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Manhunt - Carcer City Subway Maps

Carcer city far out spans that of which is shown in the game, the subway maps are perfect proof of this. The only problem however is that due to technical limitations the subway maps become blurry and almost unintelligible without first being tweaked. As such we have decided to create our own maps of Carcer city’s underground, even at their smallest resolution the clarity in these is far superior to that found in the game. These maps where created from looking at and tweaking the original textures as well as looking at maps of the level design. By using these maps you can work out where certain scenes likely happen.

Currently there are two maps to chose from, a smaller map and a larger one. Both reveal different locations. Below the maps are the locations within the map.

By clicking on the images you are able to view larger versions of them.

Small Subway Map
  • Old Town
  • Arthur St.
  • Pirso Place
  • Central
  • Hay St Carcer Plaza
  • Burns Sqare
  • Carcer Point
Large Subway Map
  • Carcer Junction
  • Yine St
  • Felin Bank Park
  • Cruise Square
  • Hynadland Point
  • River Fen Viaduct
  • Kay Shore
  • Bridge of Deeford
  • Stonehavelle
  • Franklyn Steet
  • Mary Hill
  • Vinny Green
  • Craig Ave
  • Roslin Park
  • Broomhill
  • Penny Bank
  • Ellington Ave
  • Bertram
  • Lassie
  • Jordonford
  • Rocksnorth Bay
  • Razlehead Circus
  • Garthdee Square
  • Alexander Cross
  • Joan Terr
  • Brooklyn Square
  • Leamingford
  • Jefferson Mains
  • Redman Lane
  • Aberdonmary
  • Austin Ave
  • Holy Ave
  • Nalmy Mains
  • Spencer
  • Gilling Hill
  • Dollar
  • Stone Ave
  • Lettering
  • Ted Ave
  • Mount Rela
  • Sheiling
  • St Clare Place
  • Kay Shore
  • Leigh Rd
  • Chainley
  • New Street
  • Carcer Steet
- Small Map
- Large Map
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