OPSM - March 2004

Manhunt Cheats

To use any of these codes you have to unlock them in your game first (just follow the instructions below), then that code will be "activated" and will work. If you're a lazy bum who tries to key these in right after buying the game, no dice for you.

Unlockable, Beat these Scenes First...

...Then enter this code

Helium Hunters, Strapped for Cash and View of Innocence

R1, R1, Triangle, Circle, Square, L2, L1, Down

Monkey Skin, Press Coverage and Wrong Side of the Tracks

Square, Square, R2, Down, Triangle, Square, Circle, Down

Regeneration, Fueled by Hate and Grounds for Assault

R2, Right, Circle, R2, L2, Down, Circle, Left

Runner, Born Again and Doorway Into Hell

R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right

Super Punch Mouth of Madness and Doing Time

L1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1

Some notes about the star system

For every "scene" (or level) in which you get at least three stars you open artwork (available under Bonus Features on the Main menu). Also note that the 20 scenes are also broken down into groups of five (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20), and if you get three or more stars in any of those groups, you open up a bonus level.

four bonus levels total

1) Hard As Nails A simple "kill as many bad dudes as you can." There are no painkillers to heal you, and you're armed with just a nail gun and a bat. Remember the third level, Road to Ruin? That's where this takes place. Earn three stars in any of the following levels to unlock this: Born Again, Doorway Into Hell, Road to Ruin, White Trash, and Fueled by Hate.

2) Brawl Game This is an even simpler survival mode in which you're trapped in the basketball court in the very first level, and you just need to live. There will be a bunch of respawning gangsters, but besides trying to kill you, they'll also fight each other. Earn three stars in any of the following levels to unlock this: Grounds for Assault. Strapped for Cash, View of Innocence, Drunk Driving, and Graveyard Shift.

3) Monkey See, Monkey Die Uh, this is a monkey shootout. Taking place at the end of the zoo level (Strapped for Cash), you start with a shotgun and just blast your way through the level. Earn three stars in any of the following levels to unlock this: Mouth of Madness, Doing Time, Kill the Rabbit, Divided They Fall, and Press Coverage.

4) Time 2 Die This is a timed mission, you gotta kill all the gang members within ten minutes. It's a totally new and unique map, so you can't replay earlier levels to memorize the layout. Earn three stars in any of the following levels to unlock this: Wrong Side of the Tracks, Trained to Kill, Border Patrol, Key Personnel, and Deliverance.

Finally, if you score five stars on a scene (only available by playing on Hardcore difficulty) you'll open part of a code (like the ones listed at the beginning); these codes show up on the bonus artwork itself.