OPSM - October 2003

Manhunt Preview

If there's any doubt in your mind that Manhunt will be one of the most violent games ever made, just wait till you see the downright squirmy Levels of Execution feature. After holding down Square, three arrows lock on to your victim. The length of time you hold down the button yields one of three execution styles: hasty, violent, or extreme-"extreme" as in using a glass shard to stab an adversary in the stomach multiple times, followed by several seconds of eye gouging. Yikes. Wanna go extreme with a baseball bat? Prepare for some decapitation.

Manhunt controls very smoothly, with Square or X as your main attacks (they both perform the same executions in stealth mode, but you'll see different attacks in melee), Triangle to prop up against a wall, and Circle to fiddle with your inventory. Even with easy controls, the game still makes us a little sick to our stomachs. In a good way?