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Features - Daniel Lamb Patient Therapy Session Transcript

The following is a transcript of a Dixmor Studies patient therapy session held between Project clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Whyte and Dixmor resident and former Project scientist Dr. Daniel Lamb.

The original audio files are taken from the official Manhunt 2 website, the audio file was broken up into sections forcing you to navigate pages of the ‘Daniel Lamb Dixmor Studies Therapy Session’ in order to hear the segments.

The interview is titled 'Patient Therapy Session #5-26, Test Case 412566'.

- Dr. Whyte: Dixmor Studies, we are resuming with, with session 5-26, name Daniel Lamb, test case 412566, Cortexa serum has been administered. Danny? Can you hear me?
Daniel Lamb: Yes, where am I?
- Dr. Whyte: You’re in a safe place, Danny. A place where we can help you.
Daniel Lamb: ... thank you, who are you?
- Dr. Whyte: My name is Dr. Whyte.
Daniel Lamb: Whyte, Whyte... wait, wait, wait, wait you're new, you're new, my doctor my... ah ... my doctor is ah, Deb…
- Dr. Whyte: Dr. Deborah, yes, Dr. Deborah had to take a leave of absence. I'll be continuing her progress ...
Daniel Lamb: Oh, I’m afraid I can't bring you up to speed. I ... ah, I don't remember much.
- Dr. Whyte: That's ok, Danny, as one of America's leaders in neuroscience, you had to remember a lot, it's ok to get a little confused.
Daniel Lamb: I, ah ... I think I have extreme anterograde amnesia with bursts of dissociative fugue states due to trauma, probably memory distressed.
- Dr. Whyte: That's one way to put it, yes, impressive, Danny.
Daniel Lamb: Ah ... I've been taking notes, in my head. I've been in here a long time, I think. But as soon as I grasp something, it slips right back out ... ah ... I do recognise that perfume, though.
- Dr. Whyte: You were the only one that liked it.
Daniel Lamb: Laura. Oh my god, Laura Whyte! I worked with you!
- Dr. Whyte: The drug I injected into you is taking effect.
Daniel Lamb: Why? Why am I restrained? What's going on? Tell me!
- Dr. Whyte: You have only a few minutes of clear, cognitive processing before your amnesia returns and I need to ask you a question.
Daniel Lamb: Hmm, no this is crazy! Where's Pickman? Where's Michael'? I want to speak with Michael.
- Dr. Whyte: Michael is dead, now listen carefully.
Daniel Lamb: Wait, no, wait. He is dead. Oh my god, oh you shot me with Cortexa, I invert the god damn thing and you stick it in me.
Dr. Whyte: Danny, it takes a week for your mind to recover from this drug, time is precious. Now what do you remember about Michael's death?
Daniel Lamb: Ah ... it, it was ah, it was a setup. I thought he was my friend but he betrayed us. The project was going to kill us.
- Dr. Whyte: Danny, you were a top scientist for the Project why would they kill you?
Daniel Lamb: You’re telling me they wouldn't? Leo was sure of it.
- Dr. Whyte: Was Leo responsible for the murderous rampage across the city that night?
Daniel Lamb: We both were! They all deserved to die, my whole life was dedicated to the Project. I thought I was appreciated, I thought I was doing the right thing but it all funnels down to defence weapons. Defending America from God knows fucking what! I was creating killing machines, my family deteriorated before my very eyes!
- Dr. Whyte: Danny, please take a deep breath.
Daniel Lamb: For what? A fucking job? ... I'm sorry, I just want to see my family again. Please.
- Dr. Whyte: I'm afraid there are some memories the drug cannot bring back.
Daniel Lamb: What do you mean? What am I forgetting? Please, I want to know, tell me. Please Lindsay, I beg you. I … ah, no ... oh my god, no, I’m forgetting your name. Please, inject me with more Cortexa. I need to remember, please!
- Dr. Whyte: We will, Danny, we will. Next week. I'm sorry.
Daniel Lamb: No, Now! Just, just, don't, I’m so sick of forgetting.
Dr. Whyte: We will help you Daniel. I will help you, no matter what
Daniel Lamb: Help ... ah, help me with what? Where am I?
- Dr. Whyte: You’re in a safe place Daniel. A place where we can help you.
Daniel Lamb: Thank you, who are you?
- Dr. Whyte: My name is Dr. Whyte.
Audio Download

The following is a download of the audio therapy section with Daniel Lamb, all the segments were found on the official Manhunt 2 website within the Daniel Lamb patient file and have been edited together to form one continues conversation.

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