OPSM2 - April 2006 - Issue#71

End Game

Finishing games so you don't have too
This month: MANHUNT

The perfectly paced build up to Manhunt's brutal climax see James Earl Cash breaking free of his imprisonment at the hands of deranged snuff film auteur Lionel Starkweather and turning the tables on him. The first two-thirds of Rockstar's controversial masterwork are spent hiding in the shadows, outwitting brutal gangs of costumed madmen, but in the final act the gameplay shifts radically as Cash closes in on his manipulative tormentor.

Having shot and butured his way to the grounds of Starkweather's opulent mansion, Cash discovers its aristocratic facade hides a terrifying secret. Making his way to the attic he discovers Piggsy, the final boss character; a beast of man with a severad pig's head mask and a chainsaw. It's a bleak, unforgettable experience as bit by bit you stab Piggsy to death with glass shards. After turning him into pork scratchings and dealing with a final onslaught of armed guards you face off with Starkweather. Dressed like the archetypal porn director. He's fat, incapable, pathetic, alone. You, on the other hand, are armed with a chain saw.