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Manhunt News | Manhunt Coming to PlayStation Network
Rockstar have announced that they plan to release the PlayStation 2 classic Manhunt on the PlayStation Network next week! This will no doubt come as a very welcome addition to many as it has been a repeated query of PlayStation 3 owners for a few years now.

You can expect the game to set you back $9.99 in North America, £7.99 in the UK and €9.99 in the rest of Europe. The game will be included as part of the scheduled PlayStation Store updates, this usually works out to be late Tuesday night in North America and Wednesday afternoon in Europe.

At the same time, Rockstar have also confirmed that The Warriors will be officially making its way to the PlayStation Network as well. There’s no word on Manhunt 2 hitting PSN, but you have got to figure it isn’t too far off.

As with past PlayStation Network releases these will be PlayStation 2 emulations rather than HD remasters. Although this November does mark a decade since the release of Manhunt, a HD collection would be pretty good – just saying...

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Posted on: May 09 08:48 pm 2013 by: pogo

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