PSW - October 2003 - Issue #48



Rockstar is pitching its video nasty as social satire of violence and our obsession with reality TV. Intriguingly, your actions must always satisfy an audience who are baying for enough blood to rival a splatter-horror movie, giving the game an open-ended feel as you improvise methods of murder. The more gruesome the killing, the greater the rewards are in the form of improved weapons, thus boosting your chances of survival.

Snatches of the game’s story are also filtering through. You play as James Earl Cash, a convicted felon given what he believes is a lethal injection. Instead you wake up in the run-down industrial area of Carcer City, with instructions being barked thorough an earpiece by the ‘Director’. He’s one Lionel Starkweather, a nasty bastard who tapes these manhunts for cheap thrills. With his heavily armed force, known as Cerberus, guarding the city’s perimeter fencing and the local cops in his pay, Cash’s only source of help is a journalist eager to expose Starkweather.

Rockstar reckons it’ll be ready by mid-November. We say “Ban this sick filth”