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Manhunt - Chronology of Events

The following is a chronology of events leading up to and beyond the release of Rockstar Games Manhunt. What you will find on this page is a list of all the key events that have surrounding the game, some of which unfortunately carry controversy.


May 14, 2003 – Manhunt is officially announced for release on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Rockstar North told the world that Manhunt was a game that explores the depths of human depravity in a vicious, sadistic tale of urban horror and that details surrounding the game remain shrouded in secrecy.

May, 29th 2003 – Rockstar launch the official website for the game, it includes one pop up image and a distorted voice telling visitors to visit which is now renamed to The link had a set of videos to view; the videos had a CCTV look to them and showed executions taking place. The website also included a message board complete with fake postings from people asking about snuff movies and objects.

July 15, 2003 – Rockstar reveal the official Manhunt box art. It features a hockey mask found face with television scan lines, it doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the games plot but completely sets the moon.

August 01, 2003 - Rockstar release the first set of digital screenshots for Manhunt. These screenshots provided a first glimpse at some of the hunters in the game including the Hoods, Skinz and Wardogs. There was also sight of some of the games weapons such as the machete and a metal baseball bat. Those with a keen eye also picked up on the first firearm in the game, a shotgun.

August 22, 2003 – IGN are given the first ever online hands-on preview of the game. Everything sounds overtly positive about the title.

September 02, 2003 - Rockstar update the official Manhunt website, the update includes some new screenshots added and a new video which really doesn’t show off much of the game. The games release date is also pushed back from late October 2003 to mid-November 2003 by parent company Take-Two Interactive, the delay is said to give developer, Rockstar North, more time to polish the game.

September 22, 2003 – Rockstar release the first trailer for Manhunt. IGN also reveal that the character design for the games lead character, James Earl Cash has changed. The reason for the change is due to Rockstar North trying to continually improve on the game design and aesthetic. Some game play and story details are also provided to IGN by Rockstar Games.

September 24, 2003 – IGN post some more Manhunt screenshots, they act as a first glimpse at the Cerberus guards.

September 29, 2003 – Rockstar North share details related to the story and environments of Manhunt.

October 13, 2003 – Rockstar release the second trailer for Manhunt through the games official website.

October 20, 2003 – IGN are given an exclusive Manhunt preview titled ‘The Gangs of Carcer City’.

October 24, 2003 – IGN post the second part of their exclusive Manhunt preview titled ‘The Gangs of Carcer City, Part 2’.

November 04, 2003 – Sony prematurely announces that Manhunt is compatible with their newly shown of USB headset.

November 05, 2003 – Rockstar announce that Manhunt is compatible with the recently released USB headset to highlight the importance of sound in the game. The Directors voice would only be heard through the headset and the games environmental sounds would be heard through your TV sound system. Any noise made through the headsets microphone would be heard in game by the hunters.

November 13, 2003 – Rockstar release five new screenshots of Manhunt in motion. IGN also post part three of their exclusive Manhunt preview titled ‘The Weapons of Manhunt’.

November 14, 2003 - The third official Manhunt Trailer is given out by Rockstar Games exclusively to IGN.

November 19, 2003 – Manhunt is officially released in North America for the PlayStation 2.

November 21, 2003 – Manhunt is officially released in Europe for the PlayStation 2.

December 12, 2003 – Manhunt is prohibited from sale in New Zealand after being on sale for almost a month. The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification labelled the game as being ‘gruesome’.

December 18, 2003 – Manhunt is inadvertently confirmed to be coming to the PC and Xbox through Take-Two Interactive fiscal and financial results.

March 04, 2004 – Rockstar Games officially announce that Manhunt is scheduled for release on the PC and Microsoft Xbox games console on April 20th 2004 in North America.

March 18, 2004 – The first batch of screenshots from the PC and Xbox builds of Manhunt are released by Rockstar. They show off an increase of texture quality, tattoos that were once blurry are now razor sharp.

March 22, 2004 – Game play videos of the PC build of Manhunt are released by Rockstar to such sites as Game Trailers and IGN.

April 14, 2004 – Rockstar release four more game play videos of the PC build of Manhunt.

April 20, 2004 – Manhunt is officially released in North America for the PC and the Xbox.

April 23, 2004 – Manhunt is officially released in Europe for the PC and the Xbox.

May 01, 2004 – The Manhunt remix soundtrack CD and 12” are released.

July 28, 2004 – Manhunt is accused of influencing the murder of 14 year old British boy Stefan Pakeerah by 17 year old Warren LeBlanc. LeBlanc is said to be ‘obsessed’ with Manhunt.

July 29, 2004 – Select UK retailers remove Manhunt from their store shelves due to the game (falsely) being accused of influencing the murder of a British teen.

August 05, 2004 – Manhunt is found to be not guilty of influencing the murder of a British teenager back in July. It is revealed that the victim was the owner of the game and not the attacker.

August 09, 2004 – Despite all accusations made towards Manhunt being lifted UK retailer Dixon say they will not restock the game.

September 30, 2004 – Manhunt is removed from store shelves in Australia due to the allegations being made against the game in Britain.

September 14, 2007 – Manhunt is finally released in the ‘Platinum’ range for the PlayStation 2 in the UK.

December 19, 2007 - Thanks to firmware update 2.10 being released through the PlayStation Network (PSN) Manhunt is now compatible with European PlayStation 3 consoles. Unfortunately it have a few set backs such as freezing.

December 21, 2007 - You can now download Manhunt on the PC through IGN’s Direct2Drive online digital distribution system.

January 04, 2008 - Manhunt is now available for download through Valve Software's Steam digital distribution client.
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