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Features - Journalist Interview

The following is the full uninterrupted transcript of the interview held with the journalist, taken directly from the official Manhunt website. The interview can be found from navigating through the site in segmented pieces. The interview is set around 2 weeks after the events of the game.

- Interviewee: How are you feeling?
Reporter: Leave me alone, please.
- Interviewee: This is part of your treatment.
Reporter: My treatment? Really? Good.
- Interviewee: Yes the treatment, you know that.
Reporter: It seems to be doing me a lot of good. You guys certainly know about right and wrong. Thanks.
- Interviewee: Do you ever want to go back to work?
Reporter: Yes I really want to go back to work. Find out some more lies. Are you kidding me? Y-you moron? Go back to work? You’ve spoken to me, you know what happened.
- Interviewee: You had a break down.
Reporter: Yes of course I had a break down, I got very scared. You know what I saw. How the hell would that make you feel? You patronising bigot. You think you can get out of bed after you’ve seen that?
- Interviewee: We all saw it, on the television. You wrote the story. Why does it make you so angry?
Reporter: Yeah, you saw it on television. I saw it, there is a difference. I saw him, you idiot. I didn’t do anything wrong I-I-I didn’t hurt anyone. I am not mad. I am not mad.
- Interviewee: Are you feeling any calmer?
Reporter: I feel just great, thanks.
- Interviewee: You are full of hostility. Have you been sleeping?
Reporter: No, not really. I don’t trust what is going to happen. Wh-who’s paying you to do this? Why are you doing this?
- Interviewee: It’s my job, answer the questions please. It’s part of your treatment. How long have you worked at this TV station for?
Reporter: Three years and two years at a locale station in the south before that. Look, there is nothing wrong with me. Nothing at all. I am fine. Completely normal, I just can’t forget about what I saw. About prison, you know we’ve been over this several times before. About the fact that the government is a lie, how does that happen Mr state run flight deck doctor, How does that work, tell me that and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me. You bastard, you liar, you pathetic yes man. Answer me that!
- Interviewee: Do you think you need to be sedated?
Reporter: No! I don’t need sedated; don’t threaten me with that crap. You know that’s crap, that’s your weapon isn’t it? Threaten the patient ‘till they tell you what you want to hear? And you call yourself a doctor? You’re a witch doctor for a bunch of liars. How do you sleep at night?
- Interviewee: We’re not talking about me. Tell me about your parents.
Reporter: My parents? Screw my parents, my parents are dead and that’s very sad but I ain’t here because of that. You know that, I’m here because it’s a lie, the police, the state, the mayor all of that crap. It’s a lie and you know it and you still do this. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.
- Interviewee: Why not?
Reporter: Let me see. Oh yeah, because you are using it to keep me in here. Because we have been over it a thousand times, because you know what I think about it. I can’t go back to work, I don’t sleep anymore. I’m locked up in a madhouse. My career is screwed. I will have nightmares for the rest of my life. I used to think I was a hard reporter, some real tough bitch or something and now I’m scared of the dark. And I didn’t do a thing wrong, not a thing. What did I do wrong, to suffer this much?

- Interviewee: Life isn’t like that I’m afraid. Do you not think you are improving?

Reporter: Can I go home if I say yes?
- Interviewee: Unfortunately, that’s not my decision I can only make recommendation. Depending upon your responses in sessions, you understand that for years I’ve suggestions recommendations based on whether I think you’re a risk to yourself or to others, to society.
Reporter: Society? What the hell is society? What is it? Play by the rules. Let me tell you the rules, the rules are these. I seen people kill people. Men, hack each other to death so some rich asshole can film it. Is that society? Is it? Is that who you are protecting from me? Look at me. Look out from that clipboard, you bastard, you dwarf, you awful little creep. Is that society? Are the police, society? Is prison part of this wonderful society? What about the mental health system? People are released without anyone signing the forms but somehow I ain’t one of them because no one wants me for some film. Or at least they didn’t. Or worse other people, their system, your society that looked after them was protecting us from. Well it didn’t protect me.
- Interviewee: Do you feel you are making any progress.
Reporter: No, I don’t need to make any progress. I’m not ill like that. I just saw a dead man. Yeah very funny, I know, I saw a dead man and I’m not ill but you know it is true.
- Interviewee: You where found walking the streets a couple weeks after you filed that report. In tears, with a knife. That sounds pretty ill to me.
Reporter: Yes, I posted the story and then I couldn’t sleep. I thought I could deal with things. You know, you know this crap. Does it surprise you even I could diagnose what is wrong with me post traumatic stress of whatever the hell you call in. And let’s be straight about it I, I did experience trauma. You know not trauma like my cat died or I’m a fat load or any that shit. I saw a man get killed, by the state. A man get killed by the state with a priest and prison guys and in the chair. I was behind the glass. I saw him die and then I spoke to him, to Cash.
- Interviewee: Did you? But no one else saw Cash or spoke to him.

Reporter: So I’m a liar now. Am I a liar? Wh-wh-what about the police? What about the prison system? What about it? What about Starkweather? You know that is true. I had a known killer in my car, a guy I saw killed and I was speaking to him, directed by him. And he was dead, your friends the government? They killed him. How are you supposed to move on? Or deal with, or express your feelings or any of the crap about that? Huh? How? Tell me, and I will do it.

Oh let me your help out of here you little moron. You’ve been no help. You make it all a lot worse. You know, he was dead, he was executed, I saw it and he was in my car alive. I am not a freaking wacko, you prick. You know I’m not so why are you making me stay here?

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The following is a download of the audio interview with the journalist, all the segments were found on the official Manhunt website and have been edited together.

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