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Manhunt 2 News | European "PSP Power Sale"
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is currently running a "PSP Power Sale"
on the PlayStation Network. Among the titles available is Manhunt 2 as well as
almost every other title Rockstar has put out for the system.
<p>Rockstar titles currently on offer are as follows:</p>
<li>Manhunt 2 (was &pound;9.99/&euro;12.99 now &pound;5.19/&euro;6.59)
<li>Beaterator (was &pound;9.99/&euro;12.99 now &pound;5.19/&euro;6.59)
<li> Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (was &pound;11.99/&euro;14.99
now &pound;6.29/&euro;7.99) </li>
<li> Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (was &pound;11.99/&euro;14.99
now &pound;6.29/&euro;7.99)</li>
<li> Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (was &pound;11.99/&euro;14.99
now &pound;6.29/&euro;7.99) </li>
<li> Midnight Club 3 (was &pound;9.99/&euro;12.99 now &pound;5.19/&euro;6.59)</li>
<li> Midnight Club L.A. (was &pound;9.99/&euro;12.99 now &pound;5.19/&euro;6.59)
<p>The promotion runs until the 7th of September.</p>
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Posted on: Aug 27 09:44 pm 2011 by: pogo

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