OPSM2 - March 2006 - Issue#70


History : No sequels

Clearly bored of producing wholesome family entertainment (Grand Theft Auto) Rockstar delved into the crack-stained recesses of it's darkest nightmares to produce this tabloid-enraging snuff-'em-out. If you thought carrying out grusome murders for a
voyeuristic psycho was horrific on PS2, piture it on PS3. Here, Rockstar could utilise the latest real-time animation systems to create seemless physical reations - bodies staggering crumpling, and bouncing down staircases... Plus it's not inconceivable that character models could boast anatomically correct insides whack some chump with a nail-studded baseball bat and he'll be shredding kidneys as well as blood. Ironically, it's the superior capabilities of PS3 that will likely scupper any hope of an uber-grapic Manhunt revival.