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The downloads section is split up into various categories for ease of use. In here you will find some files taken from other sections of the site, you can also find wallpapers for your desktop as well as a Manhunt orientated Winamp skin. You can also download the Journalists interview; the Journalist is a character from the game, for more information on her head over to the story page to see when this interview takes place. There are also some exclusive sound bytes. More exclusive downloads to come soon!

Audio Clips
These audio clips are taken from various sources. The Journalist interview can be found in segmented forms on the Official Manhunt website. The Valiant Entertainment Advertisement could originally be found on the Valiant website however it is no longer available there. The Leo Kasper and Daniel Lamb patient therapy session clips were split into many files around the official Manhunt 2 website.
Track Length:
File Size:
Journalist Interview
08:24 Minutes
Valiant Entertainment Advertisement
00:18 Minutes
Leo Kasper Patient Therapy Session
05:20 Minutes
4.71 MB
Daniel Lamb Patient Therapy Session
04:20 Minutes
3.95 MB
Game F.A.Q. Walkthrough
The following guide was created by the staff members of Project Manhunt and may not be hosted on any other site outside of, and Should you notice an error in the guide please get in contact with us.

File Size:
Manhunt Game F.A.Q. Walkthrough
17 KB
Manhunt 2 Game F.A.Q. Walkthrough
19 KB
Winamp Skins
This Manhunt themed Winamp skin is for use with Winamp 3 and above.
Winamp Skin 01
Manhunt Winamp Skin 01

File Size: 847KB

PC Game Downloads

Debug Menu Trainer - The Debug Trainer gives you access to some of the workings of Manhunt. Just open the debug trainer and press the '1' key to activate the trainer and '2' to close the trainer. Also note that the trainer isn't completely stable and can result in the game freezing or closing.

Game Trainer - This trainer will give you the following features unlimited ammo, unlimited stamina the ability to freeze hunters during game play useful if your struggling with the game on your first run. You can also use the trainer to become invincible to attack and jump high enough to fly around the levels. Extract the main exe file to you default Manhunt directory on your hard drive and run the trainer, start up Manhunt and choose a level now simply use your F1 to F12 keys to turn each option on. If anything goes wrong you can turn the trainer off by pressing F12.

No CD Patch - This patch is for the PC version of Manhunt it will enable you to play Manhunt without inserting Disk 3. Simply place the file in your default directory for Manhunt usually C:/Program files/Rockstar Games/ replace your existing Manhunt.exe file with the one in the zip file and your done.

Save Game File - This file contains a fully completed game of Manhunt ready for the cheats to be typed in which you can find in the unlockables section.

File Size:
Debug Menu Trainer
14 KB
Game Trainer
61 KB
No CD Patch
1.5 MB
Save Game File
9 KB
Official Wallpapers
These wallpapers can be found on the Official Manhunt site.
Official Wallpaper 1
Official Wallpaper 2
Original Wallpapers
These wallpapers are for use on Project Manhunt only and were created for this website by the Project Manhunt staff.
Original Wallpaper 01
Original Wallpaper 02
Christmas Wallpaper
Easter Wallpaper
Christmas Wallpaper
Easter Wallpaper
Halloween Wallpaper
5th of November Wallpaper
Halloween Wallpaper
5th of November Wallpaper
Game Files
- Debug Menu Trainer
- Game Trainer
- No CD Patch
- Audio Clips 
- Game Walkthrough 
- Winamp Skins
- Official Wallpapers
- Original Wallpapers
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