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In Carcer City you may have come across many different shops on your quest to survive, ranging from the streets of the city to the mall in 'View of Innocence', with the use of the debug trainer we were able to go beyond the boundaries of the levels and bring to you hidden shops that were never supposed to be seen, including, J.Arthur's Jewellers and Harvey's Shoes. We have compiled a list below including which scene the shops were seen and where in the scene they are located, including any slogan or extra information the shops may have so you can also look for the shop yourself.

The stores are split up in to two categories, those that appear in the Carcer City Mall and those that appear in the city. In the tables below you can see where each store is located.

Small Subway Map
• Butter a Bagel
• Carcer Chem
• Checks Cashed
• Chips Casino
• Gun Kingdom
• Harmans Hardware
• Delicatessen Restaurant
• Dentons City Junkyard Auto Parts
• Liquor Shop
• J.Arthur
• Joe's Beds
• Maverley and Sons
• Mean Street Taxis
• Mick's Deli
• Ryton Aide
• Tarbrush Cafe
• Taylors Loans
• Travel Travel
• Tyson Tyres
• Ugolino's Watchmaker
• Video
• Zoo Shop
Ground Floor
• D.Kays Pet Store
• Laundromat
• W. Blood Quality Butchers
• Ugolino's Watchmakers
First Floor
• Pirso and Bertramino's Barber Shop
• Classy Cutz
• Fancy That
• Macs Hot Dog Stand
• Pinkies Top Bonanza
• Piros Bar
• Spiritz
• Toy Corner
Second Floor
• Jacob Bensons Family Chemist
• Harvey's Shoes
• Macy J's Snacks
• Macy J's Snacks #2
• Rollio Records
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