PSM3 (UK) - September 2007

See the nastiest bits of the original snuff horrorpiece

Fighting people head-on is a no-no in Manhunt. It's all about catching them unawares - and the longer you stalk them, the more vicious Cash is. There are three kill types - Hasty, Violent and Gruesome - and loads of weapons. Read on the read the nastiest of the kills.

Hasty… Plastic bag
Cash simply jams the bag over the hunter's head and then chokes him until he crumples to his knees and dies. Comes complete with horrible "I can't breathe" animations.

Violent… Plastic bag
Cash forces the bag over the enemy's head and rabbit-punches him in the lower back, causing him to fall to his knees. Cash then presses his knee into the victim's back and snaps his spine.

Gruesome… Plastic bag
Cash bags up the enemy, then spins him around and punches his face to mush before strangling him and breaking his neck. We're pretty sure there's a warning about this on plastic bags themselves.

Violent… Glass shard
Cash stabs his victim repeatedly in the stomach until he's dead. This one's known in the office as the "Pesci," after the pint-sized psycho's similar turn with a pen in Casino.

Gruesome… Glass shard
Cash slashes the enemy down across his back, then grabs his head and stabs the hunter through each eye socket. Even when the saps's wearing goggles, this is pretty unpleasant.

Hasty… Wire
Cash whips the wire around the enemy's neck from behind and violently chokes the life out of him, Luca Brazzi-style. Textbook mafia stuff and it leaves you with a head to play with.

Gruesome… Wire
Cash wraps the wire around the hunter's neck from behind and forces his knee into his back for leverage. Then he simply saws his head off. It's a bit like slicing cheese.

Hasty… Nightstick
Cash clubs the copper in the stomach and then batters him several more times until he's dead. Don't worry, they're all corrupt. This move can also be done with the blackjack.

Gruesome… Nightstick
Cash quickly strikes the victim in the head twice before getting him in a headlock and breaking his neck. Honestly, it's OK - they're happy to die for Starkweather. Really.

Cash springs towards the enemy and stabs him in the neck with the sharp end of the crowbar. The enemy simply crumples onto the floor as the blood starts to spurt all over the place.

Cash swings and lodges the hooked portion of the crowbar in the enemy’s head, then kicks him away to free the crowbar - and probably comes away with a chunk of skull. Unpleasant.

Cash stabs the enemy in the back with the crowbar, then yanks it out and, as the enemy falls to his knees, jams it straight through his cranium and watches him drop. Awful.

Hasty... Machete
Cash slashes the enemy in his back, dropping him to his knees. Next he grabs him by the hair and chops away at his neck until his head’s severed. Just like opening up a coconut.

Violent… Machete
Cash chops the hunter twice in the chest before finishing the job by hacking away at his neck until his head comes off. Now throw it into a corner to distract his little friends.

Gruesome… Machete
Cash nails the enemy with a powerful chop to the torso and then hacks away at his neck until his head falls off. The downside is, anyone finding the head will go on super-alert. Not surprising, really.

Hasty… Sickle
Cash gouges his victim in the head and then finishes him off by slashing him in the back. You’d think he’s be dead after the first bit, but you might as well be careful, right?

Violent… Sickle
Cash goes for a classic lob shot and hooks the unfortunate hunter in the unmentionables... then pauses for a second before ripping the sickle free. It’s impossible to watch without wincing.

Gruesome… Sickle
Cash grabs the enemy’s face and pulls the hunter back as he stabs him in the stomach and guts him. Then he wrenches the sickle out and the foe drops to the floor. As you would.

Hasty… Hammer
Cash grabs the hunter by the head while simultaneously swinging the hammer hard into his temple. The hunter crumples to the floor like a sack of wet meat cuttings.

Violent… Hammer
Cash pounds the hammer into his victim's back, dropping him to his knees. He then bends his head backwards and finishes him with a hard over-arm strike to the face.

Gruesome… Hammer
Cash smashes the enemy in the stomach so he falls to his knees. Then he finishes the job by swinging the hammer upwards into his face. Even the sound effects are sickening.

Hasty… Baseball bat
Cash just bashes his enemy over the back of the head, and then finishes him off with a smash in the face. The camera gets smothered with blood - time for Cash to steal the base.

Violent… Baseball bat
Cash dishes out one in the spuds and makes the hunter reel over in pain. Then Cash finishes him off with a solid strike to the head, Robert De Niro in The Untouchables-style.

Gruesome… Baseball bat
Cash chokes the enemy from behind with the bat until the enemy falls semi-conscious. Cash then takes a step back and takes a huge swing at the enemy's head. It comes totally off.

Gruesome… Chainsaw
It takes a bit of setting up, but nailing a Cerberus guardsman with the game's final weapon sees Cash jam it downwards and directly through their skull. Oh dear God…

The five baddest gangs

Murder… The Hoods
Off-duty cops and street thugs. Disorganised idiots. Typical line: “I should have brought something to read. Hell, I should learn how to read.”

Butcher… The Skinz
White supremacist lunatics, who consider Cash to be mixed race. Typical line: “I can smell your tainted blood like rotten eggs.”

Shoot up… The Wardogs
Nerve-frazzled Vietnam vets and weekend warriors. Typical line: “Yep, I’m gonna snap his neck like a puppy dog’s leg.” Charming fellows.

Flee from… The Innocentz
Peyote-addled gang-bangers and giant-sized man-babies. Hang out in the shopping mall. Typical quote: “Diablo, give me the gringo’s eyes tonight.”

Shudder at… The Smilies
Lunatics that have taken over the asylum. Unique taste in body art. Typical quote: “Come on Barry, at least face me… we gotta talk about the kids.”

The four worst moments

Family fortunes
Starkweather’s kidnapped Cash’s family. Unfortunately, if he’s spotted by the Wardogs they’ll cap his dear old mum and dad without a second’s thought.

Push the button
In the second Smilies level, you need to lure Fug out of his hiding place… so fry the sap who’s strapped to the electroshock unit and wait for the maniac to totter over.

Video nasties
In Innocence Lost, Starkweather’s left you a little present… a videotape. Find a player, though, and it turns out that he hasn’t let your surviving family members go after all.

Follow the rabbit
The white rabbit you’re following leads you into an ambush and the Cerberus want you dead… but once you’ve blown mister floppy-ears’ head off, it’s time for revenge.

Unlock the even more unpleasant stuff

Hard as nails
Get at least a three-star rating on five consecutive scenes and you’ll bag one of four minigames. Doing the first four levels gets you a nailgun battle against the Hoodz.

Monkey see, monkey die
Do levels 11-15 and you unlock the best bonus mission - the apes at the zoo have been driven mad by a banana shortage and now they’re packing shotguns.

Total garbage
Complete any level with a three-star ranking and you’ll earn a panel showing stuff that didn’t get into the game. Our favourite is Bin Bag, the boss of the unseen Lostgang.

Let’s eat
Sit it out until after the closing credits and there’s one last shock: a kids’ cookery program at the end of Cash’s snuff movie tape.