to get drunk later.
  • Shit, I don't like this.
  • Got to shut up or I'll get us both killed.
  • Come on Cash, I believe in you.
  • Just keep your head down and leave it to the pro.
  • Hang in their girl.
  • These babies should numb the pain.
  • I'm not usually a pill popper but given the circumstances.
  • Ah, sweet pharmaceutical relief.
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Following Cash
  • Slow down, Cash,
  • [Gasping for air] Whew wee!
  • [Gasping for air] I can't take much more of this.
  • Hey, don't leave me alone.
  • Don't you desert me.
  • Hey I thought we were sticking together.
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Commanded: Wait
  • You come back for me, okay?
  • Alright but don't be long.
  • If you hear me scream, you better come back for me okay?
  • Okay, but you better not bug out on me.
  • Okay, I'm counting on you.
  • Okay, just don't leave me behind.
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Commanded: Follow
  • Whatever you say.
  • Okay, if you think it’s safe.
  • Okay, but you got to watch out for me.
  • You got it, I'll stay close.
  • You're the boss.
  • I'm with you, lead the way.
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Freaking Out
  • I told you not to leave me alone.
  • Were you ever going to come back for me?
  • Don't leave me alone for that long again.
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  • Ah, thank God, I thought that you just dumped me here.
  • I thought you were never coming back.
  • At last! Where have you been?
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Opening Apartment Door
  • My place is up stairs, here I got the keys.
  • My place is up a floor, Uh... hold on I’ll just unlock the door.
  • I'll get the door; my place is just up the stairs.
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We currently are unsure of what category these lines of dialogue fall under.

  • Hey, where are you going don't you want the dossier?
  • Take the dossier for Christ sake.
  • You going to leave the dossier? Take it.
  • Great a gun look straight forward enough.
  • Okay, I’ve used a pistol before, now where's the safety?
  • Alright a gun, none of those freaks are going to fuck with me now.
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