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And you thought GTA was the most shocking game out there. Oh man, were you wrong. Imagine this: A movie with no music. A movie with no actors. A movie that is more brutal than you could ever imagine. A movie where one man actually murders someone in the most violent, grusome, and sickening way possible for entertainment. That's Manhunt.

Story: The story is not very evident in this game, but it is certainly adult enough to keep you motivated thoughout the game.
Rating: 8.7

Graphics: The graphics are dark, gritty and grusome. They are not flashy, but do the job nicely. (or not so nicely) They illistrate how adult this game is in a very effective way.
Rating: 9.6

Sound: How, I ask, how, did they get the sound of barbed wire grinding against someones neck, while they choke and gasp until they are decapitated? How did they get the sound of a chainsaw grinding through someones stomach? The sound is so disturbing, you can close your eyes during an execution and take in the sounds and still be disgusted. The music makes the gameplay even tenser, and when you are spotted, it increases the amount of panic. Not as haunting as Silent Hill, but still extremely disturbing.
Rating: 9.7

Gameplay: Rockstar yet again delivers. You may think it's one of those games which has a huge amount of violence, but a bad game engine, but this is so much more. This is miles off Rockstars free roaming gameplay, you feel trapped in fact. But it uses this effectively for a great expierience. You begin to feel if you conduct one slight misjudgement, you are a goner, and this is often the case. When performing executions, it is so tense, you could explode. What if he turns round? What if theres no place to hide if he sees me? These feelings go through your head about every two minutes in the later levels. 'Executions' are when you sneak up behind a hunter and hold down the X or square button. Cash will raise is fist and white arrows will appear over the hunters head. Now lets imagine Cash has a baseball bat in his posession. Release the button now and Cash will perform a simple blow to the head. Keep the button held down and the arrows will turn yellow after a few seconds. Release the button now, and Cash will smash the hunters legs. When he's on the ground, he smashes his legs even more until he can't move. (just like in Misery) Then he mashes his stomach until he's dead. Thought that was brutal? You ain't seen nothing yet. Keep the button held down and the arrows will turn red.

This is the ultimate execution. Release that button if you dare. Your finger drifts cautiously off the button. Cash penetrates the hunters stomach with a huge blow. When he's down on his knees he raises the bat. Swing. Splat. Brains all over the wall. Home run. How do you react? Satisfaction?
Disgust? Relief? Probably all three in quick sucsession.

That is the core of Manhunt. The gorier the excecution, the more risk of the enemy turning round while you're preparing to attack. It sounds stupid how you can't perform an execution straight away. It sounds like it doesn't work. But when you play it, it does. If you could perform the ultimate kill straight away, the tension would be gone. And that's what makes a quarter of all Manhunts gameplay at least. If you thought you could go round in big metal boots and still sneak up behind enemies, you've got another think coming. When you are hunting down an enemy, you must be careful you don't make any noise. If you do, the enemy will hear you, turn round, and the whole gang will be on to you faster than you can say "Whoopsie." Gravel and running are two things that can draw an enemies attention to you. Remember this is a stealth game, so being seen is bad. Sound can also be used to your advantage. You can bang your weapon against a wall and hide in the shadows. When a hunter comes to investigate, you can creep up behind him and let rip. Ah, the shadows. The shadows are your friend. If you don't use the shadows, you can say goodbye to your life. Hide in the shadows, wait for the hunter to go past and... you know the drill. Very rarely, you will have to engage in one-on-one combat. The combat isn't very deep, but it doesn't need to be, as this is a stealth game. You can do strong attacks (square) which are slower but have more force, and speed attacks,(X) which are speedier but don't do much damage. Weapons aren't just of the melee type, there are guns as well. These range from nail guns to machine guns. Sometimes you must engage in shoot outs and be anything but stealthy. These are surprisingly good, and can be quite adrenalin packed. The reason why there is loads in the gameplay section is because it's a massive amount deeper than at first glance. Manhunt is a gameplay phenomenon. If you are squeamish, stay well away. Everyone else, you have no excuse buy this n... oh yeah, I haven't finished yet. Boy, is this going to be a long review....
Rating: 10

Lifespan: Warning casual gamers: THIS GAME IS HARD. Even on easy, (fetish) this is hard. On hardcore, you have one of the hardest games ever to grace the PS2. This game took me two weeks to complete,(thats getting 5-stars on all levels on hardcore difficulty) and I am considered to be one of the best gamers in my school. And theres plenty of replay value, too. Try doing what I did, and youve got yourself at least 2 weeks of playing, my friend. By doing what I did, you will unlock all extras, all cheats and all bonus levels. It is a very rewarding game, and it's enough to keep you motivated throughout.
Rating: 9.7

Originality: This is hard to decide. I could say that it has plenty of new features to keep it original, although I could say it's just the same old survival horror. I'm going to say... its original. In fact, how can you call it a survival horror? Where's the key collecting? Where's the monsters? This is an stealth title, coated with an action game, sprinkled with some horror and given a huge dose of blood and gore. This is a blend of different genres spattered with blood. You will not find a game like it on the shelves.
Rating: 9.5

Overall: This is not to be missed. Morally questionable? Yes. But you have that guilty satisfaction which tells you that you actually enjoy slaughtering people. One of the great gaming expieriences. Banned in New Zeland, allegedly the cause of a murder in Britan, this has enough contoversy surrounding it to make sales shoot up, but if you don't have it, you are missing something very beautiful. Beautiful in a gory, gritty, adult kind of way.

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