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Features - Leo Kasper Patient Therapy Session Transcript

The following is a transcript of a patient therapy session held between clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Whyte and Dixmor resident Leo Kasper.

The original audio files are taken from the official Manhunt 2 website, the audio file was broken up into sections forcing you to navigate pages of the ‘Leo Kasper Dixmor Studies Therapy Session’ in order to hear the segments. Below you will find the entire interview transcribed.

The interview is titled 'Patient Therapy Session #4-26, Test Case 412567.

- Dr. Whyte: Dixmor studies we are, we are resuming with session 4-26 name Leo Kasper, test case 412567. Leo? Can you hear me? Leo? Leo, can you hear me?
Leo Kasper: Yeah and I can see you too.
- Dr. Whyte: We're going to continue with...
Leo Kasper: You’re hotter than the last one. Whatever happened to that good old Dr. Deborah anyway?
- Dr. Whyte: I'll be asking the questions...
Leo Kasper: Ah that's right, I killed the bitch. Do you have a cigarette?
- Dr. Whyte: You know I don't.
Leo Kasper: Yeah, she didn't have any either.
- Dr. Whyte: Leo, why did you kill...
Leo Kasper: Come to think of it, I don't even know if I smoke. These drugs that you puppets pump me with, I don't know Cain and Abel, can we stop with the drugs here, I like them hardy in all...
- Dr. Whyte: After attacking Dr. Deborah...
Leo Kasper: ...just say fucking no!
- Dr. Whyte: Do you remember killing those other people before you were caught? Before you were sent here?
Leo Kasper: The people you wanted me to kill? Or the people I felt should go.
- Dr. Whyte: I read your dossier, I’m fully aware of your expertise in assassination, that was your job and you did it exceptionally, but your targets were selected by the government as immanent dangers, they were evil men, terrorists, you must realise that, but to turn on your own employers, the people who trained you.
Leo Kasper: No we’re the good guys, right I forgot we’re the good clandestine government agency that slivers its way in every facet of American life, right, right, ok, got it. You see good and evil are for those wage slaves out there that you can control, but no one controls me.
- Dr. Whyte: So the killing of the project scientist, the assassination of the project official at the plaza, the burning of the files, these were acts of vengeful spite, but Leo, why on earth would you kill...
Leo Kasper: Don't you say one more fucking word, Dr. Deborah finished that question she wasn't alive to hear the answer. Look at me like that one more time and I’ll rip your face off, bitch.
- Dr. Whyte: You don't scare me Leo, in fact you look pretty pathetic.
Leo Kasper: I feel fucking pathetic. These drugs dull my senses, these fucking chains hurt like hell, these fucking walls are all I ever see. I need to be free, I need to get out of here...
- Dr. Whyte: To satisfy more homicidal urges?
Leo Kasper: ...I’m going to be free.
- Dr. Whyte: Leo, why...
Leo Kasper: Dogs bark babe, snakes crawl, Leo kills, this is a surprise to you, you fuckers created me. My head is filled with combat training, ways of escape, stealth tactics. I want to think about puppy dogs and fucking football but all I see are six things that can be used to kill you right now.
- Dr. Whyte: Six? Is that all?
Leo Kasper: Sorry, seven, I could pierce your ear drum with the temple of your glasses, rip the pin off your ear rings and shove it in your systemic artery. Wrap that ID pass around your neck and choke the life out of you. Yank your high heels off and gouge out your eyes. Pierce your cephalic vein with that fucking pen your cheap dad bought you for graduation and inject ink into your blood stream or ram that clipboard into your septum and fuck your brain with your nose bone.
- Dr. Whyte: That's only six, Leo.

Leo Kasper: I really can't mention number seven [Dr. Whyte interrupts] not in front of you.

- Dr. Whyte: Before the training, Leo. What can you tell me about your life before the training?
Leo Kasper: I don't have much time for the past.
- Dr. Whyte: Well is there any memory you can share? A first kiss, a special vacation...
Leo Kasper: The only thing that matters is the future, the future is where I’m on the outside, the future is where I don't have to take orders from anyone.
- Dr. Whyte: How does Daniel Lamb fit into your future, Leo?
Leo Kasper: [laughs] Danny is the only one in here that got fucked harder than me. I showed him that he doesn't have to be scared, that he can be a man; I’m here whenever he needs me.
- Dr. Whyte: [laughs] Okay... he needs you, or do you need him?
Leo Kasper: I think we have come to the end of our little... session, babe.
- Dr. Whyte: I don't believe we have...
Leo Kasper: …and let me ask you a question now, okay? When I broke these chains and strangled the life out of Dr. Deborah did they reinforce these chains so it couldn't happen again?
- Dr. Whyte: Ah...
Leo Kasper: ...or did they just tell you they were reinforced? Because I feel they didn't.
- Dr. Whyte: Stop it Leo, sit down.
Leo Kasper: You'd better call them, right now. Because I see another fucking dead doctor in my future.
- Dr. Whyte: Get back! Get back! Security! Security! Open the door!
Leo Kasper: [laughs] I'll show you fuckers some fun, come ‘ere.
Audio Download

The following is a download of the audio interview with the Leo Kasper; all the segments were found on the official Manhunt 2 website and have been edited together.

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Leo Kasper Patient Therapy Session
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