Horrorwatch Review

From RockStar games and the developers of GTA comes Manhunt, You are Cash an inmate on death row. Lionel Starkweather will answer your prayers, but of course you must do something for him. Now Cash is put through some ruthless levels or "scenes" and must run and kill thugs and murderous freaks all on the look out for him. He must use any tactic or weapon to slaughter his way out. He is Lionel Starkweather's leading man in his newest "snuff film".

Gorehounds will fall in love with this game, stealth is very key to this game. But once you get right up behind your enemy to deliver the fatal blow it makes it all worth it. You will hide up against walls and pound on the walls to get the enemies attention to hopefully wonder on by while you wait for the right moment to take his ass out. Every other time you sneak up on an enemy and kill him the screen switches so you can see it from the fuzzy cameras point of view and watch as the thug is stabbed, suffocated, strangled, beaten to death. Blood flies up on the camera lens, which is pretty cool the first few times. But then it starts to piss you off because you just wanna hurry up and move on.

Weapons you get to use vary a lot, you start off with a plastic bag you can suffocate thugs with and a sharp piece of broken glass you will shove into there throat and watch the fountain of blood spurt! You get hand guns, shotguns, baseball bats, hammers and what not. Another neat thing is you are able to distract enemies by throwing a brick OR the dismembered heads of one of your recent victims! You even get to dress up like Jason Voorhees with a bloody hockey mask. Some of the bosses are pretty fucked up, you'll walk into a room only to find a screaming mad man in a happy mask running at you. The main things is to not become noticed or you'll have more thugs than you can handle.

This game is any Slasher flick fans dream come true with its gritty violence and environments. Things I enjoyed about this game was all the creativity they added in that you could join in on like throwing enemies heads was great. Just the general scenario of it is pretty new to the games that have been put out there. Making it blood-spurtingly unique in a sense. The graphics are decent, sometimes hard to see but your in the dark most of the time so that's understandable. A great rental, not something I'd buy but maybe some of you gore lovers could enjoy it over and over again.

4 out of 5 Voorhees wanna-be's

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