OPSM2 - October 2003 - Issue#39

OPSM2 Preview

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The latest info on the grossest violation of human rights on the PS2

Some things in life are the best left untouched. Beer from the night before; that scab that you reckon must have healed by now. Your mum’s best friend. But as gross as it is, we just can’t leave Manhunt alone. Its getting very close to release now bus Rockstar still had time to set loose this bevy of screens direct from Carcer City. Different flavored gangs, innovative CCTV killings and altogether plenty that little Tommy shouldn’t be concerning himself with this side of adolescence. Let all murmurings of State of Emergency be shushed - from the looks of these snapshots, Manhunt can’t fail to push the boundaries of acceptable gaming all over again. God bless you, Rockstar (He certainly won’t be forgiving you anytime soon)