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Before contacting us please check the frequently asked questions section (to the right) to see if your question has already been addressed. Also make sure you select an appropriate subject title so that you can be responded to appropriately.

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General F.A.Q.
May I use your content for my site?

We would rather you didn’t. There are multiple sites already that have taken our work without giving credit, doing so is basically theft. We have worked hard to generate and create the content that fills these pages.

Did you make Manhunt?

No, we are a fan site of the Manhunt franchise. Any questions related to the development or publishing of Manhunt should be given directly to Rockstar Games.

I can’t log into the forums...

Try and do a password recovery. If that fails then e-mail us with your forum name and e-mail address used to register with.

Manhunt F.A.Q.
Can you help me with X scene in the game?
We would advise you to read the Play Mechanics page to understand how the game works. For a level walkthrough you should check out the F.A.Q. we put together. If both of those are no use then we suggest you to check or post on the forums.
I downloaded the PC version of Manhunt and it doesn’t work. Help?

We get this question a lot, related to cut-scenes being missing or the game not playing correctly. The simple answer to this is buying the game. It can be picked up brand new for very little and even cheaper if bought pre-owned. We won’t be supplying you with the missing files.

Do you know where I can acquire the Manhunt soundtrack?

The Manhunt remix soundtrack pops up on online auction sites fairly regularly, you would be best to check there. Rockstar never released the in-game soundtrack. We won’t be providing links for either, sorry.

Do you know where I can buy X items of Manhunt merchandise?

Your best bet is going to be through online auction sites such as eBay. All the promotional items that Rockstar made for Manhunt and Manhunt 2 were for internal and retail promotional purposes only and not for resale. You can however buy a 22x28 inch poster through the Rockstar Warehouse.

Manhunt 2 F.A.Q.
When/is Manhunt 2 coming to the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360?

It is anyone’s guess when or if the game will. There has been a substantial amount of evidence to suggest that a PC version is in the works though.

Do you know where I can download the Manhunt 2 beta?

No and we do not condone the doing so. Please don’t e-mail us asking about it.

How successful has Manhunt 2 been?

No official numbers have been released, but it is safe to assume it didn’t perform to its full potential. The game launched in Europe a whole year after North America and to an incomplete audience due to specific regions regulations and to a fairly small marketing campaign.

Manhunt 3 F.A.Q.
Will there be a Manhunt 3? When will it be released?

No idea, unfortunately Manhunt 3 is not a sure thing to happen as much as say a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto or Midnight Club franchise. Presumably there will be a greater chance of Manhunt 3 happening as the current generation console cycle goes on, due to there being a larger install base.

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