- August 05, 2004

Boys murder not related to Manhunt game

Police in the UK have stated that a link between the game Manhunt and the recent murder of a 14 year old boy cannot be proved to exist. The boys murder and the announcement that a copy of the game Manhunt had been found in connection with the case prompted a storm of outrage as well as a knee jerk reaction from Dixons to pull the game from the shelves.

New information released by the police has shown that the copy of Manhunt was in fact found to be in the possession of the 14 year old victim, rather than the 17 year old attacker. The question will no doubt be raised as to how the victim was able to obtain a game rated at 18, and it is currently believed that it was sent to him a few days prior to his death by his attacker.

It is of course unlikely now that Manhunt will be put back on Dixon's shelves, but as a side effect of all of this media coverage the game has actually increased it's sales. It is of course tragic that a life has been lost, but lessons may be here to be learnt, importantly that jumping to conclusions may not always be the best idea.

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