- July 28th 2004

Manhunt blamed for murder of teen

Scottish teen murdered for money to pay for drugs; parents put the blame on Manhunt.

From, "Stefan Pakeerah, 14, was repeatedly battered with a claw hammer and stabbed to death after being lured to a local park."

"Peter Joyce QC prosecuting told the court that the defendant had planned to rob his younger friend to help repay a drugs debt. But following the hearing, Stefans parents said Leblanc had mimicked a a horrific game in which the players score points for violent killings."

His grieving mother, Giselle, said: 'I think that I heard some of Warren's friends say that he was obsessed by this game. To quote from the website that promotes it, it calls it a psychological experience, not a game, and it encourages brutal killing. If he was obsessed by it, it could well be that the boundaries for him became quite hazy.'"

"His father, Patrick, added outside court: 'They were playing a game called Manhunt. The way Warren committed the murder this is how the game is set out killing people using weapons like hammers and knives. There is some connection between the game and what he has done.'"

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