- August 02nd 2005

Dooyoo Review

This game is an 18 rated game, and in this case definitely should not be purchased for anyone under that age. Ratings are there for a reason and this game is no exception. Manhunt is notorious for almost being banned by the same parents who purchased the game for their underage children, totally ignoring the ratings system that would normally decide what films they take their children to see.

I enjoy 18 rated games, as I have now mostly grown out of Pacman and Sonic the Hedgehog and want a game that I can get into and feel is believable. I also enjoy any film that causes controversy eg Clockwork Orange.

This game was a combination of both, plus it was in the sale for 14.99.

The game begins with you having been 'killed'. However you weren't really, it was like you had been on a rather horrific version of Beadles About. You come to and find your life is being controlled by someone who wants to make violent films and sets up situations for you to complete. You are judged in each sector by the level of violence you use and the extremeness of your executions.

The idea of the game is to move from one area to the next avoiding detection wherever possible. Sometimes you need to get the enemies attention, eg by throwing a brick, bottle or head if one happens to be lying around. When their back is turned you can execute them with any of the weapons at your disposal.

Wire, Plastic Bag, Glass Shard, Knife, Machete, a variety of guns, and a selection of Bats.

The executions can be made more violent the longer you hold down the execution button. The cut scenes are very graphic in both picture and sound. Even better if you have surround sound and play in the dark.

All the way throught the game you need to be careful and try to hide in the shadows as much as possible. Often you will be spotted and must resort to some mano 'a' mano combat.

It's not a good idea to take on more than 1 person at a time otherwise you will get killed. There are painkillers laying around that you can pick up to improve your health whilst progressing through a level and also save points after a lot of the sections.

The game on the easier skill level of 2 is not too difficult just to complete, if you are careful and sensible. However to get a good score and unlock all the bonuses you will need to be quick and violent.

I won't go into any more detail as this review is making me sound like a bit of a nutter. But I will finish with saying this is an excellent game but should only be played by those people who can separate reality from the gaming world.

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