Each of the characters and pack of hunters in the game have a various amount of dialogue that they speak depending on the situation they are in. In certain scenes some characters have dialogue aimed at Cash while in other scenes they have dialogue aimed other gang members, some even just indulge in a general conversation about whatever they were doing earlier that night.

Due to the length of some of the characters dialogue it was decided to split it up into pages of their own. Each page is formatted into subsections of character awareness or stance and is divided between characters and gangs, much like the characters section of the website.

We have just recently re typed all of the dialogue from the game from scratch, due to an unfortunate situation. While we believe all of the dialogue to once again be back on the site, the placement of some of the dialogue may be off, such as an idle comment being listed under searching for Cash. Much of the dialogue for the SWAT gang is currently listed under that of CCPD; we are working on correctly splitting the factions up.

If you think that we have missed any of the dialogue or spot a misplaced piece of dialogue then please feel free to get in contact with us and let us know.

Each page will load within this frame with its own scroll bar; from there you will find sub categories for easy navigation.