News of the World - December 05th 2004

Violent Games Set For The Chop

Sick video games that glamorise violent could soon be banned after a worrying rise of kids playing X-rated titles.

The trade secretary Patricia Hewitt is calling on the British Board of Film Classification to outlaw any game they feel could fuel violence crime. She has ordered industry chiefs to Whitehall to discuss a raft of proposals including six month jail terms for shopkeepers who sell games to children. The move comes after the game Manhunt was blamed for the murder of Stefan Pakeerah, 14 from Leicester. And a recent survey it showed that two in three 11 to 14-year play bloodthirsty titles like Mortal Kombat. Culture Chief Tessa Jowell said”You wouldn’t let your children watch The Texas chainsaw massacre so don’t let them play an 18-certificated game”