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Valiant Video Enterprises

During the build up to the release of Manhunt, Rockstar created a spoof snuff website in order to promote the game. The website was online before the initial screenshots of the game were shown, leaving journalists and game fans bewildered as to what exactly the game was.


Pop Up #01

The official Manhunt website went live at the start of May 2003 and consisted of only a still image and a pop up window for the spoof Valiant website. This was the first glimpse into the website: Pop Up Advertisment 01

Pop Up #02

The second incarnation of the official Manhunt site, which launched towards the end of July 2003, included the first 5 videos of the game which consist of beta footage. The videos are hard to come by these days and can only be found over at Gamespot. The videos where low in quality and didn’t really show anything of relevance other than that the game would be very violent and of a high artistic value.

During this update the second pop up for Valiant appeared: Pop Up Advertisment 02

There was also a voice clip that played in the background, the voice had been slowed down and distorted. You can download and or read a transcript of the audio file here.

Pop Up #03

The third valiant advertisement appeared around the same time as the second one and was used on both the official Manhunt website and the Valiant Video Enterprises website. Pop Up Advertisment 03

These days the official Manhunt site contains no pop up links and very little in the way of connection between itself and Valiant Video Enterprises. Both sites haven't been updated since the release of Manhunt other than the addition of the PC and Xbox additional imagery to the official site.


This voice clip played in the background of Pop Up#02, the voice was slowed down and distorted to give a more ominous feeling. It had the following to say:

"Valiant video enterprises, real hardcode, real fetish, real brutal, videos made to order. New members only interactive forums, now at"

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Valiant Entertainment Advertisement
00:18 Minutes
- Valiant Pop Up 01
- Valiant Pop Up 02
- Valiant Pop Up 03
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